Saturday, July 31, 2010

Peaches and Cream Pie - and a project

Yum ! Fresh peaches ! I bought a small bag of locally grown peaches at a roadside stand and decided to use some to make a Peaches and Cream pie =) Really quite easy to make and oh so yummy !

Peaches and Cream Pie

3 cups peaches, sliced
1 pie crust, unbaked
1 c sugar
1/3 c flour
1/8 t salt
2 eggs
1/2 c sour cream

Line pie plate with pie crust. Place sliced peaches into the unbaked crust. Beat the eggs and sour cream together; add in the dry ingredients and mix well. Slowly pour over the peaches.

Crumb Topping
1/2 c sugar
1/2 c flour
1/4 cup cold butter

Mix together the flour and sugar. Combine the butter into this mixture with a pastry blender or fork until it makes small crumbles. Sprinkle on top of the pie. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 55-60 minutes, until golden brown. Cool for several hours before serving. Refrigerate leftovers.

Now for the projects:

And above are two paper craft projects somewhat related to the pie: a card and a recipe scrapbook. I entered them into a contest, but they did not win. I had fun experimenting with the idea though !

The stamp set I used was a limited edition from Stampin' Up!, only available during Sale A Bration in 2009. Another creation I made with this stamp set is posted here, Punched Tin.

The recipe scrapbook started as an ugly "scrapbook" bought at a dollar store. I recovered it, and created the card, using supplies from Stampin' Up!
The "ribbons" tied onto the spiral binding are scraps of fabric.

The faux wood (it is not real wood!) was made with card stock, ink and scissors. Creamy Caramel card stock and ink as well as Close To Cocoa ink. I cut the strips first, mitered them then distressed by rubbing ink pads on the tops and lightly gouging it with the scissors. The knob is done the same way after being punched out with a circle punch. Attach with a dimensional / pop dot.

The punched tin was created by stamping metallic silver card stock with Black Stazon ink. I also made a version by punching each dot with a needle.

Thanks for looking !

Friday, July 30, 2010

Small Plastic Box Transformations

I've saved and reused all sorts of containers over the years, cheap starting points for items to donate to the elementary school holiday bazaar. I don't have many photographs of the things I've created since I didn't have a digital camera or think about photographing the projects for future reference. I remember most of the things I made, but in this digital age of the world wide web, it would have been fun to share more of those old projects.

Below are a few projects I do have photographed.

Clear plastic packaging, from around ribbon rolls for example, can easily be made into a cute little box. The packaging on the ribbon rolls I bought did not have plastic ends, they were just a "sleeve' of plastic, so I made my own ends out of card stock. I would trace around the square end of the box then add however much I wanted the sides to come up, an inch for example. So if the end of the container was 2" square, I would make a 4" square, scoring in 1" from each side. NOTE: make a sample from scrap paper first to make sure the pattern fits. Usually I needed to alter it slightly by 1/16" or so on each side to allow for the score lines. These cute little boxes can also be made from scratch using acetate sheets for the sides. Here is a link to a tutorial :

Chocolates wrapped in red tissue paper that I stamped to match. All stamps, card stock, ink, punches and organdy ribbon are from Stampin' Up!

This box held a jingle bell snowman ornament that I made.

Recently I bought new shower curtain hooks so I saved the two containers to do something with. I whipped up this sample, have yet to use the other.

The flower was punched with the large fancy flower punch from Stampin' Up! (actually all of the supplies used, except the paper ribbon and box, were from Stampin' up!). I tried to recreate the cosmos flower from the seed packets inside the box with the punch.

Originally held cotton swabs. The sticky label on the top was impossible to remove so I just covered it up with stamped card stock (Soft Swirls from Stampin' Up!) and attached a gift card to the inside of the lid. I should have stamped address labels or scraps of coordinating paper to wrap around the candies to make them look nicer...........
Originally held cotton balls and cotton swabs; I bought candy after Halloween for half price to put in it, wrapped it with fabric and raffia scraps, added a stamped "tag", donated to the school bazaar. Riveting from Stampin' Up!

Many times dollar store items are packaged in clear plastic containers that can be reused. I've reused "pillow boxes", small square flip lid boxes, round pop top containers, small plastic zip top pouches and more. Nearly every single plastic box has a sticker on it that needs lots of patience and goo gone to remove if you want to reuse the box - or cover it up with card stock, decorative paper, etc !

If you do not have small plastic containers to reuse, acetate sheets (overhead transparency or "window sheets" from Stampin' Up!) can but cut with a die cut machine or by hand to make boxes from scratch. Be sure to use super sticky tape to hold it together !

Also, plastic packaging (such as the large front to a box of stationery) can be cut with a die cut machine to make clear snowflakes, flowers, tags, etc, just be sure to flatten it out first by cutting off any edges.

Thanks for looking !

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Repurposing Ice Cream Container Lids

Funny thing to reuse, but the idea worked pretty well! Since I didn't have a scrollsaw, I was trying to think of an easy way to recreate a snowman plaque. I saw a pretty simple and inexpensive idea in a magazine years ago that I wanted to make for the holiday bazaar. I decided to try using the lid to an ice cream container, the type that has a plastic band around a cardboard insert. It probably took more time to make using this as my base, but it was cheap, didn't require a saw and kept something out of the landfill.

I don't have photos of that project since it was so long ago, but I can describe how it was done:

1) lightly sand the glossy finish on the lid
2) coat with gesso (may require two coats)
3) base coat with white (may require two coats)
4) paint on the snowman face / features
5) create a simple hat out of a fabric scrap
6) add extra embellishments such as a scarf, greenery, snowflakes
7) attach something to the back to hang with (hot glue a loop of ribbon or wire for example)

Last winter I created this from a different brand of ice cream container lid, much smaller than the one I used for the snowman:

Rather than spending all of the time painting, I stamped and adhered a piece of card stock to this lid project, wrapped ribbon (reused from a gift package!) around the edges and tied in a bow. Even the beads in the center of the flower are reused: they were once part of a beaded napkin ring !

Obviously not as sturdy as wood, but ice cream lids make great, cheap bases for many plaque ideas: "Shhhhh... baby is sleeping" door sign; name sign for a bedroom door; "I'm out/studying/etc" for a dorm room door; attach a note pad and pen then hang from a pantry door to write a grocery list on; so on.

Another great use for them: to mix paints on/ hold paint "puddles" ! I have used them, upside down, to water down or mix acrylic craft paint on or to use as a "stamp pad" for a shallow puddle of paint to dip sponge stamps in for kids to use.

Thanks for looking !

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Repurposing Jars

I enjoyed finding uses for jars (any reusable container really) for the holiday bazaar ! I decorated them so many ways and used them for different things. I do not have many photographs of my projects since I made them years ago before I had a digital camera or thought of photographing them to archive my past projects.

Empty food containers, new mason jars or sometimes finds from yard sales, even baby food jars were all used for many varied projects. The best sellers involved food items for a mans gift; I always had difficulty making things for men.

Below are a few projects I do have photos of.

Painted Jars - I used indoor/outdoor acrylic craft paints, following the manufacturers directions. The country star jar (painted, stamped, antiqued, baked according to the paint manufacturers instructions) and bases of the lamp jars are painted. I've painted them like flags, jack o'lanterns, snowmen and more.

The lighthouse jar is also painted, baked according to the paint manufacturers instructionsand then decoupaged with a stamped image. I stamped tissue paper with permanent black ink, trimmed around the image, adhered it then sealed.

Another fairly inexpensive thing to make, although not really the most useful but could be a neat decorative item: a basic lamp. I bought battery operated window candle lights and shades that are easy to find during the holiday season at dollar stores. Two dollars for the lamp supplies, a couple of batteries, foam core cut to fit the mouth of the jar to hold the candle in place, decorate the base of the jar (paint, fabric, decoupage, etc). I stamped and adhered cardstock to the storebought lampshades on some of them to make them "masculine'.

If you have the proper drill and bit, you could drill into a jar to run a lamp kit through it; fill with any sort small collection of items such as buttons, naturals, little toys for a fun lamp ( I never made true lamps for the bazaar since all items were sold for less than $5, preferably $1-$2).

I also used faux stained glass paints on jars for a neat effect. The glowing star jar below is an example of one style I made using rubber stamps to heat emboss the star image first followed by stippling on clear stain glass paint to mimic etched glass.

No photographs of my other projects, some of which I remember are: cookie/brownie/soup mix/snack mix in a jar (the jar was left clear but I wrapped the lid in fabric, ribbon, cute recipe tag); votive holder (similar to the painted star jar but left clear and filled with potpourri, votive candle cup in the top and wrapped ribbon around the neck); wrapped with fabric, tied with ribbon to be used as a vase for cheap "silk" flowers from the dollar store; utensil holder with wooden utensils; peppermints in a small jar that was painted with "candy cane seeds"; bird seed; candies bought on clearance after Halloween to fill the jars with, decorate the lids with a theme; Teacher's Survival Kit; emergency sewing kit; painted and filled with dog treats; baby food jars for gel air fresheners, candles, bath salts, etc. I have a few other creations that were holiday related, maybe if I can keep this blog project going until the winter season I will share them then ;)

Not to mention the many uses for old jars in your home: holder for all sorts of things like paint brushes, ribbon scraps, etc in a craft space; vase; container for cotton swabs, etc; larger containers to be decorated and used for dry food storage; catch all by the washing machine; candle holder to light the walkway or hang from a tree outdoors; base to a centerpiece for any occasion; fill with a collection of items and line a few up for a decoration; fill it up with loose change; make a mini herb garden in a windowsill; storage of nuts, bolts, etc in a garage (TIP: attach the screw top lids to the underside of a shelf, then screw on the jar freeing up workbench space) ............... The list goes on and on.......

Thanks for looking !

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Repurposed Mini Video Cassette Case

Whew, has it been hot and humid and stormy these past few days!!!
Power outages and intense lightning during the storms have kept me away from the computer. I spent a bit of time in the craft dungeon staying cool and reorganizing (not crafting).

This idea came to me when my sister told me about her young children playing with the many gift cards they had received - but not yet used! - and were misplaced. I was shocked to hear that she doesn't keep them in a wallet or anything and allowed the young boys play with them. 

Why did I have an empty mini cassette case laying around to use for this project ? I guess one of the old videotapes had been misplaced so I kept the empty case hoping one day the video would show back up. That empty case had been sitting in my desk drawer for quite some time, so I had an "A-ha!" moment. Not sure what made me think of it or to even repurpose it into this creation, but when I discovered that gift cards fit perfectly in the empty case, I got busy decorating it.

I lined the inside with card stock then stamped an image for the front to coordinate with the colors in her kitchen finished with a magnet adhered to the back. TIP: save those advertising magnets you may receive, they can be useful for many craft projects.

