Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Snakes" Alive ! EEEK !!!

I'm Not Going Down There........ No I'm Not Going Down There .... I'm Not Going To The Basement, Anymore !!!!!!!!

Actually, I have no choice, I must go to the basement to do laundry, access the deep freeze, tend to the cats food, water and litter box, even to work on craft projects. After today's discovery while vacuuming the old unfinished basement (in my "craft dungeon" area no less!) I don't really want to:

a live snake - in the basement !!!!!!! It's caught in the container here, ready to be released back out into the field.

I know, after seeing it, you are thinking "quitcherbeeching, it's just a little one!". To those of us that dislike snakes, any size of snake, shoot huge night crawler worms even are too big, especially when found in a house !

It is one thing to find spiders down there, that's to be expected (eeew, don't like those either! my skin is crawling).

It is another to find lizards in the house - really!???!!! EEK ! They are too fast and snake like. I shudder... ugh.....

But seriously, a snake ?!??

I was vacuuming along, saw what I thought was a bug scurry under my tower of paints so I moved the vacuum wand over there, then peeked over to it to make sure I got the bug up. Needless to say when I saw what it really was , I jumped and flew up the stairs yelling "snake in the basement!" to my daughter who was on the computer and again out into the garage where hubby was. I assume what I thought was a bug was the snakes head as it backed itself up into the nook between by paint towers !

I should maybe have tried to just vacuum it up (yeah, I had visions of it not getting sucked up completely by the weak old shop vacuum, instead staying stuck in the hose!)

I should have taken a photo of it in the little nook, likely hiding from me and the noisy vacuum (right, and have it slither away?).

In the end hubby came to the rescue (see, men are good for something on occasion ! ha , ha !) , scooping it into the coffee container. Of course he was jumping and cussing, too. Where was I ? Standing balanced on a chair with one foot and the craft table with the other.

What would I have done if he had not been home ? Not sure, maybe whacked at it with the vacuum hose to stun it and try to vacuum it ? I know I would not have been brave enough to try to pin it, pick it up with my hands !

Better question: what would have happened had I not found it yesterday? Perhaps it would have been in a far more frightening to me place when I found it, such as one of my drawers ? Maybe it would have made it upstairs somehow ? Would it have gotten bigger eating all the bugs it would surely find down in that old basement ? Then again, maybe it would have never been found, making its way back outdoors somehow ? All I know is, we need to figure out how all of these critters are getting in the house. We've been here a dozen years and have never had as many critters in the house as we have had the past year. Possibly because I have lost two cats and a dog this last year, down to one indoor only cat now ?

Ah well, another one of those things to remember, a joy of living in this 100+ year old farmhouse in the bottom lands along a creek.

Yep, I really need to win that Better Homes and Gardens Pin and Win contest so I can move my crafty area up to the attic =)  


  1. DON'T go to the basement....CALL an exterminator....is there a SNAKE repellent that can be bought....maybe an electrical fence around the property too. Wonder if there is a snake spray too...Just Don't go to the basement...and move the craft room to the dining room...eat in the living room or something....UGH!!!!

  2. So is that a coffee can, because I was assuming it was a five gallon bucket! Either way, ew! Be careful where you stick your hands down there! Maybe it's time to pick up a couple kittens to keep the house rid of varmints!

  3. I'm sorry, but I am LOL! Not that I wouldn't have COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT, but I can just see the whole scene taking place! We tend to have more issues with mice and bugs than snakes (they've only been seen outside so far), but I can imagine! I agree that the lack of 'attack' cats and dogs may be playing a part of the increased activity. Find a litter of kitties and turn them loose in the craft dungeon for a week or two!!


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