Monday, August 30, 2010

Elements For Mom

I finally put ink to new rubber stamps today !

And I had "help" while I was working.........
This was a first for these two cats to be on my work table together.
I can not believe that Kitty (aka Fat Cat) was able to get herself up onto my table!

Ringo has been sleeping down here every day for over a week now. 
I wonder if he is missing Mulligan, too ?  

I have such a stash of cards as it is, so many samples I made for classes, that I don't really need to make any new cards. However, I had good reason to make a brand new creation today: my mothers birthday !
I tried something different, unfortunately it didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. I stamped a scrap piece of fabric with Basic Brown ink then attempted to lightly color the image with markers from Stampin' Up! I just barely swiped the brush end of the marker over the fabric. I used a hot iron as soon as I colored over a section so it would dry it, try to keep the ink from running. I added a little bit of pastles/chalks, too. I know that it is not going to be permanent.

Unraveled the edges of the fabric, a little sewing, distressing of the Marina Mist card stock and sponged on a bit of ink. Quickly swiped vanilla acrylic craft paint on the Pink Pirouette piece after I ran it through the embossing folder. Added some mauve ribbon from my craft stash and made my first ever hat pin with the Pretties kit from Stampin' Up! to finish it off !

Supplies from Stampin' Up! :
Elements of Style and Teahouse stamp sets
Embossing folder
Marina Mist card stock, ink and marker
Basic Brown ink
Pink Pirouette, Certainly Celery, Barely Banana markers
Very Vanilla card stock
Hat pin supplies from the Pretties kit
Stampin' Pastels

Mauve satin ribbon: unknown
Acrylic crafters paint

This is a 5x7 card

Thanks for looking !

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stampin' Up! buttons to the rescue

So it wasn't a real rescue, not even a true emergency.

I bought a sort of olive green t-shirt back in June, a totally new color for me to wear, and had no coordinating accessories. I don't wear jewelry and such anyway..... but I wanted a little something to go with this new t-shirt I planned on wearing to the Sting Symphonicites concert that night. I went to the craft dungeon and stood there thinking then an idea popped into my head: I'll make a quick barrette and maybe a simple bracelet with my new buttons. A snippet of ribbon, a few tiny bits of linen thread, hot glue and three buttons made a quick barrette that matches almost perfectly ! I also made a very simple bracelet by threading some buttons onto several strands of hemp that I twisted together. I tore the bracelet back apart so I could reuse the buttons - I think that I need to add more to the barrette.
I liked that the buttons matched so well, I was able to quickly make the barrette to wear with my hair down. However it was soooooooo unbearably hot that night I ended up pulling my hair into a ponytail. Perhaps I should have made a ponytail holder and added the buttons to that instead !

Thanks for looking =)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fabric Napkin+Clean Empty Jar=Flower Vase

I had this beautiful large bloom on my hydrangea plant I wanted to show off .
I took an old empty glass jar and wrapped it with a fabric napkin that was held in place with a rubber band. It might have been neat to add an old pin to it (don't have any) or a big bow (no ribbon the correct color/width).

Thanks for looking =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

More CD/DVD Envelopes

Since I shared the CD/DVD envelope/mini scrapbook earlier this week I thought I'd share a couple more ideas. They are quite old, just a few I found that I had photographs of. Like so many of my projects, I know I've made more and given them away than I have photos for.

At the time I made these I did not have a pattern, I just fiddled with scrap paper and folding until I came up with an okay pattern. I believe this first one started off as a large circle then I just folded in around the CD that was in a simple lightweight paper sleeve. Inks, card stock and stamp images are from Stampin' Up!, now retired. The purple cardstock and ribbon band slides off.

This second one started as a 12 x 12 square, folded around the CD that was in a plastic case. I cut out the corner portions and trimmed off the remaining edges to make them rounded. Once again, stamp images, inks and organdy ribbon are from Stampin' Up!, now retired.