When she was presented it at Christmas she didn't know what to make of it (I don't know that anyone would have). After I explained it, she thought it was pretty neat: it is a magnetic gift card holder to stick up high on the refrigerator. The idea was it would be in sight all the time so she could keep track of the many gift cards her family receives - and be out of the children's reach. 

Thanks for looking !

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Repurposed Paper Clip Box

We had power surges followed by an outage that lasted a few hours last night. Must have been because of the extreme heat ? Anyhow, when I tried to restart the computer this morning I kept getting the error message that Windows could not repair this computer - what ?!??? Good thing most of my photos are backed up to an external hard drive, but still, I didn't want to lose this computer and the remaining files. The third attempt was the charm and it worked, so here is a quick repurposing project for today.

These little clear plastic flip top lid boxes that originally held paper clips were the perfect size for a gift card and six chocolates !

Pretty in Pink cardstock and classic ink from Stampin' Up!
Riveting stamp set from Stampin' Up! (retired)
Vanilla 5/8" grosgrain ribbon
scrap of decorative paper
Scalloped edge border punch, scalloped circle punch, circle punches and paper piercer from Stampin' Up!
heart embellishment- dollar store find

I am now off to make certain all the remaining files are backed up externally, just in case. . . .
Thanks for looking !

Friday, July 23, 2010

Eeeek! to Wow !

After posting the mushroom container redo yesterday, I thought I'd share over the next few days more items I've repurposed. I have "recycled" various items over the years, most of which were donated to the elementary school holiday bazaar that I ran for many years. This was before I owned a digital camera or even thought about archiving my projects so most things I do not have photos of to share and many of those that I do are several years old.
Nonetheless, they might inspire someone =)

Not only did I try to find new life in items destined for the trash, I also liked to buy dollar items to redo. One of my favorite things to do for the bazaar was to find dollar items on clearance for 50C, once or twice I even found some things for 25c ! I knew no matter how ugly (or in the case of todays post creepy/scary) an item was, I could change it into something more appealing. Being an at home mom and lover of all things crafty, I would work year round on shopping and redoing or crafting from scratch items for the bazaar. I miss those days.................... sigh.......

I found this notepad in the dollar bin at a local store for 50c. I normally would never, ever buy something with a spider on it and still am surprised I even bought it to redo, eeeeek!

There are easier ways to recover a notepad, such as wrapping it in decorative papers, but this particular pad was a fun experiment.

I first lightly sanded the cover the remove some of the gloss finish. I then gave it a couple of coats of gesso.

Once dry, I layered on acrylic craft paints, slightly darker at the bottom. I finished with stamping two different background stamps from Stampin' Up! : French Script and Harlequin, both retired. A quick spray of sealant and the background was done.

The top stamped piece was created from layers of card stock from Stampin' Up! The image is from the retired Stampin' Up! set More Petal Prints.

The "M" medallion was created from a small circle of Sculpey that I stamped with the "M" from the Alphadots stamp set, retired Stampin' Up! then painted with acrylic craft paints. Bake according to manufacturers instructions, adhere with hot glue then attach to the stamped card stock piece. Wrap ribbon around the stamped piece then adhere to the cover with super sticky glue/adhesive. Lastly, knot pieces of ribbon on the spirals and Wow!, I think it turned out pretty nice !

Before: Eeeek !

After : Wow !

Below is another set I did in a similar manner:

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Repurposed Mushroom Container



"Hello, my name is Heather and I am a hoarder of all things reusable." Well, not all things, I cut back since I have a good sized stash of items to repurpose as it is and no use for them once they are done. I started saving items to repurpose when I ran the holiday bazaar at the elementary school years ago; it was a cheap way to make gifts for the children to buy. It was also nice to resuse items at least once more before they ended up in the landfill.

Anyway, I could not resist keeping this pink plastic container that fresh mushrooms came in from the grocery store ! I'd never seen them in a container like this before, solid plastic and PINK ! It could find a new life being used for many different things, but I chose to make it into a cute little bath set gift basket. So easy to do and made a cute, fairly inexpensive gift.

I stamped white tissue paper and white card stock with the stamp set Island Blossoms (retired Hostess set) from Stampin Up!. I used various Bold Bright classic inks from Stampin' Up!, also retired. The orange scalloped edge was punched with a border punch from Stampin' Up!; the rhinestones were bought elsewhere.

Thanks for looking !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Retirement Card

I haven't made any new cards/projects for quite a while, but the past week I've had a need for three cards. I have a stash of premade cards, but sometimes they just won't work so I need to whip up a new one. Today I am sharing the retirement card I made last weekend using Stampin' Up! supplies.
Stamp Sets:
Along The Shore, Just Jeans - retired
Teeny Tiny Wishes, Wonderfully Worn - current
Card Stock:
Glossy White
Crumb Cake
Baja Breeze
Classic Ink:
Basic Black
Baja Breeze
Soft Sky - retired
Brilliant Blue - retired
Crumb Cake
Early Espresso
Certainly Celery
Always Artichoke
Wild Wasabi
Crumb Cake
not Stampin' Up!
white crayon for the crayon resist technique found here

I colored over the chair , cloud and scribbled on waves with the white crayon first. I then used a piece of torn scrap paper as a "mask" to cover portions of the image before inking. I covered the upper portion of the image, the sky area, and sponged on Brillaint Blue ink to create the ocean. I then used the other half of the torn paper to line up over that inked ocean to sponge on Soft Sky, Baja Breeze for the sky. Gently remove any ink that is on the crayon by rubbing with a tissue.

