Monday, February 18, 2013

My Memories Suite Tutorial - Faux Washi Tape

This is an ugly, super quick sample I threw together
to show the home made digital Washi tape I made.
I'm happy it worked and the technique offers countless possibilities ! 
Now to make time to play with this idea more -
and create better pages =) 

Playing along with the Operation Write Home Virtual Card Making Party over the weekend got the gears spinning in my head, thinking about if it would be possible to create faux Washi tape digitally in My Memories Suite V4 software. One of the challenges was Washi Tape, I do not have any, so I thought maybe it would be a fun experiment to try to make a digital version. I'm happy to say, it worked ! There are several steps to doing this with the My Memories Suite software, but once you've done it, it is not difficult at all - and the best part is, you could use the same idea for other shapes ! 

The first thing you are going to want to do is create a folder on your computer somewhere and label it OVERLAYS. You'll then want to search for overlays online, they must be .png files to work. I did a quick search and this site was one of the first to pop up so I went there I was never able to get it to fully load on my computer, too many images on a slow internet connection, but it worked well enough for me to see a Chevron pattern. It's easy to download, just right click and SAVE TARGET AS then find your OVERLAYS folder. TIP: You will want to rename the file, they are all named with numbers.

I tried to install the Overlays folder directly into the MMSV4 software, as I have done other things, but it would not work. Instead, remember where the Overlays folder is then when you want to use them, you will need to locate that folder on your computer and insert an overlay into your shape as a PHOTO in that Shapes section of the program.

After creating the Overlays folder and downloading overlays, you will want to create a custom shape - easy to do in the software !

Click on SHAPES. Click on ADD. Select the shape you want to start with, I used a rectangle, but don't hit Apply, instead click the small EDIT box on the lower left of that shapes screen. Another window will pop up for you to create a custom shape, and believe me, you can create all kinds of custom shapes, wow ! Once you have a custom shape made , you give it a name and the program automatically saves it to the USERS folder in SHAPES. I have a few other posts under the My Memories Suite label on my sidebar that cover creating custom shapes.

After you have made your custom shape, in this case a piece of torn tape, you will open it up on your project by clicking SHAPES, ADD, USERS, then find your shape, APPLY. 

Change the color of the shape.

Right click (or go to the top of the screen tools), COPY, PASTE IN PLACE.

Activate that top layer and click on PHOTO in the SHAPES window. Locate the Overlays folder, click on the overlay you want to use and insert. It should lay on top of the bottom colored layer and create a design using white and letting your base color show through. At least my sample I tried and am sharing here did for me ! You can make it any color you want. I did try to make a two color tape, it did not work using this program. Only white and one other color worked.

After you have the custom tape shape made, inserted, copied and filled with the overlay, you need to group the two layers together so you can move it around your project. Click on EDIT at the top of the screen , then SELECT ALL then GROUP. Do this on each piece of tape you make. Grouping will keep the base color layer and the top overlay layer together so they can be moved or resized as one.

TIP: You will probably want to click the little box to Rotate Image With Shape so your overlay stays in the same position in relation to the shape you are using as you rotate it in your project. To do this, left click on the top overlay layer twice and a small Shapes Image Editor box pops up. The small rotate image box is in here as well as options to increase or decrease the overlay image size within the shape. However you can not see the overlay image in this screen, I assume because it is transparent. You can adjust it but you may need to go back and forth between the two screens a couple of times to make sure it fits the new size. It is not necessary to click the Rotate Image With Shape, you may like it to look different depending on how you rotate it.

I almost forgot, for some reason you can not add a drop shadow to the tape. 
I could not get it to work for me, it kept changing the image to black and white rather than add a drop shadow. 
Perhaps because it is a transparent png file found elsewhere and used in the My Memories Suite software, it isn't compatible for that feature. MAT doesn't work, either. 

If you don't already own My Memories Suite V4 scrapbooking (and so much more!) software, you can buy it at Remember to use my affiliate code STMMMS23251 (simply copy and paste) to get $10 off of your purchase and a coupon code for $10 worth of digital content from the store ! You'll also receive a coupon code for a free 6x6 photobook (you only pay the shipping and handling) ! You can choose a digital download (just over 4GB in size) or for a small fee, have the disc sent to your home. The store has thousands and thousands of different styles and types of digital download content with more being added all the time plus there are sales literally every day.

