Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Fourth Card 1

This is the first of several Patriotic / Independence Day cards 
that I will be posting the next few days.
 Click on the "Patriotic" label on the left side of my blog
 to see more red, white and blue projects I've shared 
(those that I remembered to tag!).

 Happy Fourth of July !

All images, inks and card stock from Stampin' Up!
This card is the perfect example of how well Stampin' Up!
stamp sets and Stampin' Around wheel images coordinate. 

Real Red
Brilliant Blue
 Whisper White 
Happy Fourth stamp set (three multicolored images on top)
 Happy Fourth Stampin' Around wheel (background)
Silver and Blue glitter adhered with Crystal Effects

Start by creating a mask to cover up the portion of the background you wish to be blue.
A mask is a simple piece of paper cut to fit the area of your project that you wish to protect.
I normally use old scratch paper and sometimes sticky note paper. 
For this project a square sticky note worked perfectly to cover the area
I wanted to remain all white as I rolled on the red ink design.

Roll on red ink across the card and mask to simulate red stripes of a flag.

Remove mask and make another to cover the red portions.
For this mask I used scratch paper cut slightly bigger than the card.
I removed a square area the size of the solid white background
that was left from the first masking so I could roll blue ink in it.
The mask prevents the blue ink form getting onto the rolled red areas.

Roll on blue ink to simulate the blue area of the flag. 

Color stamp images with water based markers to get the multi colored effect.

Stamp images and mount to blue card stock.

Apply Crystal Effects or glue to the stars then add glitter. 

Be sure to stamp the inside of the card as well as the envelope !

Side note: funny how the exploding firework image reminds me of a spider-
I found the big dead spider in my craft dungeon while working on the patriotic cards. 

Thanks for looking =) 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mailing A Smile

Aren't these the most adorable postage stamps ever ??!?

I had to make a stop by the Post Office to
mail out my patriotic cards. 
I didn't really need new stamps just yet, 
but could not resist buying these and using them already =)

I've always tried to buy fun, different postage stamps.
I keep one for myself to add to my "collection",
you never know, they may be worth something someday (right.......).
I used to think it would be neat if I could make money off of them
then use the money to take a trip to visit my pen pal !

I started "collecting" postage stamps when I was in fourth grade
after a presentation from a postal worker/stamp collector.
None of mine are worth anything except
 to look at the little pieces of art that they are.  
There are some I bought through those 
"grab bag" offers you see advertised
that come from all over the world,
but most of my stamps are what came in the mail to me
from a long time pen pal.
I also saved stamps from my parents mail way back when
and remember my grandmother saving some of their stamps for me.

To this day I always save new to me stamps 
and am thrilled to see a different stamp on an envelope.
Sadly, nowadays it it mostly junk mail with those 
presorted stamps or bulk mail images.
When I do get a piece of real mail with a neat stamp,
I immediately cut it off and put it in my little stamp collection drawer.
At the end of the year I empty it, maybe a dozen or so new
 stamps to be put in my old collection box.
Most of them have never been mounted.
Sounds like another good project to add to my to-do list 
of things to stay indoors, keeping cool projects this summer.

Funny, I collected postage stamps
as a child and now as an adult
I have a rubber art stamp collection =)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Itsy Bitsy Spider.............

NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am about ready to get rid of all my crafty stuff , no more craft dungeon...............................  for whatever reason the past year I've seen more critters in this 100+ year old house, eeeeeek !!!!!!! Too many cracks and crevices I have yet to find to seal to keep them from sneaking into. A couple of lizards, a snake in the craft dungeon last month, big spider in the kitchen sink a few weeks ago........... shiver ! Thankfully the latest, another large spider, was already dead. Nonetheless, it had been hanging out in the craft dungeon because that is where I found it all curled up, nearly the size of a 50c piece ! I don't want to know how big it was alive with the legs all spread out - yikes ! That's two big ones in the house in a month now. I don't think that home defense bug killer I sprayed worked very well. Perhaps all of my working in the craft dungeon the past week, moving boxes etc to get to my supplies for the baby projects made it come out of hiding,

Anyone know of home improvement contests, etc I can try to enter my attic into ? Yeah, I really, really need to move my crafty area up out of the creepy dungeon of a basement ! One year when the kids have moved out I will take over their old bedrooms ;)

Headed back down there with a can of bug spray at my side; I've a retirement card and patriotic cards to get done!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get Well Soon Card

I made this card for an aunt that recently had surgery. 