Thanks for looking !

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bath Set Tin and Card

Yet another class I created for the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Class Ideas Challenge in 2009. The stipulations for this months contest, use items from the new Occasions Mini Catalog. I chose the A Great Friend stamp set.

It was not a winner, but was published on the Demonstrator only web site with several others. I kept on trying - and having fun coming up with ideas to share !

This class idea was to show how easy it is to decorate items found at dollar stores then create a matching card for a quick, inexpensive gift.

The first project I submitted to these challenges was the candy bar wrap/gift card holder I posted here; the second project was the A Happy Heart card and treat bag posted here; the third project was the Dream A Little Shadowbox posted here; the fourth project was two cards posted here; todays posting is the fifth project I submitted; the sixth and final project I submitted was the Bella Pets Scrapbook Wall Art project that I posted here.

Great Friend stamp set
Stems & Silhouettes Jumbo Stampin’ Around wheel
Bashful Blue and Whisper White card stock: full 8‐1/2" x 11" sheet
Bashful Blue Classic Stampin’ Pad
Whisper White jumbo Stampin’ Around cartridge
Dazzling Diamonds Stampin’ Glitter
Whisper White 5/8" satin ribbon: 1 yard
2‐Way Glue Pen
SNAIL Adhesive
Glue Dots
Powder Pals
Horizontal Slot punch
Paper Snips
White tissue paper
Container: small dollar store type of item

A Great Friend Card
1. Cut Whisper White card stock in half along 8‐1/2" side. Fold in half.
2. Cut a piece of Bashful Blue card stock 4" x 5‐1/4".
3. Stamp butterfly, frame, and saying in Bashful Blue ink on portion of the Whisper White card stock.
4. Cut out frame and butterfly.
5. Use the 2‐Way Glue Pen to apply Dazzling Diamonds Stampin’ Glitter to white floral portions of butterfly.
6. Roll the wheel along the left side of Bashful Blue card stock. Adhere to Whisper White card front.
7. Attach frame to middle of the Bashful Blue card stock.
8. Tie knot in approximately 4" piece of Whisper White satin ribbon. Trim ends. Adhere to top of frame.
9. Slightly bend butterfly in half along body section, attach just above and to the right of frame.

A Great Friend Tin
1. Create a pattern to fit the container you bought.
2. Stamp the butterfly, frame, and saying in Bashful Blue ink on Whisper White card stock.
3. Randomly stamp butterfly in Bashful Blue ink on tissue paper.
4. Cut out the frame and butterfly.
5. Use the 2‐Way Glue Pen to apply Dazzling Diamonds Stampin’ Glitter to the white floral portions of the butterfly.
6. Punch two slots on the frame piece to create a ribbon slide.
7. Roll the wheel across Bashful Blue card stock.
8. Adhere to Whisper White card stock.
9. Adhere to container.
10. Run the satin ribbon through the slots on the frame, wrap around container, tie in a bow and trim the ends.11. Slightly bend the butterfly in half along the body section, adhere to top of frame.

Two (of the many I've made over the years) other gift sets I made. I loved these little $1 tins and have used them for so many things, each one decorated differently. I made several Christmas themed tins and cards one year to give cookies out in.

Add Image thanks for looking !

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two Botanical Blooms Cards - contest entry

This is the fourth entry I submitted into the Demonstrator Class Ideas Challenge that Stampin' Up! held over the course of a few months in 2008-2009.

The challenge was to use items from the then current Sale-A-Bration catalog. I created these two pretty easy cards with the Botanical Blooms stamp set and inspiration from our Demonstrators only magazine, Stampin' Success.

This project was not a winner, but it was published along with a few others on their web site for other Demonstrators to see.

The first project I sumitted to these challenges was the candy bar wrap/gift card holder I posted here; the second project was the A Happy Heart card and treat bag posted here; the third project was the Dream A Little Shadowbox posted here; the final project I submitted was the Bella Pets Scrapbook Wall Art project that I posted here.

PLUM FLORALS CARD – based on the template in the February 2009 Stampin’ Success
Botanical Blooms stamp set
Pale Plum card stock 2‐3/4" x 4‐1/2"
Perfect Plum card stock 5‐1/2" x 8‐1/2"
Very Vanilla card stock
2‐1/2" x 3" for outside
4" x 5‐1/4" for inside
Scrap for tag
Very Vanilla Medium envelope
Mellow Moss Classic Stampin’ Pad
Pale Plum Classic Stampin’ Pad
Perfect Plum Classic Stampin’ Pad
Very Vanilla 5/8” grosgrain ribbon, 18" length
Clear Rhinestone brad
1/6" Circle punch or Crop‐A‐Dile
Stamping sponge piece
Tearing Edge (optional)
Adhesive of choice

1. Stamp Very Vanilla 5/8" grosgrain ribbon with Perfect Plum ink, and set aside to dry.
2. Ink stems of flowers with Mellow Moss ink and the flower heads with Perfect Plum ink. Stamp both pieces of the Very Vanilla card stock and the envelope to match.
3. Ink the solid flowers with Pale Plum ink then dab the corner of Perfect Plum ink pad on the center (or use markers). Stamp both pieces of the Very Vanilla card stock and the envelope to match.
4. Sponge Pale Plum ink along the edges of both of the Very Vanilla pieces.
5. Adhere the Very Vanilla pieces to the inside and to the Pale Plum piece of card stock. Be sure to adhere the smaller front piece off center, leaving a wider edge of Pale Plum showing to the right of the stamped image so you will be able to tear this edge off.
6. If you have a Tearing Edge, tear off the right edge of the Pale Plum piece of card stock otherwise tear it "freehand"
7. Stamp the scrap of Very Vanilla card stock with the saying using Perfect Plum ink, and trim.
8. Mount the tag to the front floral stamped piece using the 1/16" Circle punch and Clear Rhinestone brad; adhere all to the Perfect Plum card base.
9. Wrap stamped ribbon around top and tie. Trim.
Use Stampin’ Glitter, Watercolor Wonder Crayons,background stamps, Texturz plates or add extra embellishments to make the cards more advanced.

