Friday, May 4, 2012

Zebra Butterfly Digital Scrapbook Page

With National Scrapbook Day coming up, I thought I ought to share a page or two

I am so ashamed to admit that despite having bought dozens and dozens of extra downloads (and I still want so many more!), I rarely use the My Digital Studio software from Stampin" Up!. I will also admit that I rarely (ummm, never) scrapbook despite having oodles of supplies not to mention boxes upon boxes of photos to scrapbook. I need to at least get them out of the boxes and into photo albums. Gasp ! I suppose I am intimidated at the sheer number of them. Although I think there are not nearly enough photographs (or videos) of the kids when they were younger. The cost of film and developing limited the number of photos I took. Not that I take that many more with my digital camera now. I would have taken many, many more as the kids were growing up and doing cute things if there were digital cameras back then.

Ah well, anyway  above is a page I threw together to show off a favorite photo I took that was published in our local newspaper, in black and white, last month.  This digital scrapbook page was made from scratch using several add on items to the My Digital Studio core software. Below are the boxes and old albums of photos. I also have a small binder full of CDs (25 and counting, each has dozens upon dozens of photos!) with digital photos not yet printed. There are a lot of photos but I sure do wish I had many, many more. Sigh.

I really must make time to start scrapping, especially now that I have completed the scanning of my old negatives. Along with so many other things, just not enough hours in the day it seems......................

I have a dozen nice black suede pocket albums to put these photos in - one day.

Thanks for looking =)

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  1. Your page is beautiful and I love that picture! I know how you feel about all of the pictures. Luckily, I was very into scrapbooking when the girls were little and most of those pictures are scrapped. My problem began with my first digital camera and the endless number of CDs containing pictures that have never been printed... One of these days!


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