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Dahlia Fold Christmas Tree - decor piece

While perusing the magazine section at our local library recently, I saw one I had never seen or heard of before: Mary Jane's Farm. It caught my attention because the cover had a simple, cute wreath made from burlap. I decided to flip through it ( a magazine dedicated to organic living) and came across a paper craft project I wanted to make: a cute little tree made from circles of decorative paper ! 

I of course changed it up a little bit, adding more details =) 

The instructions in the magazine called for:
7 circles  =  1 1/4" (yes, it calls for 7 in the magazine, 
I used 9)
8 circles  =  2"
8 circles  =  2 3/4"
Change the sizes if you wish depending on how big of a tree you'd like. You could make many more layers to the tree, too !

All of the circles were cut from one sheet of 12" x 12" paper.

It is made by "tea bag folding" circles into a dahlia.
Instructions can be found here.

After I wrote this post and took my awful photos, I discovered that there is also a nice photo tutorial and a gallery at for the dahlia fold.

Here are two cards I made with a dahlia fold:  - first one I ever made - I really like this one, it is a removable ornament 

I'm submitting this to the challenge #7. 

Supply list:
double sided  paper
card stocks
rubber stamps
paper punch
empty ribbon spool
craft pellets
dowel rod
hot glue
1/4" circle punch
star punch
hole punch
circle punches, die cut machine , circle cutter, scissors - something to cut the circles

fold lines:
purple are the first two folds to make your marks 
to line up the second folds on (black lines)

folding steps, circle sizes and 
how I assembled each layer of the tree:
hot gluing the points on a circle of chipboard covered with 
green card stock. 

The center hole is a 1/4" hole to 
run the dowel rod through. 

I think that a cinnamon stick would make a fun, yummy smelling tree trunk !

TIP: attach the "petals" to the circle with the points touching to make a snug fit then punch the hole out. You will need a sturdy punch to go through the layers. I think my tree looks funny since there are gaps
between each of the "petals" because I didn't go all the way to the center of the circle I was gluing them to. I knew I didn't have anything that would be able to neatly punch through those layers so I decided to punch the center out of the base circle then line the tips up around that hole. This is why I needed nine of the smallest "petals" for the top layer, there were too many large gaps and I thought it looked terrible. 

I have no idea of the manufacturer of this border punch,
there are no markings on it.

Punch one long edge of your card stock, score every 1/4" inch, 
accordion fold/pleat. Make two of these 12" long x 2 1/4" wide .
Glue the short ends together making a circle. 
Once it is dry, smoosh it down to create the medallion.
Hot glue into place in a small circle of card stock or chip board.
Punch a 1/4" hole in the center.
There are many, many web sites with better instructions 
on how to make medallions/lollies.

Empty ribbon spool for the base: cover one hole, 
fill with something to give it weight,
cover the top hole then cover with the 
paper pleated "medallion".
Be sure to punch a 1/4" hole in the center of the top pieces before
gluing it to the spool !
I painted my spool and added a strip of card stock
that I stamped around the center of to resemble ribbon
(do this before attaching the top pieces) . 

See a couple more projects I created using
empty ribbon spools as bases here:

a "memory tree" home decor piece for my pets

owl and ghost in a pumpkin patch Halloween display piece

I've also used them to make ornaments !

I punched two stars from gold card stock, glued the top edges together then slid the open ended bottom over the top of the dowel rod once dry. The tiny banner was hand cut from scraps. J O Y was stamped with a teeny, tiny alphabet set then punched out with the 1/4" circle punch and glued onto the banner.

I adhered rhinestones to the edges of each "petal": three on each of the largest (bottom row) , two on each of the middle, one on each of the smallest (top row). 

Each of the discs that I glued the "petals" to fit snugly enough on my dowel rod since I used a 1/4" hole punch and a 1/4" dowel rod. If yours don't fit snugly and stay in place, you could glue them in place with a bit of hot glue under each or wrap rubber bands around the dowel rod under each. By using the rubber band method, you could easily disassemble it for storage.

Thanks for looking =) 

Original project from the magazine that uses a pencil a a tree trunk and old greeting cards cut into circles:

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