Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy (e)Mail Day !

Boy, I sure needed a little pick me up after the past month I've had
and I received that both vial email and the postal service last week :)

Two of my projects were winners late last year and to my surprise, I received prizes from them !

The one in the mail threw me when I saw the Air Mail stamp peeking out from under the stack of bills and junk mail,  wondering who was it from and what was it.  It was two nice little holiday stamps from Christmas Cards All Year Round where my Triple Challenge Christmas Card was randomly chosen as the November winner (no stamping on the card). Awesome, new holiday stamps for card making next season (or throughout the year to be done with the cards since the holidays always seem to sneak up on me).

The other was a nice bundle of digi images from Dee Dee's Digi's,
that was gifted to me from Scrapbook Blessings Club where my "Dad's Truck" scrapbook page
was the random winner last September (anything goes).

Many thanks to the challenges and their sponsors. I look forward to participating in more this year !

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Digital Scrapbook Freebies

There are two great new freebies from My Memories, but you must claim them by January 24th, 2015.

These can be used with other programs such as Photoshop Elements if you download the general files, otherwise they are available for bot Mac and PC in the My Memories form. 
Don't have this fun and easy digital scrapbooking (and so much more) software ? Would you like a discount on your purchase ? Use the code STMMMS23251 at checkout to receive $10 off (plus another surprise or two!). 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wallpaper Card

I made this card today for the House of Cards photo inspirations challenge: 
use the colors and / or texture on your card.
You have until January 31st to share your card with us.

I was unable to get my design team card done in time
for the original posting of the challenge since all of my 
craft supplies were packed up in a box truck,
safe out of harms way due to potential flooding of my house.
I am finally getting nearly everything back in its proper place.

How I made my card:

In packing up then unpacking all of my crafty stuff recently,
I came across an old wallpaper sample book.
I knew I had it, just have never used it.
Since my craft dungeon was still in disarray,
all of my card making things not all easily accessible,
 I decided to make a card with some wallpaper !

I trimmed along the scalloped edge of the border piece
(the printing was off, there was a white border).
I also cut off the opposite edge that sort of looks like ribbon
and reattached it on top of the printed "cord" design.
This made the border piece narrower to fit a card front.

I added some dark brown textured card stock, 
carefully torn to follow the scallops.

Inside the card along the exposed edge I glued in coordinating
marbled wallpaper and another piece of the trimmed off  "ribbon" edge.

The wallpaper has lots of pretty texture and shimmer.

This is a nice, flat mail friendly card. 

Be sure to visit the rest of the design team
(those with the * by their name are new members!):

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Hey Mate digi kit

Greeting card front

12 x 12 scrapbook page

Two projects I created with the fun new 
digital scrapbook kit by JMC Designs.
It is now available in her store at 

I used My Memories Suite software to create these projects.
A super useful new feature in Version 7 
is the ability to crop embellishments !
I cropped the black ric rac
and red ribbon on the card front to fit.

Another neat feature in the software is to insert
photos into png shape files.
The scrap page was made with the 
first January template challenge at
It is called a "dump" challenge and was designed by Jodi from
JMC Designs. She provided us with shapes to use then it was
up to us to design something with them. I imported the shapes
into the My Memories Suite 7 software then added photos to them
(actually the jpg files of her decorative background papers from Hey Mate). 

Hey Mate digital kit contents by JMC Designs

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weather Extremes

What a difference a week makes ! 
We went from major flooding 
to our first accumulating snowfall of the season. 

Mild temperatures with days of heavy rain
that are commonly seen in the Spring 
causing major flooding 
to falling temperatures creating ice on the floodwater
and now the snow today with subzero temperatures
tomorrow - right on time for January in the Midwest!

Note: is is difficult to tell in the photos,
but the water was three feet deep over the surface 
of the road at the deepest point
and was easily over eight feet deep in the field ! 
Too deep for vehicles to drive through, so we used boats.
In fact, our field became the
"road" for locals to boat through.

The above photos are my view from inside the house -
yes, the water was too close !

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

(Empty) Craft Dungeon

Craft dungeon before

Craft dungeon after

Due to the predicted crest of the flood hitting our area,
I decided to rent a box truck and enlisted the help
of a few family members/friends to haul everything out
of my craft dungeon on December 28th, 2015.
I was told by a couple of different "officials" that yes,
the crest would likely fill the basement and that we should
not even try to sandbag due to the amount of work and time
required to do so. We also had to let the basement fill with water
so the walls did not collapse due to hydro static pressure.
We live in a 110 year old two story farm house.
Needless to say, I was very upset when I heard that news. 

An entire 17 foot box truck was filled with all of my crafty things
and some other stuff that was stored in the basement. 
I could not risk losing it all in the flood,
insurance does not cover it. Nothing except
our furnace and water heater are covered in the basement.

I'm happy to say that although it was a lot of work saving
everything , the basement didn't flood as we thought
there was a good chance of. Levees breached which lowered the crest.
It was better to be safe than sorry.

The water got mighty close to the house though, surrounding us.
I'm looking forward to grocery shopping and errands 
(and finally being able to see Star Wars The Force Awakens!!!) 
tomorrow now that the roads are open again.
It will be my first time out and about since December 24th !

Now to finish unpacking the many boxes,
get the craft dungeon back in order.
The above photo shows half of what needs to be put back,
there are lots and lots of storage tubs to be brought in yet.
This is a daunting task, especially since I am the only one
working on it. I know where everything goes, 
the basement/dungeon is my domain, ha ! 

Needless to say,
 I was unable to create a card for my 
House of Cards Challenge design team duties
digital scrapbook pages for my
JMC Designs design team duties this month :(
I've honestly lost my motivation to even make anything
right now. I'm so wiped out from all the stress,
lack of sleep, unpacking yet to do, etc......... 
what a start to the New Year.

I hope that any of you reading this 
has not been affected by the various 
crazy weather events happening across our country.
I know how fortunate we were and 
feel for anyone that has lost anything due to
the flooding, fires, etc. Stay safe out there ! 

Here's to a Happy New Year - after a rough start ;)