Friday, October 29, 2021

I'm back !

Not that I haven't been creating things off and on all summer after I spent some time reorganizing my craft room, I just took a break from blogging my creations. 

I have lots of things to share! I have close to 100 Christmas cards alone to share! I'll be sharing one of them nearly every day for the next two months. November will be birthday cards and the like, but December will be Christmas cards. There are so many to share, blog posts will have multiple cards. 

Also, I was a creative team member for Connie Prince last month. I didn't bother to make posts on my blog to promote her kits since I have so few followers, but I did make a couple of dozen pages with her kits and templates to post to her store galleries last month. The above page was made with one of her kits (Let's Stay Home). The photo was actually taken this summer while I was reorganizing my craft room with the help of the cats, ha ha.  If you are interested in digital scrapbooking, check out her store at

With that said, once I share all of the most recent creations over the next two months, I'll likely bring my blogging days to a close at the end of this year. It is time consuming for nothing more than to share my creations with a few people. I need to better spend that time. I certainly have enough cards made to last the next year (or longer) so I don't see myself making much to share anyway. Thanks for sticking with me here on my little blog all these years =) 

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  1. Dang I’m going to miss your posts but I’ll always stay in touch!!


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