Sunday, October 3, 2010

Various Items from the craft booth

This is the last of the posts showing items from the booth I had at a festival recently. To see other items, look at posts from the last two weeks. They start with "The Crafting Frenzy Begins" post.

Below are several additional items that were in the booth, almost all of which were class samples or leftovers that I made into finished items to try to sell that day. Each was priced at $1, the last hour of the day I marked them down to 50c and sold a few. It was not a very good day............

Stamped glasses with matching stamped cellophane bag and tag, there were three leftover from a booth I had years ago. They'd make great votives with one of the battery operated tea lights. Also a fun way to present hot cocoa, favortie candies, etc.  I sold them for 50c each as I was packing up to leave.

Country fabric angel ornaments - hand painted wood discs, fabric bodies, tea stained fabric wings (the wings were premade, I tea stained them) . I sold four of them for 50c each.

Painted wood ornaments, were $1, sold for 50c
They were unfinished basic snowflake shaped wood peices bought for 97c originally. I added the wood disk that I painted the snowman face on and painted the base snowflake.
Yes, I was practically giving things away. I didn't want leftovers. Thank goodness there was no booth fee at this event ! 

Jingle Bell snowmen - the bells were in a package from the dollar store. I painted large wooden beads for the heads, ran cording through them to create hangers. The hats and scarves were made from a fleece blanket. That is the cheapest way to buy basic fleece for crafting, especially if you can find blankets on sale ! I stamped the scarves with the little snowflake from the Snow Swirled set by Stampin' Up!, using white craft ink (this photo was taken before I stamped them) . I had them priced at $1, none sold - not even when I marked them down to 50c the last hour I was there. I guess there were no snowman lovers at that festival, after all nothing that had snow themes (other than the glasses) sold from my booth !

And of course I am once again having issues with uploading photos, geesh... here are the remaining items I had in the booth, no photos though.

Mini tin pails, 4 - none sold; they were the MnM pails and hydrangea pail that I have posted elsewhere on my blog

Stamped tiles wrapped with ribbon, 6 - various themes, but the two I did sell for $1 each were stamped with Roses In Winter and Wonderful Wings using Stazon ink. I have 4 leftover.

Stamped candle packaged with a matching gift card in a cellophane bag with ribbon shred; Roses In Winter stamped in Rose Red, Always Artichoke on a white candle - did not sell

Mini gift bags with Snowmen or Santa Claus on them (Holiday Woodcuts) -  none sold , there were 12 total

Full sized gift bags with matching cards in a vellum sleeve on the front, Christmas themed, 3- none sold

Cards, cards, cards !!!!!!!!!! - I sold 11 to one sweet elderly lady, 5 to another vendor and no more beyond those. Those few I sold went for $1 each. Unless someone is a stamper and realizes the time and effort involved, no one seemed to appreciate them. Then those that do stamp/craft liked looking at them for ideas, were not interested in purchasing them.

LOTS and lots of class samples that were priced 50c each - I parted with 5 things, the rest are back home and in a storage tub again for the time being. I sold two of them to a young girl that makes jewelry, she wanted to use the ideas to make her own boxes for her jewelry.

Thanks for looking =)


  1. Heather,

    Beautiful snowflake glasses. They could be used for quite a few things.

  2. Heather, you have such great creative ideas. Keep up the good work!

  3. Your items are wonderful, the crowd was not in a buying mood. I'm sure some are regretting it already.

  4. Sorry your craft fair didn't go to well. your items are beautiful. I have had mixed luck with craft fairs. One I sold over $250 then the next, I sold one 50 cent item. Now following from Stampin' Connection.


  5. Sorry that the craft fair didn't go well. The etched glasses could be used for so many things and the other ornaments are very cute. Thank you for the kind words that you left on my blog


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