Friday, January 18, 2013

My Memories SuiteTutorial - Custom Shapes Pt 2

If you've read my Valentine, You Grow On Me post or the Custom Shapes post from yesterday, then you must be back for more of my attempts at a tutorial - and I thank you !

This is another way to make your own custom SVG file Shapes for use with My Memories Suite V4 software - and they are made with fewer steps than yesterdays process. I didn't even know this little feature was in the software until I noticed the Edit Shape button while working on creating my own shapes the way I shared yesterday.

This time, once you click on a Shapes to Add, note the Edit Shape button at the lower left of the Choose Shape window. Click on it.

A new window pops up with several buttons on it - I have no idea how they work. I do know that if you grab the little boxes around your shape while holding your left mouse button down, you can move the shape, contorting it all sorts of ways. You can only customize a single shape within the limits of the program this way, you can not add extra shapes as I did on yesterdays post.

I made a Simple banner / flag as soon as I discovered this. Start with a rectangle then adjust the bottom center upwards to create the two points.

The second thing I created was a half circle.

Once you create a custom shape this way, it automatically saves it in a new folder that the program creates , Users,  and they work perfectly fine, no tweaking necessary !

I want to remind you that although having these options to make your own custom shapes with what is in the program is an awesome feature, you can find SVG files elsewhere and import them into your My Memories Suite V4 software. This is how you import new SVG files for use with your Shapes feature in My Memories Suite V4:
(I'm using a Windows Vista computer, by the way......)
Go to
   C Drive (or where your program files are installed)
      Progam Files
         My Memories Suite
                     -choose the shape folder you want to import them into or make a new folder-

Once you have the proper folder open , all you need to do is drag the SVG file into it, sooooo easy ! Next time you open up the My Memories Suite program, the new Shapes will show up for you !

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Thanks for looking =)

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