At a baby shower not too long ago she mentioned seeing 
my zebra butterfly photo in the local newspaper .
She said how pretty the butterfly photo must have been in real life,
she had never seen a butterfly like that either. 

I wanted to send her a print of it
and thought making it into a Get Well Soon card would be perfect.

All supplies used were from Stampin' Up! unless noted otherwise. 

The outside is just the print attached to the 5" x 7" 
Whisper White card front with photo mounts. 
I wanted to attach magnetic sheet to the back
of the photo in case she would like to stick it to up somewhere,
but the magnets I had were not large enough. 

The inside was created with Watercolor Crayons.
The first time I have ever used them - I sure need practice !

The clouds/sky were made by freehand cutting out a stencil 
from scrap paper and sponging Bashful Blue ink over it. 

The stamp images are from these sets:
Inspired By Nature
Garden Silhouettes
Stem Silhouettes

The butterfly die cut is from the Beautiful Wings die.
I colored it with Basic Black and Real Read markers
and mounted it with a dimensional.

The framed sentiment was created with the Labels Framelits die
and Bashful Blue card stock. 

I stamped Whisper White card stock with Wisteria Wonder ink and 
a stamp from the old set Versatile Verses. 

The green card stock is from an unknown manufacturer,
it is nearly identical to Green Galore and has a slight texture to it. 

Thanks for looking =) 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blossom End Rot

Sigh, my three tomato plants were doing so well and have been loaded with blooms and baby tomatoes, but now they are getting what I believe to be Blossom End Rot. I've never seen this happen before. I assume it is because of where they are planted this year, something must be wrong with the dirt. Or perhaps this drought we are in ? I think I water them enough though. Every single tomato so far has this rot on the bottom. I've thrown away 27 to date and just noticed a couple more this morning starting to get discolored ....... I am so bummed about this. I may as well quit wasting water on them, sigh. 

Then again this little bird ( a couple actually ) has been 
"fertilizing" the plants on a regular basis.
The tomato cages are their favorite place to sit; 
perhaps the bird droppings have something to do with it ?! 
Nah, from what I've read it is most likely the soil. 
Makes sense since they were planted in the hollow from an 
old tree we had cut down last year
I added a bag of Miracle Grow garden soil before planting them.
 Perhaps because hubby insisted on using it
as a burning pit,  the soil was robbed of good nutrients and 
added too many bad things from the ash. 

Keeping fingers crossed things will turn around 
and I'll be picking yummy tomatoes soon enough.
If not, I'll be on the lookout for home grown tomatoes
sold road side or at a farmer's market. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Headbands

Super easy to make - and the variations are absolutely endless ! I could have made dozens, so much fun to make =)

Mom bought several adorable outfits to give as a shower gift so I decided I'd whip up a few headbands to add to them. It was good to get back to the craft dungeon this past week, digging through old supplies, crafty stuff I hadn't used in so long.

Some were made with die cut felt pieces, others are made with bits of ribbon, lace and other notions I had on hand. Unfortunately there are no sewing supply stores in our area so I had to make do with some elastic I had in my stash. I used to have cute stretchy lace that I made headbands for my daughter with years ago, but I can't find it. Then again, that was 20 years ago (I can NOT believe it has been that long, wow, time sure has flown by) and if I had any left, it probably wouldn't stretch anymore! 

The photos are not the best since I took them after I already had the headbands packaged. I cut a piece of card stock to fit some small cellophane bags I had on hand. I used a punch to make a notch at each end for the elastic to rest in. The cellophane bags have a hole at the top that fit perfectly over the tops of the hangers ! 

Daisies die from Stampin' Up!
yellow thread
elastic colored with a Sharpie marker
hot glue

iridescent lace scrap gathered with thread to make a circle
ribbon roses hot glued on 

wide satin ribbon gathered into a circle
tiny lace rosette
pearl stitched on in the center

Basic instructions for a poofy flower

flowers die from Stampin' Up! (I used 5 small flowers)
handcut leaves and circles 
hot glue

Fold each of the flowers into fourths, add a dab of hot glue (watch your fingers !!!) to hold in place. Lay four of the flowers around the edge of the circle that you hand cut. Glue in place. Glue the fifth flower in the center. Adhere ends of the elastic to the back of the flower. Glue a circle on top of the elastic ends. Don't add too much glue or let it be exposed, you don't want it to be rough on baby's head. You could certainly add more flowers, use different fabrics and folds - soooo many ways to make a puffy flower shape. Have fun ! 

