Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Lorax/Vintage Tshirts

*Ooops ! I meant to post this last Friday!*

I loved The Lorax story / movie as a kid and 
found this shirt in 1994.

I'd been taking advantage of the mild weather recently, working on reorganizing our attic and cleaning some stuff out.

It must be sunny and around 60 degrees or so to work in the attic. If it is too cold, the cold air falls down (as the heat rises), making the rest of the house cold. If it is too hot, it is like an oven up there. Even pleasantly warm outside it gets too hot up there with the heat rising, sun beating on the roof. It needs to be sunny so I have light entering the two windows since there is no electricity/lights otherwise. So the recent 60ish degree, sunny days have been perfect to start tackling that long put off chore.

I'd LOVE to finish the attic off into usable space (my new craft area, get out of the dungeon basement!), but it would take so much money and engineering to do. There is only a ladder up through a hole in the ceiling to get up to that awesome space, so if it were even possible to put in a real stair case I imagine it would be super expensive.

Currently it is a catch all storage area, perfect because no one ever sees the junk up there. Old school papers/projects, some mementos, die cast car and ball cap collections, the old car models I put together, so on. Oh, and zillions of ladybugs that overwinter in the attic !

I also have some old clothing stored up there that I had no intentions of getting rid of. Some of them are a few of my old tshirts that I thought perhaps, one day, the kids may want.

I tossed a few of them down and both kids wanted The Lorax tshirt (from 1994) and my well worn vintage ZZ Top Afterburner Tour shirt, circa 1986. 

My daughter wore the ZZ shirt to work last week, but before she did she listened to some of their music to get familiar with them in case anyone asked ! My son plans on wearing The Lorax this week since the new movie ("We have to go see it!") came out in theaters. 

Yes, I am a sentimental old pack rat. . . . I'm really not that bad, I certainly could have saved many more things with the amount of out of sight space up there in the old attic!


  1. This post just made me smile! I am so sentimental about some of the silliest things! I have several shirts that are in a box from my younger years that I just can't get rid of! And we won't even start discussing my pictures and various memorabilia...
    How fun that your kids are enjoying these as well! My girls love wearing my old clothes. Funny, how all of this is popular again!

  2. LOL, I can't believe you have a shirt that old and still in wearable condition! And it's funny T had to bone up on ZZ Top before wearing it! :D


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