Saturday, February 11, 2012

Signs of Spring - already ?!?

I noticed several plants poking up through the ground the first of the month. I went to take a closer look and discovered they are really sprouting up, in fact it looks like some are going to shoot up blooms before long ! This winter has been unusually mild here with barely a dusting of snow so far. Bitterly cold days have been few and far between.

The Groundhog did predict 6 more weeks of winter weather so maybe we will see a real snow day yet.









  1. Things look like that here as well! We did get a good dusting of snow last night though to put things in perspective!

  2. Wow! Our daffodils have sprouted already, but everything else is still pretty brown! It's a good thing because we went from temps in the high 50's earlier this week to 25 today! I picked the single daffodil bloom on Thursday afternoon to bring in the house. Glad I did! I think it would be frozen otherwise!


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