Friday, July 23, 2010

Eeeek! to Wow !

After posting the mushroom container redo yesterday, I thought I'd share over the next few days more items I've repurposed. I have "recycled" various items over the years, most of which were donated to the elementary school holiday bazaar that I ran for many years. This was before I owned a digital camera or even thought about archiving my projects so most things I do not have photos of to share and many of those that I do are several years old.
Nonetheless, they might inspire someone =)

Not only did I try to find new life in items destined for the trash, I also liked to buy dollar items to redo. One of my favorite things to do for the bazaar was to find dollar items on clearance for 50C, once or twice I even found some things for 25c ! I knew no matter how ugly (or in the case of todays post creepy/scary) an item was, I could change it into something more appealing. Being an at home mom and lover of all things crafty, I would work year round on shopping and redoing or crafting from scratch items for the bazaar. I miss those days.................... sigh.......

I found this notepad in the dollar bin at a local store for 50c. I normally would never, ever buy something with a spider on it and still am surprised I even bought it to redo, eeeeek!

There are easier ways to recover a notepad, such as wrapping it in decorative papers, but this particular pad was a fun experiment.

I first lightly sanded the cover the remove some of the gloss finish. I then gave it a couple of coats of gesso.

Once dry, I layered on acrylic craft paints, slightly darker at the bottom. I finished with stamping two different background stamps from Stampin' Up! : French Script and Harlequin, both retired. A quick spray of sealant and the background was done.

The top stamped piece was created from layers of card stock from Stampin' Up! The image is from the retired Stampin' Up! set More Petal Prints.

The "M" medallion was created from a small circle of Sculpey that I stamped with the "M" from the Alphadots stamp set, retired Stampin' Up! then painted with acrylic craft paints. Bake according to manufacturers instructions, adhere with hot glue then attach to the stamped card stock piece. Wrap ribbon around the stamped piece then adhere to the cover with super sticky glue/adhesive. Lastly, knot pieces of ribbon on the spirals and Wow!, I think it turned out pretty nice !

Before: Eeeek !

After : Wow !

Below is another set I did in a similar manner:

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Wow, big improvement! I don't know how you think of these things - you've got mad skillz, woman!


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