Saturday, February 3, 2018

Scrappin' Pt 2

I've been hard at it , trying to repair old photo album pages 
(note: hole reinforcements don't work, but thin strips of Gorilla tape are working so far!) 
and redo the photo placements on every page. This involved removing all of the photos, then replacing them leaving spaces for journaling cards.
There were four large albums that needed to be redone.

The above photo shows all of the albums I completed in January
(minus the journaling) ! 
Approximately 6 years worth of photos
of babies and toddlers (not nearly enough photos). 

I started making cute journaling and filler cards 
(those will be shared at a late date as a design team project)
to insert as I was placing the photos.

I soon decided that was taking too much time.
I need to get the photos into albums
so the large wooden storage unit can be removed by May 1st
to make room for my daughter moving back home.
See that row of photo boxes on the top of the storage unit
in the above photo ? They are crammed full of photos
and there are nearly as many stored elsewhere on the unit
in addition to empty albums. 

Her moving back home is just what I needed
to get started on this long put off project ;) 

A couple of just for fun photos today:

I've been hearing dozens and dozens of crows
cawing the past several days nearby, but not within view.
On this particualr day, they were much louder - 
and much closer ! 
There were close to 70 out there
in the field and trees (yes, I counted all the little
black dots I could see on my original size digital photo). 

After taking the above photo I noticed a speck soaring 
high in the sky. Zooming in as best I could before it was out of sight,
and taken through wavy 115+ year old window glass,
I can see what that speck was:

A mature bald eagle ! 
Really neat to see one this close to the house.
They move downriver as it freezes,
so they are not seen here year round . 


  1. During our move, I rediscovered several old albums and boxes of older photos that really need to be rehomed... Not sure when I'm going to tackle that project! Good luck with yours!!

  2. Wow the eagle pic how awesome! Good work done so far you go girl!


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