SAGE LEAVES CARD – based on the template in the February 2009 Stampin’ Success
Botanical Blooms stamp set
Thank You Kindly stamp set
Sage Shadow card stock 1/2 sheet, 4‐1/4" x 11"
Very Vanilla card stock
3" x 4‐1/4" for outside
4" x 5‐1/4" for inside
Very Vanilla Medium envelope
Sage Shadow Classic Stampin’ Pad
Very Vanilla 5/8" grosgrain ribbon, 14" length
Paper piercer and mat pack (optional)
Stamping sponge piece
Sticky notes (or whatever method you use to create a removable mask)Scissors (to trim ribbon)
Adhesive of choice

1. Mask off around the area to be stamped on the 3" x 4‐1/4" piece of Very Vanilla card stock.
2. Stamp the leaves in Sage Shadow ink and sponge Sage Shadow ink in the open area. Remove mask.
3. Pierce around the outer edge of the sponged area using the paper piercer and mat.
4. Stamp leaves in Sage Shadow ink on the 4" x 5‐1/4" piece of Very Vanilla card stock and envelope to match; sponge on Sage Shadow ink if desired.
5. Fold Sage Shadow card stock in half to create a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" top fold card. Using the ink pad, swipe ink along the edges of the Sage Shadow card and along the edges of the Very Vanilla inside piece if desired.
6. Stamp sentiment in Sage Shadow ink at the bottom of the Very Vanilla piece.
7. Adhere the Very Vanilla pieces to the front and inside.
8. Tie ribbon just above the stamped sentiment and below the stamped/sponged area. Trim.

Thanks for looking !

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dream A Little Shadowbox Frame

This is the third idea I submitted to the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Class Project Challenge - and was the most popular amongst other demonstrators as I have been told numerous people posted it to their web sites. The winner received a free stamp set, but we all won by seeing many wonderful class ideas shared by generous Demonstrators. Although there was usually only a single winner, several Demonstrators had their projects published to the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Web Site - I was lucky enough to have several of my projects posted, but never actually won. This is the third idea I submitted - and it was the third project published !

The first project was the candy bar wrap/gift card holder I posted here; the second project was the A Happy Heart card and treat bag posted here; the final project I submitted was the Bella Pets Scrapbook Wall Art project that I posted here.

Small shadowbox frame
Big Shot with Top Note Die
Dream A Little Hostess stamp set
Whisper White cardstock - ½ sheet of 8 ½ x 11
Pink Pirouette cardstock - 1/4 sheet of 8 ½ x 11
Whisper White craft ink
Pink Pirouette classic ink
Riding Hood Red classic ink
Kiwi Kiss classic ink
Basic Black marker
Two Way Glue
Dazzling Diamonds Glitter
Pretty In Pink ¼” grosgrain ribbon - 14”
White ¼” grosgrain ribbon - 14”
Paper snips
SNAIL adhesive
Stampin’ Sponge
Crystal Effects - optional for adding shiny highlights to the flower

Run the Top Note die through the Big Shot with the Whisper White and Pink Pirouette cardstock. Use ½ of the Whisper White piece , the remaining half will be used for the stamped embellishments.
Trim the Pink Pirouette Top Note die cut just above the halfway point.
Stamp the Pink Pirouette piece with Whisper White ink and the tiny flower stamp from the set. Sponge Whisper White along the edges; set aside to dry.
Stamp three of the large outline flower image with Riding Hood Red ink on scraps of the Whisper White. Stamp the leafy branch image with Kiwi Kiss ink. Using the Aquapainter and ink pads, watercolor the flowers and branch.
Ink the hummingbird with Kiwi Kiss. Remove areas that you would like to color differently with the Aquapainter, then recolor in with the aqua painter and ink from the lid of your stamp pads. I used the Aquapainter with Riding Hood Red ink to color the hummingbirds throat after I had removed the Kiwi Kiss ink. Dot the Hummingbirds eye with the Basic Black marker. "Huff" your warm breath onto the stamp to remoisten the ink, then stamp onto the cardstock.
Use the Two Way glue to apply Dazzling Diamonds glitter to the hummingbird. Set aside to dry. Trim out after dry.
Cut out the flowers and branches with the Paper Snips. Trim each of the flowers to your liking to create a three dimensional bloom. I used one as a base, one I trimmed along each petal, the third I cut out the middle portion of the bloom. Curl each petal and use dimensionals if needed to position them to your liking, creating layers.
Glue the trimmed and stamped Pink Pirouette die cut to the lower half of the Whisper White Top Note die cut. Wrap the ribbon pieces around the Top Note die cut, lining them up along the seam where the Whisper White and Pink Pirouette cardstock meets. Tie into a basic knot and trim, placing the knot slightly off center, to the right. Stamp “dream a little” with Riding Hood Red ink on the lower right portion of the Pink Pirouette piece. Adhere the flower, branches and hummingbird just above the Pink Pirouette cardstock and to the left of the knotted ribbon.
Make sure your glass is clean before mounting into the shadowbox !
Thanks for looking !

