Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stamped Walls

Walls stamped with Vine and Berry by Stampin' Up!
using acrylic craft paints

boring cream colored walls before stamping

Stamping on walls is basically the same process as stamping on furniture (see my previous blog posts).

It is best to practice first on a piece of heavy weight mat board or drywall scrap, something sturdy enough to paint a base coat on (preferably the same paint as your wall) then to stand upright. You want to "feel" how the stamp and paint are going to react to stamping vertically, how much paint you will need and how much pressure to use to create a nice image. Bold, solid stamp images work best.

A felt scrap on a plastic lid "inked" with acrylic craft paint makes a great stamp pad. You could also use foam paint brushes dipped in the paint, lightly dabbing it onto the stamp. By using foam brushes, you can add multiple colors to your stamp. For example, you could create a multi toned flower.

Using a level and chalk or pencil, mark very lightly on the wall where you want to stamp a border. If you want a circular design, trace around a large platter, etc.

Keep several old damp rags nearby because sometimes the stamp may slip and smudge. It will wipe off from semi gloss painted walls right away with a damp rag then you can try again. The rags are also useful to clean the stamps regularly. The paint will dry quickly on the stamp, building up and creating a gunky mess on it. Be sure to keep it cleaned off otherwise you may end up with odd stamped impressions. Clean off your stamps as soon as you are done!

after stamping, faux finishing and new bedding

I painted the faux finish on the wall after stamping in the bedroom. The finish was created with interior house paint mixed with glaze, swiped on then immediately "ragged off" with brown packing paper that came in my shipment from Stampin' Up!. I used the now retired stamp set DD Vine and Berry from Stampin' Up! . I bought it specifically for this project and used it unmounted to make it easier to line up the images while stamping on the walls. Once I finished the wall stamping project, I mounted the stamps to their wood blocks and I don't think I have used that set since stamping those walls !

The Americana stairwell wall uses DD Old Glory from Stampin' Up!; it too is retired. I taped off the section I wanted to make the border in then sponge painted with a sea sponge on the wall before stamping.

I submitted my stamped walls to a contest at, but did not win.

Thanks for looking !

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