Thursday, August 1, 2019

Oui Book Page Bouquet - tutorial

Can you believe it is August,
which means it is back to school time for many.

With that in mind,
I was inspired to create this old book page bouquet
for the current anything crafty goes challenge at
I also repurposed a Oui yogurt jar,
thus the play on the word "wee" in my post title ;)

This is a fairly small arrangement,
just about 6" in height overall.
The roses themselves are about 1" in diameter.

We'd love to see what crafts you've made this month.
Anything goes, so long as it is family friendly.
Post a link to your project at Love To Craft

If you'd like to know more about my project, read on!

The roses are made with pages from an old dictionary.
I should have used thicker book pages
and not so old. They were getting quite brittle.
I managed to make several dozen roses successfully
to create this piece, but it was tricky. 

Using a spiral flower die makes the process
go faster, but you can hand cut simple spirals
with scissors. Simply roll them up then glue them
to a small circle - or cut a circle into the end of your spiral.
You can find oodles of ideas on how to do this online.

To create the faux mercury glass,
you need Looking Glass paint.
It must be sprayed on the inside of the glass container.
Once again, look online for how-to's.
You can simply layer the thin paint and
spritz it with vinegar water solution.
I've done projects this way, but I've also 
added a bit more worn effects details using paint.
I dabbed teeny bits of black glossy paint
as well as a clear varnish inside the jar using
a piece of sea sponge. I then spray painted
light layers of the Looking Glass paint over it.

I didn't have any large head corsage pins 
and there is no place local to buy them.
Rather than ordering some online,
 I decided to try to paint the heads of plastic
straight pins used for sewing. It worked well!
I simply dipped the heads into gold acrylic craft paint
then poked the pins into styrofoam to stay upright while drying.

I stitched a long running stitch along the edge of 
a scrap piece of lace then gathered it to create the ruffle.
It was hot glued into place on the top edge of the jar.

The styrofoam ball is hot glued in place on top of that.
I say hot glue, but I was actually using a low temp melt glue.

Pin or glue the flowers in place on the styrofoam ball.
I used pins only so they could be re-positioned if needed.

The finished size is approximately 6"tall

A closeup of the faux mercury glass jar

Wee book page roses with painted pin head centers.
I also added small squares of tulle pinned in place
scattered among the flowers. 

The rose on the left is made with one die cut spiral.
The rose on the right is made with two spirals.
I used just the single spiral size rose on this project.

That's about all there is to share regarding how I made this project.
It really isn't difficult, just time consuming. 
Aren't most crafts labors of love and time, though ? 

Thanks for looking =)
Have a great day !

This project and post were written much earlier in the year,
well before our area experienced historic flooding.

 We are recovering, slowly but surely getting back to normal.
Although it was a tough go for us trying to save 
what we could of our home and property,
we know we are lucky. Grateful to everyone that helped
and thankful that the flood wall held so damage 
and losses were far less than they could have been. 
We didn't lose everything like so many people did.

I still am not crafting anything, no time or desire.

This will be the last post from me again for a while.