Thursday, July 1, 2010

Americana Bunny Figurines

Happy July ! I am going to share a few Americana / Patriotic projects the next couple of posts in honor of Independence Day!
The first project are these two adorable Americana bunny figurines I painted. I found them at a yardsale several years ago. They were unpainted and made of a polyresin type of material. They had $10.00 written on the bottom as their original price, but I paid $2.00. I know, I know, die hard yard salers would have haggled on the price, like trying to get them for 25c (they were rather ugly unpainted). I'm not like that. If I go to a yard sale and see something I like, I buy it knowing that it is a fraction of the original cost anyway, why haggle on the price ? Besides, if the person really would have accepted 25c for the set of two bunnies for instance, they would have had them priced for 25c and not $2. Not to offend anyone, I know that haggling is part of the fun for many yard salers. It's just not me.............

Anyway, I bought these two unfinished bunnies and painted them with acrylic craft paint and antiquing medium then coated them with a sealant. I was proud of how they turned out when I completed them in 2001 !
Wishing you a safe and happy Fourth Of July weekend !
Thanks for looking.

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