By the way, if you don't know the circumference of the baby's head,  the standard measurements I came across are 12" long for newborn to about three months, 14.5" for three months and up. 

That concludes my crafting / gift making from the past week. Thanks for looking =) 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stamped Baby Onesie

My mom was tickled with how this turned out! I was so worried I might ruin it. She bought the onesie , brand new, for 25c at a resale shop and asked me to do something to it. Oh, so many ideas, but she had suggested printing baby Hampton so I used that idea. Had I ruined it, at least it wouldn't have been a waste of too much money ;)

Wash and dry the onesie first, no fabric softener.

Insert a scrap of cardboard inside the onesie before stamping. This will make it firmer to stamp on and keep ink from transferring to the other side.

Use ink or paint suitable for fabric. I used Chalk inks that Stampin' Up! used to sell .

After the ink air dried for a couple of hours, I laid a piece of clean copy weight paper over the top then ironed it on high to heat set. I honestly do not know how long the ink will stay vibrant on this, but I figure the baby may only get to wear it one time before it is outgrown anyway - it is such a teeny, tiny onesie !

The capital letters are from a clear stamp set from My Sentiments Exactly.
"sweet" is from So Very by Stampin' Up!
"girl" is made with Snap Stamps.

I sewed little ribbon flowers onto the sleeves, too. I almost made a little tutu out of tulle as well................... I was having too much fun thinking of all kinds of cute things to make, but I stopped myself.

I did make a few headbands to coordinate with the too cute outfits my mom bought. 
Stop by tomorrow to see the headbands (but not the outfits, I didn't get photos of them) !

I almost forgot, here is the gift basket of goodies I made. 
You can see instructions for the baby onesie card posted here (boy card) and 
the brag book posted here (also has the list of supplies and images for the girl onesie card with ruffled bottom I am giving the mom to be ). 
I stamped the tissue papers with images from the Cuddles and Tickles stamp set 
(Stampin' Up!) and pink inks (Stampin' Up!) .

Thanks for looking =)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Digital "Art" For The Frame

I created this piece of "art" to place inside of the frame I made in yesterdays post so it wouldn't be empty when I gave it to the mommy to be. I used My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! to make the art.

I started with a 5x7 landscape card, starting from scratch.

The very first thing I did was make two square punches into rectangles to block off the portion of the "card" I did not want to decorate because I only needed a 3.5" x 5.5" design area. Make sure the ruler is on so you can see where you want to edges of your rectangle/ "mask" to be. By laying on the two rectangles (any color/opacity you want) to "cover up/mask off" the extra space, it was easier to see the area I had to work in. I'm still a newbie when it comes to MDS, there are surely better ways to do what I did, but it works far better for me than turning on the grid.

Anyway, once I had my "canvas area" set, I started by adding the Simple Letters punch pack add on . They were color filled with Regal Rose and added a drop shadow. The apostrophe for "it's" was made by inserting a text box, type the apostrophe, color match, drop shadow (though I don't think it looks nearly as crisp as the punch graphic).

Once I arranged all the letters to my liking, I grouped them together so I could move them around the work area if needed.

I built a baby from the All In The Family stamp set then used punches altered in size and filled with color / designer paper to fill in the baby's face, onesie and shoes.

I then set about adding the different words in the background, all of which were either stamped with images from the Nursery Necessities stamp set or typed in a text box with Basic Black. The opacity was reduced to 10%.

I printed and trimmed, it fit perfectly in the frame opening and looks so much better than giving them the boring stock photo that came with it - or an empty frame.

It was a little bit of work, but fun trying to figure out something new to me to do with My Digital Studio. After working on this project, I know I will be needing more baby stamp images since there were very few to choose from in the original software package.

Check back tomorrow to see the sweet basic white onesie I stamped !

Thanks for looking =)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Frame Redo

I didn't think to take a photo of this frame before I did some work to it. It was a chunky wood frame I bought on clearance several years ago from a dollar type store. The above photos were taken after I "altered" them.

It originally had an ugly bow hot glued to one part and flower that had a big ugly bright yellow plastic and dark green center piece in it. The dark, dark green middle made me think there was a spider in it, ick. The backs were unfinished, some parts of the painted portions on the front were incomplete, just a rough piece over all but had potential so I bought a couple of them to fix them up.

The first thing I did was remove the bow and the flower. The flower was taken apart so I could trim the fraying edges. I reassembled it better than before but left off the yellow plastic. I instead added a piece of lace trim that I did a running stitch along the edge of and gathered. That was hot glued on top of the flower layers. I then added a stamped card stock embellishment on top of that.

I used the So Many Scallops stamp set and markers as well as Whisper White and Pretty In Pink card stocks from Stampin Up!

I colored the image with the markers, stamped the image then trimmed it out with tiny sharp scissors, layering it onto a punched scallop circle (Stampin' Up! punch) of Pretty In Pink card stock.

I made a tiny "banner" and glued it on top of the first image, giving it a bit of dimension.

I used a paper piercer to punch little holes around the scallops.

Before I adhered this flowery embellishment to the frame, I had to clean and detail the existing paint job.

I made matching pink paint to touch up a few spots.

I taped off the blue stripes and painted over them with gray acrylic craft paint since those are the colors for the nursery.

I painted the edges of the frame (they were unfinished before, too) gray and the back was painted white.

I added a coat of clear sealant over all of the paint then hot glued on the flower.

See tomorrows post for the "digital art" insert I placed inside the frame.  I created it with My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! and will share how it was made tomorrow.

Thanks for looking =)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer

The heat and humidity made their return right on cue - blech !

This is such an old sample I made;
I believe it is one copied from a 
Stampin' Up! demonstrator magazine.
Or perhaps it was from the Idea Book/catalog ?
Regardless, all supplies used were from Stampin' Up!.
Sorry, I do not recall the flowers stamp set name. 
The words were from Everyday Flexible Phrases.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Thank You "Card" For Mom

The Thank You "card" I made for mom, similar to the one I made my dad for Father's Day.
Hers uses the flowery chipboard letters just as they came in the package. Luckily they coordinated well enough with card stock I had on hand ! I had fun making them and thought they turned out pretty neat, although they morphed into something that wasn't a real card; they are more like a display piece.  

Meadow Collection - Take A Walk On The Wild Flower Side design glossy chipboard letters from Cloud 9 Design / Fiskars
(I bought a couple of packages of these at a local discount store years ago - first time I used them !)

Stamps from Stampin' Up!:
Wonderful Words
Much Appreciated (I inked up very much from the thank you very much stamp)

Sizzlets Dies from Stampin' Up!:
Floral Fusion
Little Leaves

Punches from Stampin' Up!
Scallop Edge border punch
circle punch

Card Stock:
Chocolate Chip and Buckaroo Blue from Stampin' Up
lightly textured green (almost exactly like Green Galore) card stock - discount store
some weird shade of Saffron(?) - discount store

Ink, from Stampin' Up!:
Chocolate Chip
Ballet Blue
Pear Pizazz marker

Flower brad from Stampin' Up!

Thanks for looking =) 

Be sure to see the "card" I made my Dad using the same chipboard letters,
but I painted and crackled them for a totally different look

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Card

I spent the morning (most of the day actually!) making this "card" for my dad.

I spent the afternoon baking a home made apple pie (his Father's Day gift from me) and a couple of side dishes to take to their house for supper.

I had the intentions of making a simple card, nothing too time intensive. Definitely nothing with cars or trucks this time since it seems I am always using the Classic Convertibles or Classic Pickup stamps sets from Stampin' Up! for his cards.

Once I got to the craft dungeon though, things evolved and I made this - the card that won't fold =)

Since I was on a roll, I made one similar to it for my mom. I wanted to make her a Thank You card for taking care of Kitty and my flowers while we were out of town. I'll post that card tomorrow.

Dads card started with going through some scraps of decorative paper. I think I spent an hour alone trying to decide what scraps to use, trying to match them with card stock colors. Yes, the decorative papers were not from Stampin' Up! so most of my card stock did not coordinate.

