Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dollar Bill Rose TUTORIAL

NOTE: This post will contain numerous photos, please be patient as they load if you
have dial up internet like myself ;) 

A rose made out five one dollar bills.
This particular rose will be given
to the Bride during the dollar dance
at a wedding reception.

Close up of the tag, all supplies from Stampin' Up! unless noted otherwise:
Whisper White and Almost Amethyst card stock
Wisteria Wonder ink
Congrats (welcome to the wedded bliss club)
and Well Scripted (Congratulations) stamp sets
scallop border punch
silver eyelet
ribbon from my stash with colors similar to the wedding

Here is a link to a video for a similar rose,
but the crafter is using paper rather than money.

 Here are some step by step photos I took
to try to show how I made the rose. 

This is going to be the center set of petals.
I don't curl it until after I
assemble the rose.
I work with all of the face side of the bills as the top.
You can make whichever side you wish to be the top.
You may even like the look of mixing them up, 
some facing up other s facing down.

I used really thin wire that Stampin' Up! sold many
years ago to wrap each set of petals.

The photo above and below show how to make
the layers of petals.
I made four of these for the finished rose.
I use my fingers to curl the edges,
starting at one corner and rolling down diagonally.
You may find it easier to roll it around a dowel rod
or something similar.

 This will be the underside of the petals when assembled

Be sure to arrange the layers of petals with all of the 
curled edges underneath. 
This is the topside of the petals.

This shows the arrangement of the petals as you assemble them.
They should make a  +  shape as you alternate the way they lay.
This photo shows the underside of the rose during assembly.

The above and below photo show the rose
after I have added four layers of petals under
the middle single bill that becomes the two
center most petals.
It needs tweaking still.

This is how I make the center most portion of
my roses. You'll find other versions online
as well as other ways to make the petals
or even how to assemble the rose itself.

Once the center is the way you like, gently
push the other petals up around it a bit more,
making them more compact if you like.
you'll need to keep working the curled edges
of each layer as they get smooshed out of shape.

I used a floral stem that held a Dove© chocolate rose.
Yep, I keep lots of "trash" to be reused for other things one day!

I had to use a sharp piercing tool to poke a small
hole through the plastic to run the wire ends through.

                                                And now you have a dollar bill rose !
A fun, unique way to give money to someone that has everything. Perfect to make a bouquet of for the wedding couple rather than a boring check or gift card. You may want to include a note letting them know that it is indeed real money and they can easily disassemble it to spend :)

You can search online for many other tutorials and different ways to make dollar bill roses as well as many other fun folds with bills. I made a sort of bouquet of hearts made from five dollar bills as a Christmas gift for my nephews, you can see the fruit basket/money gift here.

Thanks for looking =)


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