Monday, July 1, 2019

Anni and Andi Spool Doll Decor

July 1st.
The year is half over already, wow. 
It's also time for our new
 monthly anything goes craft challenge at
Won't you share what family friendly craft 
you've made this month with us ? 

This month I am sharing a set of "dolls" I made with
a long ago purchased wooden kit.
I bought several kits and the coordinating patterns,
but never got around to making them. Shame on me. 
The kits are just the wooden pieces to create the dolls body
then the maker adds their own fabrics, etc.

I actually made the dolls in late winter (notice the bare trees),
trying to get all of my design team projects 
done well ahead of time, not knowing what the year would bring.
Good thing I did since we have been dealing with major flooding,
on top of too many other bad things, since March ! 
Also, I have been quite sick since about mid June. 
Living with a basement full of river water (treated with pool chemicals)
and stinky, moldy air/items all around outside is not good for the lungs :(
 I am not crafting anything at all.
No room to work, no time, no energy, just no desire 
right now to make anything.
I just want to get the house (and yard, road, etc) back to normal. 
It's going to take time..............
Currently the water is stagnant, not falling at all.
A very stinky pond out front still, blech,
and waiting for the main road to open again.
I shouldn't complain, we are lucky compared 
to many other people who lost everything. 

Moving on to a few details about my project:

The little wooden parts from the kit,
all wired together to form the bodies. 

The kits call for Rag Mop Ringlets Cotton Hair,
of course none of which is to be found now since the
kits are sooooo old. At first I tore and knotted lots of tiny
bows from red cotton fabric. While I was making those,
I was thinking about maybe sewing strips of red felt
into loops somehow then I remembered I had red fleece 
leftover from snowman crafts. I thought I'd cut thins strips of that,
then loop it and low temp hot glue it in place on the heads. 
A happy accident as I was
cutting the fleece into strips, I noticed it was kind of twisting
in parts of the strips (I'd guess about 1/4" wide, definitely no wider)
Hmmmmm....... a little tug and it indeed twisted on itself, curling ! 
No, I don't know if there is a particular type of fleece this will 
only work with or what direction exactly to cut it.
My fleece was actually a cheap $5 red fleece blanket.

The little strips of fleece I curled then glued on top
of the heads didn't turn out too badly !

Yes, those are teeny pieces of fabric cut and 
fused to the wooden shapes that I painted!
I was following the kit instructions ;)
It was tricky working with such wee pieces
and probably more time consuming than had 
I simply painted the shapes. 
It looks better with the matching fabric pieces.
The faces were preprinted black.
I painted the heart shapes red
and added blush to their cheeks,
but it doesn't show in the photos.

The clothes are made with torn pieces of cotton fabrics.

Thanks for looking =) 

Happy Fourth of July ! 


This will be the final post for a while
since I'm still dealing with the historic flood
and aftermath our area saw. 
My craft rooms are a wreck,
filled with stored items.
I have a long way to go to get 
the house clean and back in order.
Then there is the garage and yard and.....
I honestly don't have any desire 
or energy to make anything now :(