Friday, June 15, 2018

Chest of Drawers Now Bookshelves

This started out as a chest of drawers from the early 1990's.
It is solid wood and had a reddish color stain with brass hardware.

Here is an old photo of it since  I didn't get any
before or during the process pictures:

It was part of a complete bedroom set we bought back then,
you know the style that had "etched" mirrors with big chunky 
decorative shelves built in around the headboard and mirror.
I passed it on to my daughter over a dozen years ago. 
She's decided that she won't be using it any longer
despite still liking it, having grown up using it.
Rather than donate the entire set, I kept the chest of drawers
to refurbish into a small book case to store scrapbooks ! 
If I had the room to keep it, I would have done something similar 
to the dresser base. Despite them being "dated" and out of style
(or maybe they are coming back in style ?), I was surprised
that the massive headboard and hutch mirror were taken so quickly
by other people ! Perhaps they were going to refurbish/repurpose them.

Basic how-to (sorry, no photographs):

Four drawers were removed.

It was sanded, spray painted matte gray then
brush painted with white "chalk" paint.

Two shelves were made from white laminate boards.
I wanted to use them rather than paint actual wood,
I thought it would be better for scrapbooks to sit on. 

I considered lining the back with decorative contact paper,
but decided not to waste my time or money since I intend on
filling the shelves with scrapbooks. 

A bit of sanding in places and 
a new nickel drawer pull to finish it off.

I like how it turned out! 

White laminate shelves

Home made chalk paint over
gray spray paint and primer all in one,
lightly sanded to reveal some gray.

 A quick digi scrap page I created to 
document the chest of drawers turned into bookcase.

I used the gorgeous
Get it before it is gone, it is being retired ! 

Thanks for looking =)

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