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Happy Heart Class

This is the second class project that I submitted to Stampin Up!
as part of their Demonstrator Challenge series a couple of years ago, to write class projects following the monthly theme they gave us. The winner received a free stamp set, but we all won by seeing many wonderful class ideas shared by generous Demonstrators. Although there was usually only a single winner, several Demonstrators had their projects published to the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Web Site - I was lucky enough to have several of my projects posted, but never actually won. This card and treat bag idea was the second idea I submitted - and it was published !

The first project was the candy bar wrap/gift card holder I posted here; final project I submitted was the Bella Pets Scrapbook Wall Art project that I have previously posted here.

A Happy Heart stamp set
1/2 sheet of 8-1/2" x 11" Riding Hood Red card stock (4-1/4" x 11")
1/2 sheet of Shimmery White card stock (5-1/2" x 8-1/2")
1 Whisper White envelope
1 cellophane bag (4" x 6")
Riding Hood Red Classic Stampin’ Pad
Whisper White Craft Stampin’ Pad
24" Riding Hood Red striped grosgrain ribbon
Scallop Edge punch
Word Window punch
Paper-piercing tool or 1/16" Circle punch
Hobby Blade
Stampin’ Dimensionals (I used 10)
Plain white address labels (I used Avery 5160)
Nugget type of candy
Heart shaped template, such as using On Board pieces or perhaps a heart shaped die from our Big Shot (the heart stencil I used is approximately 3" wide x 3-1/4" tall).

Wishing You a Happy Heart Card
1. Fold the Riding Hood Red card stock in half, creating a landscape 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" card that opens from the right side, fold on left.
2. Cut a piece of the Shimmery White card stock 4" x 5-1/2".
3. Use the Scallop Edge punch on the left 4" side of Shimmery White card stock.
4. Use the paper-piercing tool or the 1/16" Circle punch to create a small hole in the center of each scallop.
5. Trace the heart shaped On Board piece or use a die (or make your own template) to create a heart window slightly off center towards the right side of the Shimmery White piece that you put the scallop edge on. If you trace a pattern, you will want to trace on the reverse side of the Shimmery White then cut the heart out carefully with a Hobby Blade. The heart shaped piece that you remove will be used on the cellophane treat bag project.
6. Stamp “Wishing you a happy heart” in Whisper White Craft ink onto the Riding Hood Red card stock so that it will show through the heart shaped window cutout.
7. Tie Riding Hood Red striped grosgrain ribbon (approximately 15") around the left side of the Shimmery White card stock. Make a simple knot type bow and trim.
8. Apply Stampin’ Dimensionals as needed to the backside of the Shimmery White card stock, then adhere to the Riding Hood Red card front, centering it so a hint of red edge shows evenly all the way around the white.
9. Decorate the envelope using Riding Hood Red ink and other stamps from the set.
10. This card will probably require extra postage; the postmaster at my local branch had me add extra postage.
Notes: Use a 4" x 5-1/4" piece of Whisper White card stock to adhere to the inside of the card so that your sentiments show up when you sign the card OR use White Signo Gel Pens/ White Craft ink for use on the Riding Hood Red card stock. White Stampin’ Emboss powder rather than Whisper White Craft Ink would really pop on the Riding Hood Red card stock. Add a touch of Dazzling Diamonds Stampin’ Glitter to the tiny heart shaped flower parts for a fun accent!

Cellophane Candy Bag
1. Stamp address labels with Riding Hood Red ink, put aside to make sure the ink dries before being handled when wrapping the candies.
2. Cut a 3/8" wide piece of Shimmery white card stock from a 4-1/4" edge. Stamp “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Riding Hood Red ink on this card stock strip.

3. Place the strip into the Word Window punch, threading one end up and through the opening so that when you punch it, just the end to the left of the saying will be punched, rounding it off. You can leave the end that is sticking out cut straight, make a pointy tail, or round it off too.
4. Stamp the large heart in Riding Hood Red ink on the scrap piece of Shimmery White card stock and trim out.
5. Layer the saying strip on top of the stamped heart with the large heart cutout from the card project underneath. Lay them so you will be able to punch through all three at once I layered them so they would all match in the upper left of the largest heart. Use the larger hole on the Crop-A-Dile to punch. Thread a 9" piece of Riding Hood Red striped grosgrain ribbon through this so it can be tied onto the cellophane bag. *The layered tag idea was inspired by the tag on the Art Show project from the November 2008 Stampin’ Success.
6. Wrap the labels around nugget type candies, place into the cellophane bag then tie shut with the tag/ribbon. You may wish to put a bit of red tissue paper or red crinkle basket filler in the base of the cellophane bag before putting in the candy.

Thanks for looking !

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chocolate Bar Wrap / Gift Card Holder

In my next few posts I'll share the "classes" I submitted to Stampin' Up! for a contest. Today I am sharing the first project that I submitted to Stampin Up! as part of their Demonstrator Challenge series, to write class projects following the monthly theme they gave us. The winner received a free stamp set, but we all won by seeing many wonderful class ideas shared by generous Demonstrators. Although there was usually only a single winner, several Demonstrators had their projects published to the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Web Site - I was lucky enough to have several of my projects posted, but never actually won. This candy bar wrap/ gift card holder was the first idea I submitted - and it was published !

