Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun Face Snowmen Craft Projects

I enjoyed using the Fun Faces stamp set (retired) from Stampin' Up! to create various snowmen projects.

The little guy on the left is a baby food jar turned into candle.

The middle snowman is made from brown paper grocery sack.

The large blue snowguy jar on the right is a mason jar turned into tea light candle holder.

Both jars were cleaned well then wiped with vinegar before being painted with a couple of coats of Indoor / Outdoor acrylic craft paint. Heat set according to manufacturers directions before adding any of the embellishments.

The paper sack hanging snowman is simply made out of a brown grocery bag. Cut two shapes that you want (I've done this project with so many shapes over the years, cheap and easy), paint with acrylic craft paint, crumple, brush on antiquing (watered down brown craft paint randomly brushed on then wiped off works well), set aside to dry.

Make a hanger out of wire, twine, ribbon, etc . I used craft wire that I wrapped a protion of around a pencil to make twists in it.

Find two small twigs or use pipe cleaners for arms.

Hot glue the ends of the twigs and hanger to the inside of one side of the snowman. Carefully hot glue along the two inside edges of the snowman (or you could use a sewing machine, but be careful when you get to the twigs, wire) to seal it shut - BUT LEAVE AN OPENING !

Use a pencil, crochet hook, dowel rod, etc to lightly stuff the snowman through the opening you left. You can use polyfil, shredded up plastic bags, crumpled up tissue paper to give him a little "plump".

Once you are satisfied with the stuffing job, finish gluing or sewing him shut.

Embellish as desired , hang and enjoy !

Thanks for looking =)

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