Monday, June 17, 2019

Bright Brushos and Die Cut Rose Card

NOTE: This is a project completed earlier in the year, but I waited until now to share.
We're still dealing with major flooding and the massive cleanup to come. 
I have no craft room for the time being since it is filled with stored items.
On top of it all, we are quite sick due to all of the mold in the air. 
We can't leave the house: we have pumps to man, a flood wall to maintain
and looters to keep an eye out for. 

I played with the new to me Brusho "paints" to make this simple card.
It also uses a new to me die cut, both bought from Stampin' Up! when I signed up to become a demonstrator earlier this year. Then the floods hit.............

I painted the background first then glued the die cut to the dry card stock.

The sentiment is an oldie from Stampin' Up ! I've had for years. It was heat embossed black onto vellum paper and hand cut into a banner.

Thanks for looking , have a great day !

The current view out of my window this morning is below. There is still too much water
to drive out, at minimum 2 feet of water over the road where the driveway (still under water, too) meets it. It gets deeper in parts so a boat is required. The main road I would normally use to drive to town on is under more water and will require massive cleanup after it finally recedes. I don't know how long it will be before I can drive on it again.......... more rain in the forecast for the next 7 days, but they don't think it will cause a rise in the river levels, only slow the fall.

All of the now exposed ground and driveway were under 3+ feet of water 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Historic Flooding

We've been dealing with flooding since March here.
This is by far the worst we have ever seen.

The ongoing flood coupled with the head on collision my daughter had
due to a drunk person driving a black car in the dark 
with no headlights on a divided highway,
 I've not had much time to craft or relax. 

We've been trying to elevate possessions as much as possible in the house and garage.
We are an island now, the only way in or out is by boat.

The forecast does not look good:

View from my front porch, there is currently one foot of water along the flood wall with two more feet expected. The basement is flooded. The steel outbuilding in the photo has 3 1/2 feet of water in it now. 

There will be no posts from me for a while
and I have to step down from design team duties.
I did have projects made and blog posts set up for
the Love To Craft Challenge for the remainder of the year,
so you will see those the first of every month.
I just won't be commenting and voting for some time.
I will have no time or energy to devote to creating,
not to mention my craft room is in disarray
packed full of items from the lower level of the house.

I'm not sure how much longer I will stay at home. 
I may need to relocate at some point.

Definitely a long process to get back to normal
once the river recedes for good. 
Until then, I doubt I make much of anything.

Not being able to be crafty is going to drive me nuts,
on top of everything else !
Oh, the stress and uncertainty - and STENCH ! 

Thanks for all of your nice comments 
and for following my crafty adventures.

Take care.


UPDATE 6/10/2019

Photo is a still shot from a 360 drone video shared publicly on facebook. 
I hope the link above to it works, it is jaw dropping.  

The river crested here two days ago,
shattering the all time record for 2nd highest flood.
We've been in flood since March actually,
with the last crest in early May tying for 
the old second place record!

This crest was 3 feet less than the Great Flood of 1993.

It has fallen just 4".
It'll be a long, slow process and more rain is on the way
again this week, prolonging it.

We managed to keep the main level of the house dry, hooray!
Levees broke, causing the crest to fall by a foot.
This was good news to us (of course not to all
of those behind the levees that lost so much)
because we knew our flood wall should keep the water
back at that depth. It did spring leaks here and there.
We have three pumps running nonstop to keep the water
from filling in behind the wall too much. 

The photo below shows my cat helping me check on them.
We have to do this day and night to make sure the
pumps stay ahead of the leaking water. 

The photo is a bit deceiving as there is easily two+ feet of water
against the outside of the flood barrier.
If it gives way, the water will cause significant damage
to the house.

Here is a photo of the basement full of water -
stinky! We did put some pool chemicals in it
to try to help with the smell. Blech!!!

There is a pump in here to help keep it at this level.
We don't want it to get deeper if possible
so that it gets into the electric box,
vents and such. 
It has to stay flooded otherwise the 
walls could cave in from the pressure.

We are getting sick from all of the must,
mold, stink, etc but can not leave because
we have to maintain the pumps
so the water doesn't get onto the main floor.
Trying not to think about what may be swimming in it....
thankfully I've not seen any snakes around the house.
If any of those came into the flooded basement,
my bag would be packed, moving out,
letting the river win. Nope, won't stay there 
if snakes move in!!!

Sitting in the middle of the road here,
there is 6 feet of water under the boat.
It gets as deep as 9 feet in places.
You can see the top to a metal car port
just to the right in the photo. 

Going to get basic supplies by boat
out to where a car is parked on high ground
is quite an adventure :)   It's a tiny boat

What's really scary (and I try not to dwell on it)
is that there is no way to get emergency services 
here in a timely manner. Everything has to be boated in or out.
There are also no working telephones.
Cell service is hit and miss and if we do get
a signal, it is always dropped. 
Forget mail, trash, etc - nothing like that gets in, obviously.
No hot water for bathing.
No laundry can be done.
No air conditioning. 
I heat water in the microwave to be able to 
hand wash dishes. We boat out every few
days to my moms to shower and get laundry done.
We have a generator for basic power needs 
if the main goes out.
 Right now, the water level
is being maintained just below the box so we still have service.
The bugs are awful, the smell is worse!
It is kind of like camping in a way. 
An experience for sure.

On top of all of that, I am incredibly sick
from breathing all of the mold, etc. 

That is what it has been like here
and will continue for some time.
5 out of the next 7 days are to be rainy,
so that isn't going to help much. 
Then there is the cleanup to follow. 
As bad as it is, 
I know that it can be much worse
and am so thankful that we haven't lost everything
like so many  people have.

This will be my final post for a while.
I thank you once again for following my crafty adventures,
hoping I may have inspired you a bit along the way :)

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Tool Box Gift Box - tutorial

Time for the new anything crafty goes challenge at
We are a month long just for fun challenge site.
Won't you share what craft project you've made with us ?

This month I am sharing a "gift box" I made from scratch.
I knew the recipient likes chocolate oranges,
so I wanted to make something fun to present them in.
I also added a gift card.

Basic how to's:

Use your math skills to create the size of box
and ends you will need to hold your treats.

I used chipboard to build my box with.
A heavy duty double sided adhesive tape was used
to hold it together. 

This photo shows the pattern for the end 
I made from scrap paper, ready to be traced
onto the chipboard then cut out with scissors.

The ends of the box cut out with holes punched
at the tops to push a dowel rod through to
create the toolbox handle.

Assemble with your favorite heavy duty adhesive.

I painted my chipboard pieces with glossy
acrylic craft paint after it was assembled. 

Once again, put those math skills to use 
to create a tray to fit in the top of the toolbox.
I used red card stock for the tray.

The tools were created with a die set from Stampin' Up!
Silver metallic card stock for the metal parts
and Crumb Cake stamped/sponged with ink
for the wooden parts.

I added a small envelope on the underside
to hold the gift card.
Ignore the Merry Christmas sentiment ;)
It just so happens that is what the project
was actually made for,
but I wanted to wait to share it with you now.
I thought it would make a fun design team
project for the month of June, Father's Day. 

I ran a piece of dowel rod through two holes
punched at the top of the ends.
It is removable to get the treats out.

So much work - but fun making it ! 

Thanks for looking, have a great day :)