Thanks for looking =)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

OWHVCMP - Wheels and a Sketch  "My DH is a gearhead so one of my suggestions was "Things With Wheels".  "

"So my challenge for this VCMP is to take OWH sketch #63:

and use one entire piece of 12x12 paper. You should get a minimum of six A2 cards from one 12x12."

I again combined two challenges for this card - and also "cheated" by creating my own background paper because I already had this card done when I saw the Things With Wheels challenge. As soon as I saw this sketch, I knew right away what I wanted to make. Classic Convertibles is one of my all time favorite stamp sets from Stampin' Up!, having used it quite a bit for masculine cards. If you'd like to see more samples made with it, click on MASCULINE under the labels on my sidebar.

All supplies from Stampin' Up!
Making Tracks Stampin' Around wheel
Rt66 image from Antique Autos stamp set
Sentiment from Thoughts Of Father stamp set
Cars from Classic Convertibles stamp set
Highways and Byways background stamp
Basic Black, Basic Gray, Whisper White, Silver Naturals card stock
Basic Black ink
metal edge tag

Thanks for looking =)  Be sure to visit the challenge blogs for more inspiring ideas !

OWHVCMP - Vanilla Cream with Selective Embossing  "Your challenge is to create a card that has the texture omit or selective embossing. Use any shape you want and have fun!!"

"My theme for today is All White/Cream with 3 Layers."

Two lovely challenges (be sure to visit the Hostess' blogs to see their amazing samples as well as links to all of the other challenge participants cards, wow!) that I combined into one.

Whisper White and Very Vanilla card stock, stamp, Stripes embossing folder, large polka dot Texturz plate and Empressor stylus were all from Stampin' Up!   Vanilla grosgrain ribbon from my hoard. 
Brilliance Platinum ink and clear embossing powder for the sentiment.

I probably didn't do the selective embossing quite as the Hostess intended, but this is what I immediately thought of doing. I had to run the Stripes embossing folder through the Big SHot twice, carefully lining the previously embossed image up, to make it wide enough for my card stock. The lines on the embossing folder don't run the way I wanted to make them on my card, so I had to do a bit of creative maneuvering to make it work. I used a Texturz plate and stylus to create the large polka dots on the top portion by hand rather than run it through the Big Shot and risk having it shift out of place. 

Thanks for looking =)  

OWHVCMP- Caffeine

"find your stamps or dies related to coffee, tea, soda, or chocolate and get crafty!"

I have no coffee cups, tea cups, etc stamp images. I don't drink coffee so I don't buy images, etc related to it. I do however have a rubbber stamp of chocolate chips so I could make something for this challenge after all since a chocolate theme would also meet the requirements =)

I made a chocolate chip cookie shaped card that could be used as a sort of Thank You card.
All supplies were from Stampin' Up! : Creamy Caramel card stock, Chocolate Chip ink, Soft Suede ink sponged on the edges, saying from Mini Mates stamp set, chocolate chips from Oh So Sweet stamp set, chocolate grosgrain ribbon, scrap of naturals card stock for tag. 

Thanks for looking =)  Be sure to take a moment to go visit the Hostess' blog where you will find links to many more fantastic card projects !

OWHVCMP - Things With Wings

"Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create a card featuring something with wings! There are lots of possibilities there!"

I have several rubber stamp images of butterflies and I have one airplane stamp (I've recently used it to make a card to send in with over 150 other cards to Operation Write Home). I thought about using it again, then decided to try something else, something slightly different. I made a tiny paper airplane !

I'll leave this card blank so the service member can use it for whatever occasion he or she would like, or just to send a little love note home. 

Whisper White card stock, Bashful Blue ink, Summer Sun ink, Barely Banana ink, Wild Wasabi ink,
Crayon Kids stamp set all from Stampin' Up!
Sponge and home made mask to create the clouds/sky.

Thanks for looking =) Be sure to go visit the Hostess' blog to see many, many more inspiring ideas !

OWHVCMP - Washi Critters

Washi Tape Challenge

Critters " your challenge is to make a card that features a critter of some sort."

I combined two challenges into one on this card. I also had to cheat and use decorative paper for the Washi Tape as I own absolutely no Washi tape whatsoever. Gasp ! Once again, behind the trend. Honestly, I figured I could recreate the look with decorative paper scraps anyway, why buy more "stuff" when I can use some of what I already own in a similar way.

I thought this might make a cute, and different,  "Congratulations" type of card.

The image is from an old stamp set from Stampin' Up!  I water colored it with inks and an aquapainter. The paper scraps are from an old Die Cuts With A View spring paper stack. 
Black, White and pink card stock. I used a fine point Sharpie marker to add the doodle lines around the image.

Thanks for looking =) Now go spend a bit of time looking at all of the other awesome samples posted on the Hostess' blogs. There will be more added as other people complete the challenges and share their creations. 

OWHVCMP - Chevrons

"My challenge for you is to make cards using Zig Zag elements (or more properly known as Chevrons). There's many ways to spice up your cards with chevrons - Stamps, Scissors, Rulers, or even Paper."

I have no Chevron patterned papers or embellishments whatsoever. I know, I know - get in style, use what's current now that it is 2013 ! I've still so many supplies that were trendy in the past to finish using up, I didn't feel I needed to jump on that band wagon yet, ha ha.

So for this challenge, I made do by cutting a mask from scrap paper and sponging on a zig zag design on an Easter egg shaped card.

The greeting is from Whimsical Words by Stampin' Up! as are the two punches I used to create the tag. I'm not sure where I got the ribbon.
Clear rhinestone accents. various classic inks, some retired, from Stampin' Up! were sponged onto the Whisper White card stock.

I'm not sure how often it happens to you, but many times I think I am done with a project , I take a photo then as I am working on resizing it to share, I don't like it as well. This is one of those cards. I think I should have left a little gap between each color and maybe filled the entire egg with color........

Thanks for looking =) Be sure to visit the other fantastic creations from this challenge linked on the Hostess' page here:

Below are some photos showing how I made the zig zag pattern mask
if you are interested.  It's the only way I could think of to make this
using what I had in my craft dungeon.

Hoar Frost

Walking my son out to his car early one morning I noticed a different type of frost on it: tall , upright crystals. I don't recall seeing frost like that before, so I just had to snap a few photos.

After he pulled away, I noticed weird looking chunks of white in the middle of a puddle in the yard. I tried to get a few photos of it too despite it being well below freezing, soooooo cold and windy, HUGE change from the day before, BRRRRR. Have you ever seen frost like this ?

Looking down at the puddle

Closer to the ground, same puddle

Cropped in so you can 
really see the ice crystal formations.
I submitted this photograph to our local newspaper
with a description of  Hoar Frost to be considered
for the photo of the week.
It was not chosen as The Photo Of The Week,
but it was printed in black and white as an "honorable mention".

I also noticed some ice crystals, almost needle looking as if it were a cactus, growing off of a few pieces of plant material near the puddle. You'll notice that the ground looks dry here yet I mentioned it had rained the day before. It looks this way because the ground was still so dry from the drought, the water was absorbed quickly (plus the sunshine and breeze dried that topmost layer out).

Lastly there was this thick frosty ice crystal formation
on this single piece of plant material.
I've never seen anything like it -
or like any of the other photos of frost I shared for that matter.

I looked online to try to see what it may be called. I believe it to be a type of Hoar Frost.
Wikipedia defines Hoar Frost as "The name hoar comes from an Old English adjective for showing signs of old age, and is used in this context in reference to the frost which makes trees and bushes look like white hair."

I think it may have been caused by the crazy weather we had. The previous day was near 60 degrees, rainy, springlike. The temperatures fell drastically over night with strong winds making the wind chill near zero. I assume the frost formed just above the puddle, the only place in the yard with frost like this, because of the water and that it had been so warm the day before, then the colder air and wind overnight created these huge crystals as the water tried to evaporate perhaps ?

I wish I had gotten better photos, the ground was so soggy I didn't walk close to the puddle, instead zooming in with the camera, causing the photos to be grainy. Plus it wasn't sunny. I should have gone back out a little bit later, bundled up better to try to get a few photos if the sun hit it and made it sparkle..............
I didn't keep an eye on the situation and missed my window of opportunity. At least I have these few photos to remember this strange frost.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

OWH VCMP - What ?!!?

Operation Write Home Virtual Card Making Party Weekend, that's what !