The final project I submitted was the Bella Pets Scrapbook Wall Art project that I have previously posted here.

This candy bar wrap was easy. I used the packaging from a Dove© chocolate bar as my pattern. The gift card insert was my own idea. If you like the idea you could probably adapt it to fit a different brand.

1 Sheet of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock

1 ¾” x 8” strip of coordinating cardstock or designer paper

14” of coordinating ribbon

Scalloped Edge punch

Word Window punch

Handheld 1/8” hole punch or paper piercer

Choice of inks and stamp sets (I used Snow Swirled and Many Merry Messages stamp sets, Real Red and Baja Breeze classic inks)

Whatever other embellishments you would like to add, such as brads or glitter

Sticky Strip, Snail

The following instructions are for the basic wrap shown, but they may be further embellished.

Print the pattern then cut out along the solid lines (I'm not sure if this will print true to size though, sorry). If your printer has the option, you will want to change the print settings so that it prints in a lighter gray.Stamp desired images on the solid white side (the printed lines should be on the inside once completed). Score along the dashed lines. Fold along the score lines, creating a sort of envelope. Attach a small piece of Sticky Strip to the left and the right side of the bottom flap, on the inside, to hold the side flaps in place.
Punch two (or four if you prefer) pieces of scrap cardstock with the Word Window punch. Wrap one piece around each of two opposite corners of the gift card you would like to include (optional); this is like a photo corner mount, it will keep the giftcard in place. Use tiny pieces of Snail or Sticky Strip to keep the ends of the Word Window/gift card corner holder in place. I make mine fit snuggly around the gift card so there is no movement, possibly a chance it will fall out. The recipient needs to tear/cut one of the mounts to remove the gift card. Use the scallop edge punch , piercer and more rubber stamps, if desired, to decorate the strip of cardstock that will wrap around the envelope. Wrap the decorative strip of cardstock around the closed envelope then attach a small piece of Sticky Strip to adhere the ends of the strip together.Wrap the ribbon around the strip of cardstock and tie. Add any extra embellishments !

Thanks for looking !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sting Symphonicity - digital scrapbook page

June 23rd, 2010 , the hottest day of the entire month at well over 100 degrees heat index. There I sat in an amphitheater sweating along with a couple thousand other people enjoying songs by The Police and Sting, performed by Sting and the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. It was his Symphonicity Tour. Other than the extreme heat and the inconsiderate constant chatter or cell phone usage of people nearby, it was a decent evening. It certainly was a different type of concert than one from The Police Reunion Tour I attended in 2007, that was fantastic ! I think what I enjoyed most were the little stories he told in between several of the songs; it's always interesting to hear what inspires someone.

I created this digital scrapbook page, inspired by the layout from the CD cover art (Symphonicities, released today). I used My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! to create the digital scrapbook page. Unfortunately for me, cameras were not allowed so I do not have any of my own photographs to use. I found a couple to use at the review of the concert posted online here

CD cover art inspiration for scrapbook page

Thanks for looking =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Decor Elements on my laptop

I finally broke down and applied a Decor Elements to my old laptop computer! I'd been thinking about it for some time, but didn't really want to decorate it if I was going to buy a new one. I kept going back and forth trying to justify the purchase of a new laptop vs. upgrading the old one. In the end I decided that the old laptop works just fine for no more often than I use it so I would save my money - and apply it so something more useful such as a new kitchen floor !

I've never used a Decor Elements (or any other die cut vinyl home decor piece for that matter), not even seen one in person but have read good reviews. It really was fast and easy to apply.

Be sure to read the instructions completely before starting the application process, don't just assume how to do it.

I will admit I'm not sure how long it will last since the laptop case is slightly textured and it is not recommended for textured surfaces.

This is the laptop before. There was a silver Compaq logo on the front that I could not remove. It is slightly recessed into the case. I decided to color over the silver portion with a black permanent marker so maybe it wouldn't detract from the daisy design as much. I'm not sure how the decor elements will hold up over that recessed portion; I rubbed on it really well and it is sticking for now.

The light blue "tube" is the decor elements on the backing papers. The tan tube is the shipping tube. It is really sturdy so I plan on reusing it for something else. Saving some of the kids' artwork in maybe........

After ! I don't use this computer very often, when I do it is at the local library. I wonder how many stares it will receive ?
Thanks for looking !

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.
- Mary Engelbreit

Friday, July 9, 2010

Photoshop Elements action - reflection

While weeding through digital photographs the past two days I decided to take some time to look into "actions" for Photoshop Elements.

I bought myself the Photoshop Elements 7 program some time ago and just this past year subscribed to I am blown away by all that I am seeing that is possible with this program, I had no idea ! I really need to spend more time working with the program and watching the tutorials. The latest thing I came across after seeing a beautiful reader submitted photo, "actions" that make a reflection of the photograph. Sooooo simple to do once you download the free action from It would be complicated to do the entire process on your own I imagine, but with this "action" all you do is choose your photograph then select the action, it automatically does all the steps for you (there are a few steps that you have the option to customize). What a "Wow!" effect !

I don't have any fantastic scenic photographs like the sample I saw, but I did play with the reflection action on a couple of photographs I took that seemed like they would work with that effect.

I am fired up again to start playing with Photoshop Elements 7 and watch more tutorials at PhotoshopElementsUser =)

Thanks for looking !
"Enjoy the miracle of friendship"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pet Pictures and My Digital Studio

I spent a couple of hours going through digital photographs yesterday, preparing to back them up - and pick out a few to do some digital scrapbooking with using My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! I whipped up this simple single page using one of the predesigned pages, super easy.

