Friday, June 29, 2012

Mailing A Smile

Aren't these the most adorable postage stamps ever ??!?

I had to make a stop by the Post Office to
mail out my patriotic cards. 
I didn't really need new stamps just yet, 
but could not resist buying these and using them already =)

I've always tried to buy fun, different postage stamps.
I keep one for myself to add to my "collection",
you never know, they may be worth something someday (right.......).
I used to think it would be neat if I could make money off of them
then use the money to take a trip to visit my pen pal !

I started "collecting" postage stamps when I was in fourth grade
after a presentation from a postal worker/stamp collector.
None of mine are worth anything except
 to look at the little pieces of art that they are.  
There are some I bought through those 
"grab bag" offers you see advertised
that come from all over the world,
but most of my stamps are what came in the mail to me
from a long time pen pal.
I also saved stamps from my parents mail way back when
and remember my grandmother saving some of their stamps for me.

To this day I always save new to me stamps 
and am thrilled to see a different stamp on an envelope.
Sadly, nowadays it it mostly junk mail with those 
presorted stamps or bulk mail images.
When I do get a piece of real mail with a neat stamp,
I immediately cut it off and put it in my little stamp collection drawer.
At the end of the year I empty it, maybe a dozen or so new
 stamps to be put in my old collection box.
Most of them have never been mounted.
Sounds like another good project to add to my to-do list 
of things to stay indoors, keeping cool projects this summer.

Funny, I collected postage stamps
as a child and now as an adult
I have a rubber art stamp collection =)

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  1. I just bought these the other day as well! Great minds! Had to smile at the little twist to your collecting!


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