These are the media envelopes that you can buy at an office supply store. A friend gave me several to play with. This is a card I made for her using the faux linen technique.  Roses In Winter (one of my all time favorite sets!!!!) stamp set from Stampin' Up!   Classic inks and 5/8" organdy ribbon from Stampin' Up! as well.

And these are several of the same type of envelope that I made into Christmas card gifts. One side had a slide out stamped card similar to the anniversary card above, the other side contained a CD of old family photos that my mom scanned. These were gifts to my aunts and uncles. Most stamp images are from Stampin' Up! - and now retired. Decorative papers are from various vendors. Inks are from Stampin' Up!, some now retired. Organdy ribbon from Stampin' Up! (retired), except the blue that was from the dollar store.

There are so many fantastic ideas for creating your own envelopes that can be found online.

Thanks for looking !

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video Game Controller Card

My son really likes video games, hand made cards not so much. Typical teenager, he's more interested in what is inside the card - and I'm not referring to the sentiment ! His older sister is the same, rip open the card to see if there is any cash or a gift card ! Anyway, this is the card I created for his birthday this year. He liked the idea, but informed me "it doesn't look like a real X*** controller because it doesn't have these buttons on it here.........." Geesh !!!!!!!! I imagine this type of card has been done before.

I traced the shape of the controller onto scrap paper to create a pattern.

Cut out and traced the pattern onto Black and White card stocks, cut out.

Raided my paper punch collection to find the right sizes and shapes to punch out the "buttons" for the controller out of various colored card stocks.  1/2" , 3/4", 1" circle punches, horizontal slot punch.

Glue all of the buttons on, added a little detail with markers and pencil, done !
I also used acetate and a green Sharpie marker on the "logo button".

Thanks for looking !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The kitchen is coming along.................

I called the lumber company on Monday to see what the status was on my counter top - it had been nearly a month since I ordered it! Surprise, surprise - it was already in the and nobody bothered to call - grrrr!

So we scrambled Monday to disassemble the current counter, etc then worked all day Tuesday on installing the new one. It looks nice, but I don't like that it shows every little light colored piece of stuff on it !

I also wasn't happy that we had to replace the stainless steel sink, a huge unexpected expense (because of course if I am going to replace it, why put in a cheaper thin sink ?!??). Two trips into town to two different hardware stores for the right sink all supplies, what a long day.............. but in the end it does look nice.

The pictures, as usual, do not look quite right:

Wilsonart HD laminate in River Gemstone
It looks like there is a little bit of blue in it.
The photo also doesn't show the texture on this laminate;
it is supposed to be more "realistic" looking to real granite.

I really liked my Very Berry faux finished walls with the seafoam fabric seat cushions and valances that I made to coordinate with the existing counters and flooring. They just don't work as well with all of the browns now. I think I am going to choose a blue this time. I may just paint it normally, no faux techniques - but add a subtle stencil design to it. Not sure yet............. it's only been a few hours since it has been installed, but I know I will be repainting as well as replacing the curtains, stools. Maybe I better find fabric first, then choose the paint ! Road trip time to a fabric store since there are none around here.

Thanks for looking !

Monday, August 23, 2010

CD/DVD Envelope / Mini Scrapbook

Outside front of finished project

Several years ago I received junk mail that contained a CD. I had no use for it so I planned on recycling the mailer and CD, but then I had an idea...............
I wondered how big it was opened up, could I make my own like that.

Sure enough, I was able to tweak it a tiny bit to make my own version of this mailer out of one piece of 12x12 card stock ! I liked how the project turned out so well that I entered it in a Stampin' up! contest; it did not win.

It is a bit involved and can be somewhat confusing since there are several folds, cuts and flips. What's neat about this folder is that you can make it a sort of mini scrapbook too if you wish by adding photos and other embellishments. Or print out a listing of what is on the CD/DVD then attach it to one of the flaps.

I'd recommend completing the basic folder portion, except for gluing the seam, before you do any stamping or decorating to be sure you are working on the correct sides, facing the proper direction. You may wish to use sticky notes to mark each portion once you have all of your cuts and folds marked so that way you will know as it is laying flat on your work surface which way is "up" and which portions to decorate.

There are two outside areas to decorate if you wish as well as four inside. With all of the fantastic double sided designer papers available today, it would be easier to make one of these, no stamping required.

Score from the left edge of your 12" x 12" card stock at 5 1/2" and again at 11". Do the same from the top edge down. These score lines will be your guides for cutting and folding.

The curved area where the CD/DVD is inserted is optional. If you don't have a circle or oval cutter, trace around a can, plastic container, etc then cut out with a pair of scissors.

Ribbon can be simply wrapped around and tied in a bow or if you wish to have it permanently attached, glue the ends into the "spine" of the envelope when you are sealing it together. You can also attach an eyelet in the little front flap to run ribbon through. Another idea, attach a brad to the front and another brad to the flap then wrap string around them to close them like one of those office supply envelopes.

Below are a few photographs to help show the project. Unfortunately I tried to make diagrams and realized they were backwards ! I posted this project with instructions and a diagram to in 2004 - and was surprised that I could still find them there !


Inside of
CD/DVD envelope
Decorate each of these four areas however you'd like, add photos or a menu of what is on the disc, etc.

The numbers on the above photographs correspond to the numbers on the photograph below. This is to try to help illustrate how the top portion is "flipped" so you need to be sure your images are stamped upside down to be right side up once assembled.

                                                            Inside of the envelope


                                                Outside of the envelope

The flap that is glued to the opposite portion to create the envelope isn't showing well in the finished project photo since it is already folded over.

All stamps, ink and card stock used on the above project were from Stampin' Up!

Thanks for looking !

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pets, the craft dungeon and missing my buddy

Mulligan sleeping in the sunshine early one morning when I went to work in the craft dungeon. He would find the craziest places/positions to sleep sometimes - almost always right in the middle of what I was working on - or reading. Every single time I opened up a newspaper, if he was within ear shot, he'd come running and plop himself down on top of the paper !

Mulligan looking out the craft dungeon window. He was the only cat that did this at times. I don't think he could see much since I painted the windows with Gallery Glass, giving them a sort of frosted look to try to obscure the view inside somewhat. But you know how cats are curious and this was someplace new to sit, look outside.

Mulligan peering in the craft dungeon window at me. He did this all the time, either saying "Hey, let me in NOW!" or as I liked to think, just checking in on me to say "Hi".

Kitty has never done this, I've only seen Ringo do it once in this particular window.

It felt weird stamping a card the other day and not having Mulligan buddy "help" - or would that be distract me by being determined to make me stop what I was doing so I would pet him? And getting cat hairs on my projects. He would snag me nearly every time I walked by him, "Hey, I'm down here, scratch behind my ears..." It's the first time I've worked on anything in quite some time as it is, but harder right now knowing my buddy won't be down there napping on my table or peering in at me from outside. Then to have thunderstorms Friday night, just like last Friday night the 13th, his last night here with me..... sniffle......

Anyhow, I have two other cats and a dog. They each are my buddy in their own way, on their own terms.

Cassie dog used to come down to the craft dungeon with me every time I'd go down there. In part just to be where I was, but also I think because she liked the cold cement basement floor. As she's gotten older it's become more difficult for her to make it down the stairs so she doesn't come down there with me any more. I do miss her hanging out, but I don't miss tripping over her if she's moved and I didn't know it. Sometimes she'll lay at the top of the stairs waiting for me to come back up. Kind of funny, many times she'll park herself at the top of the stairs even if I just run down to swap out a load of laundry.

Occasionally Kitty, the 11 year old cat, and Ringo, the 4 year old cat, will come down to the basement. In fact, one of the last photographs I have of Mulligan was taken a few weeks ago when both he and Ringo followed me downstairs during a storm. I couldn't believe that the two of them sat so closely. It's not that they didn't get along, they just weren't real cozy with each other. They did like to wrestle together at times, just like human brothers would.

Kitty normally just wanders around the basement being curious if she goes down there, as she has this past week while I've been decluttering the back half. She doesn't get up on my table. She has taken to sleeping on the floor right next to the computer desk, odd for her.

Ringo on the other hand peered at me through the window the other night then came down to hang out with me while I was making that card. He demanded attention, then took a little nap on the table. I am not sure if he is missing Mulligan, was maybe looking for him, waiting for him to show up or if he is moving into Mulligan's spot. Ringo has always been a loverboy, just the sweetest cat when he comes inside (he prefers to be outdoors mousing or napping in the barn). He even loves on Cassie dog, which she does not like and will move away from him when he tries to rub up on her.

I'm happy I still have other pets and that I made it to the craft dungeon to make something, but it still hurts.

Thanks for reading !

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Caramel Apple Tin and a Card

I loved embellishing these little dollar store tins in so many different ways !
This is another old project, one I shared with a group of ladies several years ago.

All supplies are from Stampin' Up!, many of which are now retired:

Real Red, Kraft, Chocolate Chip, Garden Green, Naturals Cream card stock
Decorative paper
Real Red, Chocolate Chip, Garden Green, Summer Sun, More Mustard classic inks
Bleach for the apple cut out on the caramel apple tin note card. I had hoped it would bleach out to a rusty color. You can safely use bleach on your stamps, but be sure to clean them right away! Using bleach as your "ink" on colored card stock creates a unique look. Each color of card stock bleaches differently, so you may want to experiment on a scrap first. I use a piece of white felt or wadded up paper towel dampened with bleach on an old plastic lid as my "stamp pad".
Bud Basics, Flannel Plaid, Happy Everything stamp sets
Round Tab Punch to create the apple core. Punch one out of white and another out of red. Lightly sponge Creamy Caramel ink on the edges of the white piece to create that discoloration apple cores seem to get =) Cut the top and bottom off the red piece and glue to the white piece to create the red peel on the top and bottom of the core. You may wish to stamp speckles of darker red ink or bleach on the red pieces before adhering to create those spots many apple peels have. Cut a little snippet of Chocolate Chip card stock then glue to the back to create the stem. Stamp seeds with a trimmed eraser or small rubber scrap if you do not have any stamps that would work.
Chocolate Chip grosgrain ribbon and button for the card

Distressing tool or carefully use the edge of scissors to ruff up the edges of the card stock

The card is called a triangle tri-fold card. Instructions can be found here.

Fill the completed tin with paper shred, an apple, caramels and stick. Wrap in a cellophane bag, tie with raffia and attach the small note card tag. Makes a cute gift for welcoming teachers back to school !

Thanks for looking !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day Of School

It seems like it was only yesterday they were entering Kindergarten............

All card stock, inks and stamps (most of which are now retired) used on these two projects were from Stampin' Up!

The faux chalkboard was created in a similar same way to my pie safe card/recipe book.

I made 27 of the Kindergarten scrapbook pages to give as gifts to the students/families. The teacher made the time to allow each child to write their name on the scrapbook page with a white crayon. I copied that scrapbook page idea from an old Stampin' Up! Catalog. I wonder how many of those families still have the scrapbook page ?

Thanks for looking !

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kountry Kitty Kat

Sigh..... missing my Mulligan buddy......

Today I'm posting a cat creation I made several years ago.
The pattern was found, I think, in a Country Handcrafts magazine.
I made several of these country cuties to donate to the school holiday bazaar.
They were easy and fairly inexpensive to make.

Thanks for looking !

Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Memory Of Mulligan

It's been a sad, sad weekend here, my buddy Mulligan cat passed away unexpectedly.

I do not know the exact cause since he had been fine, showed no signs of illness, until I applied Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick Drops. He started seeming out of sorts the evening I applied them and was gone within 36 hours.

There were no external signs of trauma.

I was absolutely shocked, just could not believe it. I still am...........

I was curious about the flea drops (a brand I had not bought before) so I looked online and was horrified to see so many references to products by Hartz being injurious, even deadly, to pets !

I'll never know for sure if that is what caused his untimely death, I am sick with guilt thinking it could even be possible that I caused it by applying something I assumed was safe.

I want to let other people know what I only just found out about these EPA approved pesticides and the harm they can cause to your beloved pets in hopes of saving the life of another. Please see the web sites below:
YouTube - Dangerous Pet Products?

You can do a search and find more web sites regarding this.

Should you use these products, be certain to follow the guidelines and read the disclaimers thoroughly. I've read, now that it is too late, that if you use these products and notice any reactions, bathe the animal in Dawn dish detergent with lots of clean water and contact your veterinarian immediately.

I am missing him terribly right now as he would normally be sitting in my lap as I work on the computer, proofreading for me.....sniffle. And today throughout the day I couldn't help but look for him to give him a head scratch as I walked by his favorite table to nap on. I also missed his MEOW! to let me know the food bowls were nearly empty this evening. He didn't like it when they were half empty and he let me know it . Sigh.....................

3 months old
He was a rescue cat. I adopted him from a litter that a stray in the neighborhood had. I also found homes for the remaining kittens.

He was named Mulligan after the cat in a childrens book we had,

Hanging out in the craft dungeon, he loved to go down there with me and try to "help" - or was it get in my way so he'd get more attention ?
He would go to my craft room window and sit in the sill peering in at me to let me know he wanted inside. He also liked to climb up on the bookcase in front of the window inside to look outside - not that he could see much through the Gallery Glass painted windows.

Like most cats he would find strange places to sleep, always on the lookout for empty baskets, boxes or in this case a stack of empty picture frames sitting on my craft table!

                       "Hey, what's that ? Ohhhh, you have a new camera !"

We were both checking out my new birthday/Christmas gift to myself last year.

Rest In Peace, dear Mulligan cat.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cute Pink Shoes, Repurposed Bag and a Trophy =)

My son and I participated in a just for fun Youth/Adult bowling league this past summer - and we finished in second place for our division! Surprising news to us !

The repurposed bag was a brand new bag that I found at a neighborhood wide yardsale for $2 last summer. I actually left it there since it had another company logo debossed into the front of it. On the way back to my car I stopped at that sale again to see if it was still there because as I was walking to other sales, an idea came to me: maybe I could cover the logo up. It was still there so I bought it . I immediately went to rummaging through my stash in the craft dungeon when I got home and decided that I could indeed cover it up.

I used a piece of Hodge Podge Hardware, two rhinestone brads, two snippets of polka dot grosgrain ribbon, printed out the Stampin' Up! logo onto cardstock that I then covered with Crystal Effects to make it look like an enamel label. I punched two holes into the bag with my Cropadile, pushed the brads through, finished with a dab of E6000 glue to the brad tabs to make sure they wouldn't come undone . I never used the bag for anything until this year - it was the perfect size for my cute pink and white bowling shoes !

Thanks for looking !

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pick A Petal Snowmen Cards

I LOVE how this card turned out - 
and wish I had taken more photos of it so you could see it!

 The snowman is the front flap of the card that opens. It is a long skinny card that fits a business size envelope. It was entered in a contest for Demonstrators years ago, it did not win.

As soon as I saw the Pick A Petal stamp set from Stampin' Up! I just knew I had to make a snowman with it =) I created the three cards above right away, then after a little more  playing around I came up with the tall snowman cutout card I shared first that was submitted to a contest. There are no patterns, all snowmen were hand drawn and cut out with scissors. I've made several variations of snowmen and numerous snowmen projects with this stamp set, I don't know that I ever made a flower with it !
Bashful Blue and Whisper White card stock, Basic Black and Pumpkin Pie classic inks, white embossing powder, fabric / ribbon scraps.

Thanks for looking !

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mason Jar Lid Ornament

It's still unberably hot and humid here, so I am sharing another "cool" project.

Here is an idea for reusing old mason jar lid rings:
create an ornament !

Add photographs, stamped images, magazine cut outs, fabric and so on to create one of a kind ornaments.

For this particular ornament, I created a snowman face stamp from rubber scraps. Stampin' Up! used to sell stamp sets uncut, that is we had to cut out each piece from one sheet of rubber images. It wasn't a big deal, using a good sharp pair of scissors made it easy. Plus, by cutting them out on our own, we could get as close to the image as we felt comfortable, limiting the amount of extra rubber around the edge of the image meant there was less chance of getting ink on portions we didn't intend to.

Project  Supplies:

White spray paint (or brush on acrylic paints and sealer) to repaint the ring.

Rubber scraps cut and mounted to old Jenga game pieces for the snowman face.

White posterboard (sturdier than cardstock, but you could use cardstock then back it with chipboard, etc to make it more sturdy) to cover with clear drying liquid glue and Dazzling Diamonds glitter.

Acetate/transparency/window sheet or repurpose a clear plastic packaging for stamping the snowman face on with Stazon inks.

Ribbon, fabric, raffia, etc to wrap around the ring and create a loop for hanging.

This creation of mine was difficult to photograph due to the bright sunshine and glitter. It was very sparkly in real life !

Thanks for looking !

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cold Play Mason Jar Wrap

Another mason jar idea (a few others are posted here and here)
Easy to do for so many occasions !

I used card stock, inks, stamp sets, punches and organdy ribbon from Stampin' Up! to create this mason jar "wrap".

Night of Navy cardstock stamped with Whisper White Craft ink.
Whisper White cardstock torn for snow drifts. Add liqud glue and Dazzling Diamonds Glitter along the torn edges for sparkle.
Whisper White cardstock stamped and punched with various classic inks.
Cold Play and Season Of Joy (?) stamp sets from Stampin' Up! .

Thanks for looking !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Snowman Mason Jar

It's sooooooo hot out again with no relief in sight anytime soon. I admit it, summer is my least favorite season. I do like winter - except for the short days. I love snow, always have ! I know, I'm strange. I thought I'd share a few snowmen ideas over the next few days to try to get our minds off of the heat =)

Today I'm posting a mason jar idea I was going to share in a few months. I may as well share it now . It may inspire you to work on something for the holidays, it's not too early to start those holiday gift giving projects !

The idea for this mason jar project came from a similar idea I saw in an old craft book.


clean mason jar and lid

white spray paint

styrofoam ball

snow texture medium

Sculpey for the nose

black fun foam or buttons for the eyes (and mouth if you wish)

black acrylic paint and paintbrush for mouth

ribbon, fabric scraps

your choice of heavy duty adhesive

Spray paint the mason jar lid white, let dry.

Trim a little off of the styrofoam ball to make it sit flat on the mason jar lid.

Cover ball with snow medium, let dry well.

Create a nose from Sculpey, twisted orange pipe cleaners, wood dowel or pencil.

Cut eyes from fun foam or use buttons, beads.

Adhere head to top of lid. Glue on the nose and eyes with a heavy duty adhesive. Wrap neck with ribbon or fabric.

Paint on mouth or adhere pieces of fun foam, buttons, beads.

Create a hat from fabric scrap or old sock if you'd like. I had a hat for this snowman project, but it wasn't on when I took the photo, I'm such a doofus sometimes!

The card was made using Whisper White and Real Red card stock from Stampin' Up!, Real Red classic ink, Cuttlebug embossing folder and ribbon scrap. The greeting is from a retired Stampin' Up! set, I don't remember exactly which one I used.

Other ideas for reusing mason jars were posted previously here.

Thanks for looking !

Monday, August 9, 2010

Drag Race Photos

I took my camera to the drag races Saturday night but was unable to take many decent photographs for various reasons - mainly people getting in the way ! I really need to take the time to play with my camera more to learn how it works; I also need to learn how to really use my Photoshop Elements program. I recently subscribed to a magazine/website for users and am WOWed by all that I have seen so far this program is capable of.

This is probably my best shot

 "posterized" in Photoshop Elements.

This might have been a decent shot of a classic Ford vs. Chevrolet race, both cars pulling their front wheels . . . . .

 1/8th mile just under 4 seconds at slightly over 206 MPH !

Monster truck Bigfoot running the 1/8th mile

Jet car

Thanks for looking !