Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nice surprise !




back of envelope

I found a nice surprise in the mail box today - a hand made card and hand made envelope from an old friend !  It looks like the bugs, flower, bow and starbursts are punches. I recognize the stamp sets as old retired sets from Stampin' Up!

Monday, September 26, 2011

International Route 66 Festival

We attended the International Route 66 Festival for the third year in a row.  Hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, unique, funny, classic and new vehicles. I didn't take many photos this year.

Check out that mirror like chrome!

This is a lady doing a burnout in the contest - she won!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Faux Black and White Photo Rubber Stamping Tutorial

I've had this idea for some time to try to use my favorite car stamps and inks to recreate the look of an old black and white photo.  I finally did it and was quite pleased with the result, I will be making more of these! My "experimental" cards were sent to to be used by troops to write home on.

The crayon resist technique and basic masking are used to recreate the look of a black and white photo.

Glossy White card stock
Going Gray classic ink
Basic Gray classic ink
Basic Black classic ink
Classic Convertibles stamp set (retired long ago)
Stampin' Sponge
White crayon
Sticky notes
Photo mounts
SNAIL adhesive
Unknown scrap of, map design paper
Construction paper

Stamp the image onto white glossy card stock with permanent black ink .

Use a white crayon (with a sharp point is best to get into smaller areas) to scribble on certain areas of the image that you want to remain white. It is difficult to see in the photo below, but there is a slightly dull area where the crayon has been used on the whitewalls of the tires.  Tip:  Tilt your stamped image around in bright light to check for areas you've marked on with the crayon before inking if you'd like to try to check your work. The areas where there are marks made with the crayon will be dull.

Using easy to remove sticky notes,  frame around the image. Tip: Hold the stamped image up to a light source, something as simple as a window works well. This should allow you to see where the edges of the sticky notes are in relation to the edge of your glossy card stock piece. The photo above is light from a window showing through the sticky notes; the darker yellow areas are where the sticky notes are stuck to the edge of the card stock.

You could just mask off a larger piece of paper them trim it down when you are done.

Use sponges to pounce on shades of gray ink as well as black to simulate an old  black and white photo.
You can also use shades of brown to make a sepia photo!

Gently wipe the image with a soft piece of facial tissue to remove the ink and white crayon.

Carefully remove the sticky notes from the edges.

Your faux black and white photo is now done!

If you'd like to take it a step further to make it look like a well loved old photo, you'll want to do some distressing to it. Lightly scuff the surface of the paper with sandpaper, crinkle the image, add ink splotches/smears, tear or curl the edges, poke a couple of small holes in the corners to make it look like it was tacked to a cork board or even add a sliver of torn tape to make it look as if it had been taped somewhere then removed. There are lots of ways to make your faux black and white photo rubber stamped image look vintage !

Since this rubber stamping technique was supposed to look like an old black and white photo, I wanted to keep the feel of it being in an old scrapbook. I used black photo mounts to adhere it to black construction paper that was attached to a card stock base. I then framed it with a piece of scrap paper that looks like a map.

The above finished card is 5 x 7.

Thanks for looking =) 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hummingbirds Are Fueling Up

The 3 hummingbirds that live here are going nuts, flying in and out of the feeder all day long, chasing each other. Those little acrobatic, fast birds are entertaining to watch. They are fueling up for their long trip.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pirate Ship Gypsy Rose

I received a last minute invitation to take my son aboard a "pirate ship". It is an old houseboat that a man spent three months working on to turn into a pirate ship for guests to pay to ride on.  There was music playing, they stopped at an island for the little kids to look for "treasure" and to catch beads fired off the deck from a canon.  Here are a few photos:

Looking at the bluff line along the Mississippi River through the stern of the boat.

The captain coming back to the ship after taking the little kids on a treasure hunt.

The shark boat taxi made a couple of passes around the pirate ship.

The sun setting at the end of the nearly two hour excursion. Yes, the river runs West to East here. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget

I was driving my children to school on one of the first perfect days of fall for us here in the Midwest. Cloudless blue sky, mild temperature, it was going to be a beautiful day. Once we arrived at the school, I would send them to their classrooms then assume my duties as volunteer librarian as I did every Tuesday and Wednesday morning. 

We were listening to FM101.1 The River with Vic and Trish In The Morning on the radio in my van, singing along to certain songs at times or chatting about random things. It was our morning ritual. 

Around 8:10 AM we were driving up the long hill to the school, the kids were looking out the window at the sheep in the field. Trish announced that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center. No details were given beyond that. I assumed it must have been a tragic accident involving a small aircraft. My 6 year old son asked if I thought the people would be okay. My nearly 10 year old daughter also expressed concern. 
We hoped it wasn't terribly serious as I explained how big the towers were, there were likely thousands of people in them, and so on. We had no idea, hoped for the best after such an accident. 

There were no TVs in our small rural school and at the time we arrived no one had really heard anything yet. I mentioned it to the school secretary as I signed in. They turned on a radio in the office. 

Some time into my duties, she came racing to the library, working her way back down the hall from other classrooms, to let us know that another plane had hit. Still at that point in time I had no idea that the first had been a jet with so many passengers on it............ 

I quickly wrapped things up and went to the office to sign out. The secretary wondered aloud what was  going on, should we be concerned with gasoline, food. Another employee asked if we thought that we should get our money out of the banks, what if the power grid or computers are compromised. I left the school thinking about what they had said. I also wondered all the way home: should I have brought the kids home with me, what IS going on? 

Looking across the wide open fields along the road I noticed that there was not a single jet trail or plane in the sky. I still was unaware as to the full extent of what had happened up to that point in time and was absolutely sick once I made it back to my house to see the latest news. In fact after I saw what had happened, I may have been one of the few that could not watch the TV the rest of day. 

To this day, despite their young ages at the time, neither of the kids has forgotten.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Water Ski Show

A local ski club put on a little show the other day. It was sooooooo hot out, but I couldn't pass up watching them for a while since it was 5 minutes from my house. I sat in my car quite a distance away from them along the road and used my old point and shoot Fuji camera to try to get a few photos as well as video. Unfortunately most of the photos I did try to take did not turn out well . I shot more video than stills anyway.

This had been a pyramid, but by the time I switched back to camera mode from video mode hoping to get a shot, they all jumped into the water. This one shot I did get is kind of funny though - when I looked at it full size, I noticed the girl headed towards the water was holding her nose.

Three guys that made a couple of jumps.

I think this was the girl that had been doing maneuvers on her ski, moving a foot up to hold onto the rope with and things like that. However, it may have been the barefoot skier - they both wiped out, ouch!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Center Step Card

My first attempt at making a center step card. It fits in an invitation sized envelope. I gave it to my mom for her birthday.

Instructions can be found here:

side view

top view


Stamp: Birthday Greetings, old set from Stampin' Up!
Real Red and Very Vanilla card stock, Stampin' Up!
various decorative papers, unknown
Daisy, boxed kit of flowers unknown
Large pearl brad, unknown
mini flat back pearls, Stampin' Up!
Small flower punch, Stampin' Up!
Early Espresso ink and marker, Stampin' Up!
Clear embossing powder, Stampin' Up!

Thanks for looking =)