Anyhow, long story short, after much fiddling around and changing of my mind, this is what I came up with.
I used precut chipboard letters (you'll see what they look like on my moms card when I post it later). They were flowery ! My original intention was to cover them with decorative papers, but I was having a tough time finding something I really liked and that would work with other papers, etc. In the end, I drug out my trusty craft paints and crackle medium.

Lightly sand the chipboard letter because there is a semi glossy like surface to it. Coat with Gesso, basecoat with dark gray craft paint, coat with crackle medium then add a thick coat of white acrylic craft paint. Lightly "fly speck" with dark brown acrylic craft paint on an old toothbrush; run your thumb across it to splatter. Allow to dry well between each step !

Distress edges of the decorative paper and adhere to the base card. Mine was Night of Navy card stock, 12" long, scored at 4" and 8".

Hot glue (or super sticky double stick tape) the letters onto the papers.

Add a little bit of white acrylic paint to the top of the decorative brad (Stampin' Up! Hodge Podge Hardware), lightly wipe off so the paint stays in the depression.

Stamp (Night of Navy ink) saying onto strip of card stock (Going Gray), trim then sponge White Craft Ink onto the edges of the card stock. Happy is from the Happy Everything stamp set by Stampin' up! and Father's Day was made with Snap Stamps. 

Attach the brad to the strip of card stock with the saying to the top of the chipboard letter with hot glue. 

Thanks for looking =) 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

You're Sweet

as freshly baked chocolate chip cookies =)

I made this card quite some time ago for a Clean and Simple sketch challenge at . I've always liked this card, keeping it in my special cards stash for the perfect occasion. Well, that time came when I wanted to send a thank you to Margaret of Blackshadowcreations (thanks again!). Be sure to visit her blog; always a fun read and great ideas shared, especially for scrapbooking. 

All supplies used,  other than the tan plaid card stock, were from Stampin' Up!

Stamps: Itty Bitty Backgrounds, Mini Mates
Paper: Kraft, Silver, unknown tan plaid
Ink: Chocolate Chip, Creamy Caramel; Going Gray marker
Accessories: 3/4" circle punch

The tray is a 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" a piece of silver card stock that I cut two "handles" with scissors into by tracing a circle first. I drew lines with a Going Gray marker then lightly sponged Going Gray ink onto the edges.

The cookies are made from Kraft card stock punched with a 3/4" circle punch. I lightly sponged Creamy Caramel ink on the edges and stamped bitty dots (from Itty Bitty Backgrounds stamp set) with Chocolate Chip ink.

I stamped "You're Sweet!" from the Mini Mates stamp set with Chocolate Chip ink on the front.

The little tray of cookies punch art could easily be incorporated into a fun scrapbook page !

Thanks for looking =) 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Milk Can Redo


This is the milk can I found at a yard sale earlier this year-
I paid $2 , yes two dollars, for it !

I did a quick, rough paint job to it using outdoor
acrylic crafts paints, paintbrush and home made 
star stamp cut from a craft sponge. 

 I think I will totally repaint it eventually.
At first I thought I'd leave the old rust and such on it,
but afterwards decided maybe I ought to clean it better and
 start with fresh paints all over the can to protect it.

I'm anxious for the petunias to grow and spill out
over the edge of the pot I found in an old barn
that I sat on top of the can.
I think it is too tall,but will do for now . 
There are also white impatiens and blue salvia in it. 

The huge basket full of flowers next to is a small
drop in refill container that I bought on sale for half off 
then sat inside an old bushel basket.
$8.49 for this gorgeous, full pot of flowers that filled
the old basket really well. 

I haven't been able to find my old "Welcome Friends" sign yet
to hang on the fence section so I guess I need to make something else.

This is the opposite side of the porch.
a couple of years ago on my blog.

The potted plants on top of the old table are another half off bargain.
The geraniums in the chair were also half off, $6.50 for a hanging basket.
I never see baskets of flowers so full and healthy on
clearance. I was thrilled to find these !

The flowers in the basket sitting on the porch were 
all bought separately then I repotted them. 
The red wave petunias were bought in a flat;
I planted them in four places around the house. 
The white geranium was damaged on the way home,
breaking off the tallest flowery stem.
I snipped it and have it in a container of water,
hoping it will take root so maybe I can replant it.
This is the first time I've ever done that, maybe it will work. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day

Created with My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up!
The photo is one I took on our recent road trip. It is a HUGE American flag flying near the interstate.