I'll be posting several card creations I made for Operation Write Home and using the challenges posted during their Virtual Card Making Party. Lots of great challenges will be posted today and tomorrow, go check them out
then be sure to visit each Hostess' page where the individual challenges are listed. There are going to be so many fantastic creations linked to each one, lots of inspiration !

Acetate Birthday Card

Let's Party stamp set, Stampin' Up!
Cheery Chat stamp set, Stampin' Up!
Stazon ink
Whisper White, Handsome Hunter, Basic Black card stocks  Stampin' Up!
Handsome Hunter ink,  Stampin' Up!
acetate/window sheet
double stick tape

Thanks for looking =)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Yet Another Cat Sympathy Card.........

I sure am making a lot of pet sympathy cards it seems... sniffle.

All supplies used were from Stampin' up!
Meow Meow stamp set
So Very stamp set
Paisley background stamp
Whisper White, Close to Cocoa, Basic Black card stocks
Close to Cocoa, Basic Black, Regal Rose inks
Scalloped Edge punch 

Thanks for looking 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine For A Friend 6

The heart embellishment used on this card was repurposed from this project
there are instructions on how to create the heart embellishment posted there

large heart punch
1/4" circle punch
tiny heart punch
scissors to hand cut pennant
red card stock (or red glitter card stock if you have it)
red glitter glue or glitter to cover red card stock 
shimmery white paper for the small circles to create the faux scalloped edge
red ink
rubber stamp
clear drying white glue
white card stock base
stylus and scoring board

To create the dry embossed lines around the outer edge of my card,
I created a template to mark the backside of the card front.
By lightly placing pencil marks using the template,
I know where to start and stop my lines.
It isn't perfect, but it is better than trying to guess where
I should stop and start.
I made a couple of different templates from lightweight 
card board for different depths of embossing lines.
The above card used my 1/2" template then I "eyeballed"
another set of lines just inside of them. 

Template lined up with the back of my card front,
so I can place pencil marks in the four corners.

To create the templates:
Cut a piece of lightweight chipboard 
to the exact size of your card front. 
Measure around all four sides the depth you want
the embossed lines to be from the edge
and make pencil marks along each side.
You want there to be four lines, one on each side,
the same distance from each edge 
(for example, 1/2" in from the edge).
Where the lines intersect in the corners you will
use a tiny paper punch or piercer to make 
a single small hole.
You use this small hole to place the pencil lead
through to leave marks on the back side of your card
that you want to add the embossed lines to. 

The pencil mark tells you where to place 
your stylus to start and stop embossing your lines.
Be sure to line up the template with the card exactly
before making your marks . 

Thanks for looking =)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Card I Received

Shimmery, Simple , Cute Valentine I received yesterday.

The framed piece behind the card is something I created last year -
and still have not found a place to hang it up ! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Memories Suite Free Files - Fry Boxes

Check out these great freebies. 
They make great Party Favors! Easy and fun to make!

Fill them with candy, chocolate covered pretzels,
chalk, crayons, or anything else you can think of!

Available free until February 25th, 2013.

Free online tutorial can be found at

These craftable kits not only contain the patterns to make the fry boxes , 
but a few digital papers and embellishments that you can use for other 
digital projects. They work on Windows and Mac computers and are also 
available as a general download for use with other digital programs 
(such as Photoshop Elements).

If you don't already own My Memories Suite V4 scrapbooking 
(and so much more!) software,you can buy it at 
Remember to use my affiliate code STMMMS23251 (simply copy and paste) 
to get $10 off of your purchase 
and a coupon code for $10 worth of digital content from the store ! 
You'll also receive a coupon code for a free 6x6 photobook 
(you only pay the shipping and handling) ! The store has thousands
 and thousands of different styles and types of digital download content 
with more being added all the time plus there are sales nearly every day.

Thanks for looking =) 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine For A Friend 5

All supplies used Stampin' Up! unless noted otherwise
Whisper White, Mauve Mist, Lavender Lace, Almost Amethyst card stock
purple striped paper, unknown
Almost Amethyst and Mauve Mist inks
Swirls background stamp
I {Heart} Hearts stamp set
Full Heart punch
Scalloped Edge border punch
large scalloped circle punch, EK Success

Thanks for looking =)