Monday, January 6, 2014

Polar Vortex !

NEGATIVE   -9.6 degrees Fahrenheit at 7:26 AM

The forecast on the news last night

About 10" of wind driven, dry snow

I wanted to walk out to check for the newspaper
(I doubted we had one; there was not)
and could not resist taking the camera along,
snapping some photos despite the sub zero temperatures.

I was crazy for going outside to take photos at 8 AM-
it was -30 degrees wind chill !!!!!!!!
Took me HOURS to get totally warmed back up despite being 
bundled up and outside for only 15 minutes. 

Even Kitty is COLD, sleeping on the register vent, poor old girl ! 

Hyla going crazy bird watching.

HORRIBLE photo, the lens was fogged up:
two robins !

Yum, homemade chicken noodle soup
(wish I had home made noodles in it, too..............).

After lunch, I am working on my fabric project finally !!!!!!
I'll share it tomorrow (if it turns out okay).
Hint: it will come in handy for reheating the soup.

Thanks for looking =) 


  1. Awesome photos! We didn't have as much snow but it was minus 6 this morning when I left the house at 6:30

  2. Brrr!! It has been pretty chilly here too, but a lot less snow. Thankfully, tomorrow will be a bit warmer.


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