While working on the photographs, I munched on a few Dove Milk Chocolates. They are my favorite chocolates, not only because they are so yummy but because they have nice sayings printed inside the wrappers, such as:

"Be the silver lining in another's cloud."

Also, I finally put the instructions up for the Bella Pets Scrapbook Wall Art project I posted in June.

Thanks for looking !

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flower Pot Card

This was my first attempt at a flower pot card. I created this card for my mom for Mother's Day this year. The "pansies" were made with the butterfly punch from Stampin' Up! I punched the butterflies out of Whisper White card stock then water colored them with various colors of Classic ink. The flower pot was made from Creamy Caramel card stock. The insert uses Lovely Lilac and Whisper White card stock as well as Lovely Lilac ink and a stamp image from All Year Cheer. The leaves are punched from Green Galore card stock. All supplies (except the ribbon) are from Stampin' Up!

Complete instructions can be found here
Thanks for looking !

Monday, July 5, 2010

Americana Basket Skirt and Brownies

I used to go to yard sales regularly looking for gently used children's clothing and items. I rarely go to yard sales now that the kids are grown; besides I don't need any more "stuff" no matter how good of a deal it is. I found this woven basket on one of those yard sale trips many years ago. It originally had a handle on it and I put pinecones, etc in it for a Christmas decoration. One of the kids broke the handle on it playing with it, but I didn't throw it away hoping I'd find another way to use it.

We had been invited to an Independence Day boat party the summer following the breaking of the basket incident. I decided to make brownies to take and thought of that red basket. I was able to get one more use out of it by making a "skirt" for it to dress it up a bit and hide the crack on the side.

I guesstimated the width and length of fabric that I needed, making a really long tube out of it. I then stitch a seam along the top to run elastic through sewed the ends together and had a basket skirt !

Above is a photograph of brownies I made in 2008 for our Independence Day celebration. That particular year the Mississippi River was flooding, turning our front field into a pond. We took advantage of the situation by having some friends and family over to watch fireworks over the newly created pond. We had lots of food on hand, one of the favorites were these patriotic brownies! I used my folk heart paper punch to punch out the stars. I cut strips of paper with my paper trimmer. I placed them on the top of the brownies, lightly sprinkled over them with powdered sugar then carefully removed the paper pieces to reveal a "flag" design. Everyone loved them !
Thanks for looking

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July

Whisper White, Brilliant Blue, Real Red card stocks and inks all from Stampin' Up!
God bless America stamp image, retired from Stampin' Up!
Grosgrain ribbon and heart brad from my craft stash
I've seen several versions of this card so I am not sure who the original designer is to give credit to, but thank you for sharing your project whoever you are.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brown Paper Bag Americana Heart

Making "wall hangings" out of brown paper bags was an economical and easy project for the holiday bazaar that I ran at the elementary school years ago. They were cheaper and easier, though not as sturdy, than using wood cut with a scroll saw. This is one of those brown paper bag projects.

Cut out two of the shape you want. Paint and embellish as desired (I used acrylic craft paints). Glue (or sew) along the edges, but leave a small portion open to insert stuffing (or shredded up plastic shopping bags!). Finish gluing or sewing. You can add twine, wire, ribbon, raffia, etc to make a hanger for your item. You may want to sew/glue the ends of ribbon into the seams of the item for a more finished look. I made also small versions of this repurposed paper bag craft to be used as Christmas tree ornaments for the holiday bazaar.

TIP: Dip an old toothbrush lightly into acrylic craft paint then run your thumb along it to splatter the paint onto your project.

Thanks for looking, have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend !

Friday, July 2, 2010

Americana Clay Pots Wind Chime

I made this years ago; now looking at it I think I'd make it three pots long and paint horizontal stripes on the lower two pots (the way it is now, it reminds me of a candystriper jumper or maybe barbershop singer vest). I've made several types of clay pot bells over the years, so many ways to paint them - and they are cheap, too !

I used indoor/outdoor acrylic craft paint on this project. I didn't seal them with anything first, I just painted a couple of coats as needed. The star was stamped with a cut up kitchen sponge dipped lightly into acrylic craft paint. The stripes were hand painted with a paint brush.

After the pots are thoroughly dry, string them together with twine and wooden beads to create the bell / wind chimes.

Thanks for looking !
Have a happy and safe Fourth Of July weekend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Americana Bunny Figurines

Happy July ! I am going to share a few Americana / Patriotic projects the next couple of posts in honor of Independence Day!
The first project are these two adorable Americana bunny figurines I painted. I found them at a yardsale several years ago. They were unpainted and made of a polyresin type of material. They had $10.00 written on the bottom as their original price, but I paid $2.00. I know, I know, die hard yard salers would have haggled on the price, like trying to get them for 25c (they were rather ugly unpainted). I'm not like that. If I go to a yard sale and see something I like, I buy it knowing that it is a fraction of the original cost anyway, why haggle on the price ? Besides, if the person really would have accepted 25c for the set of two bunnies for instance, they would have had them priced for 25c and not $2. Not to offend anyone, I know that haggling is part of the fun for many yard salers. It's just not me.............

Anyway, I bought these two unfinished bunnies and painted them with acrylic craft paint and antiquing medium then coated them with a sealant. I was proud of how they turned out when I completed them in 2001 !
Wishing you a safe and happy Fourth Of July weekend !
Thanks for looking.