Sunday, February 18, 2018

Exponent Birthday Card

A birthday card I recently made for my nephew who turned 17.

Basic idea was taken from this image that popped up on a google search.

I created the numerical circle and inside greeting with My Memories Suite
on my computer then printed it out.

The circle was cut out then layered under a metal rim tag frame.

It is mounted with pop dots on top of an embosssed numbers background.

Glued to a white card that I printed on the inside.

Thanks for looking =) 

Monday, February 5, 2018


So it was just brought to my attention today that someone on etsy was selling one of my digital images I posted on my blog. Makes me rethink, yet again, my sharing. I've had issues off and on over the years, but this one really burns me because the person took my exact image and was selling it. Simply put white over my "watermark" and added whatever text her customers wanted.  I'll be redoing watermarks on my digital images and making them smaller. I have emailed her and asked that she please remove the listing.  Sigh...........

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Scrappin' Pt 2

I've been hard at it , trying to repair old photo album pages 
(note: hole reinforcements don't work, but thin strips of Gorilla tape are working so far!) 
and redo the photo placements on every page. This involved removing all of the photos, then replacing them leaving spaces for journaling cards.
There were four large albums that needed to be redone.

The above photo shows all of the albums I completed in January
(minus the journaling) ! 
Approximately 6 years worth of photos
of babies and toddlers (not nearly enough photos). 

I started making cute journaling and filler cards 
(those will be shared at a late date as a design team project)
to insert as I was placing the photos.

I soon decided that was taking too much time.
I need to get the photos into albums
so the large wooden storage unit can be removed by May 1st
to make room for my daughter moving back home.
See that row of photo boxes on the top of the storage unit
in the above photo ? They are crammed full of photos
and there are nearly as many stored elsewhere on the unit
in addition to empty albums. 

Her moving back home is just what I needed
to get started on this long put off project ;) 

A couple of just for fun photos today:

I've been hearing dozens and dozens of crows
cawing the past several days nearby, but not within view.
On this particualr day, they were much louder - 
and much closer ! 
There were close to 70 out there
in the field and trees (yes, I counted all the little
black dots I could see on my original size digital photo). 

After taking the above photo I noticed a speck soaring 
high in the sky. Zooming in as best I could before it was out of sight,
and taken through wavy 115+ year old window glass,
I can see what that speck was:

A mature bald eagle ! 
Really neat to see one this close to the house.
They move downriver as it freezes,
so they are not seen here year round . 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Shadow Or Not?

When I wrote the flip flap album post for today, I didn't think about it being groundhog day.
So you have a bonus, just for fun post today !

When it is single digit temperaures outside

you take photos of the paper punch groundhog and whether or not 
it sees it's shadow inside :) 

Yes, most definitely a shadow this year which means
six more weeks of winter (according to the old Pennsylvania Dutch superstition) ! 

Details on how I made the paper punch groundhog here

Flip Flap Album

This is such an old project, 
made years before I started the blog.

I recently came across it again which 
inspired the mini flip flap album
(greeting card sized)
I shared yesterday. 

All supplies used were from Stampin' Up!
Chipboard cover  7 1/2"   x   4 1/2"
Designer paper cut slightly larger to wrap around the edges
Flaps   4" wide   x   3 1/2" tall
Spine   7 1/2" long   x  7 1/4" tall scored every 3/4"

Instructions to something very similar can be found here:

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mini Flip Flap Album

Today I'm sharing a "flip flap" type of mini album
(greeting card sized!)
for the Love To Craft Challenge Blog.

All supplies used came from Stampin' Up! years ago.

The front and back outside covers are  5 1/4"  x  4 1/4"

The inside cover linings are 5 1/4"  x  4"

The red squares are  3 3/4"

The black rectangles are  1"  x 3 3/4"

The spine is  4" wide  x  5 1/4" tall
and scored every 1/4"

To make the pages "flip flap",
be sure to glue one to each side of the
scored mountain folded spine.
All the top pieces on one side,
all the bottom pieces on the opposite.
My sample has the red pieces glued to
the back side of the folds,
the black pieces glued to the fronts.

I didn't make a photo tutorial for this project, but here is a link to something very similar:

You have all month to create and share
any family friendly craft project with us. 

Thanks for looking :) 

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for more inspiring ideas: