Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Repurposing Jars

I enjoyed finding uses for jars (any reusable container really) for the holiday bazaar ! I decorated them so many ways and used them for different things. I do not have many photographs of my projects since I made them years ago before I had a digital camera or thought of photographing them to archive my past projects.

Empty food containers, new mason jars or sometimes finds from yard sales, even baby food jars were all used for many varied projects. The best sellers involved food items for a mans gift; I always had difficulty making things for men.

Below are a few projects I do have photos of.

Painted Jars - I used indoor/outdoor acrylic craft paints, following the manufacturers directions. The country star jar (painted, stamped, antiqued, baked according to the paint manufacturers instructions) and bases of the lamp jars are painted. I've painted them like flags, jack o'lanterns, snowmen and more.

The lighthouse jar is also painted, baked according to the paint manufacturers instructionsand then decoupaged with a stamped image. I stamped tissue paper with permanent black ink, trimmed around the image, adhered it then sealed.

Another fairly inexpensive thing to make, although not really the most useful but could be a neat decorative item: a basic lamp. I bought battery operated window candle lights and shades that are easy to find during the holiday season at dollar stores. Two dollars for the lamp supplies, a couple of batteries, foam core cut to fit the mouth of the jar to hold the candle in place, decorate the base of the jar (paint, fabric, decoupage, etc). I stamped and adhered cardstock to the storebought lampshades on some of them to make them "masculine'.

If you have the proper drill and bit, you could drill into a jar to run a lamp kit through it; fill with any sort small collection of items such as buttons, naturals, little toys for a fun lamp ( I never made true lamps for the bazaar since all items were sold for less than $5, preferably $1-$2).

I also used faux stained glass paints on jars for a neat effect. The glowing star jar below is an example of one style I made using rubber stamps to heat emboss the star image first followed by stippling on clear stain glass paint to mimic etched glass.

No photographs of my other projects, some of which I remember are: cookie/brownie/soup mix/snack mix in a jar (the jar was left clear but I wrapped the lid in fabric, ribbon, cute recipe tag); votive holder (similar to the painted star jar but left clear and filled with potpourri, votive candle cup in the top and wrapped ribbon around the neck); wrapped with fabric, tied with ribbon to be used as a vase for cheap "silk" flowers from the dollar store; utensil holder with wooden utensils; peppermints in a small jar that was painted with "candy cane seeds"; bird seed; candies bought on clearance after Halloween to fill the jars with, decorate the lids with a theme; Teacher's Survival Kit; emergency sewing kit; painted and filled with dog treats; baby food jars for gel air fresheners, candles, bath salts, etc. I have a few other creations that were holiday related, maybe if I can keep this blog project going until the winter season I will share them then ;)

Not to mention the many uses for old jars in your home: holder for all sorts of things like paint brushes, ribbon scraps, etc in a craft space; vase; container for cotton swabs, etc; larger containers to be decorated and used for dry food storage; catch all by the washing machine; candle holder to light the walkway or hang from a tree outdoors; base to a centerpiece for any occasion; fill with a collection of items and line a few up for a decoration; fill it up with loose change; make a mini herb garden in a windowsill; storage of nuts, bolts, etc in a garage (TIP: attach the screw top lids to the underside of a shelf, then screw on the jar freeing up workbench space) ............... The list goes on and on.......

Thanks for looking !

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  1. Those are really neat, I love the last one, it looks great lit up!


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