Monday, February 29, 2016

Moving On Up

How will you be spending your Leap Day ?
I'll be working on the craft room 
(or reorganizing the mess in the basement)
some more most likely. 
Same old thing, different day, even if it is an extra day this year !

Things have been pretty quiet here on my blog 
so far this year, this is why:

After the flooding in late December,
my craft dungeon/basement was a mess
(we had to pack it all up for a week then it took me 
a few weeks to get things somewhat back in order).
I was so wiped out both mentally and physically with no desire to make anything.
Every time we go through flooding, the stress is horrible.
This last time was the worst, I can't do it again
(and we aren't getting any younger!). Something had to change.

Since the kids moved out over the past several months 
 their "media room" on the 2nd story was no longer being used.
I decided to take it over for a craft room!
Our clothing is stored in the closet since there is no closet in our room,
though, so I can't take that over for more crafty storage.
Should one or both kids move back home at some point,
they will have to deal with no TV/video game room ;) 

I've been making plans, cleaning out and slowly moving things
in the past 6 weeks. Two flights of stairs each way !
There is a little more to do, mostly reorganizing things,
but I'm finally to the point I can make a project !

There are still lots of other types of craft supplies that must remain
in the basement, there just is not enough room for it all upstairs.
At least the things I use most often will be high and dry now.

Lastly, Hyla cat seems to like the new craft room ;)


  1. It looks so nice - hope to see some more detail on whats going in all those drawers!

  2. Plus you have a window and some light! Congrats on the new craft room!

  3. How awesome is this?! You have been wanting to do something new for so long and I am so happy that it's finally working for you!!!! Still waiting a while longer before I'll have a space...


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