Monday, February 13, 2012

Punched Hearts and Wire Candle Wrap

I love making something special to wrap around otherwise boring jar candles, the ideas are limitless ! I used to make them by the dozens every Christmas season to donate to the school holiday bazaar. They always sold well, especially those that had the poem attached for teachers.

Here is another wire wrapped heart project I made some time ago, an ornament. You could even wrap a single heart or two as I did on this candle wrap and attach it to the front of a card.

Punch out several hearts from decorative paper. I used two sided designer paper that was a Hostess item from Stampin' Up! I also punched the same number and sizes of hearts from lightweight cardboard. Lightly coat the card board with clear drying liquid glue then attach the paper to it. Set aside to dry.

Once dry, I lightly sanded the edges of each heart with fine grit sandpaper to expose a little bit of the white core of the designer paper. You could sponge ink on the edges instead of sanding.

Glue smaller hearts or other embellishments on top of larger hearts if you'd like. Set aside to dry.

After all of your hearts are decorated and dry, you will now work on wrapping each one with wire. I can not tell you how much wire you will need, it depends on the size of the jar and hearts you are wrapping as well as how many wraps and loops you make in the wire. I used fine gauge wire from Stampin' Up! ( Wire Works from several years ago) on a small spool and just kept it attached to the spool as I worked. Use whatever method works for you to attach the wire to the backs of the hearts. I used small pieces of sturdy clear packing tape.

Be sure to keep the candle you are making the wrap for nearby so you can check your progress to see how many hearts or how much wire you need as you work.

This type of candle wrap can be made out of many different shapes and items including letters, beads, wooden trinkets, etc. for many different holidays.

Never leave a candle burning unattended and remove the decorative band before lighting !

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  2. This is really cool and would work for just about any occasion! Although, I really like the hearts with the silver wire! TFS!


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