Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Gown Card

This is the "wedding gown" card I made for a bridal shower. I saw a beautiful card in an old Anna Griffin advertisement in a magazine. After much fiddling, I was able to make my own version. I have no idea how the project in the ad was made, I just folded paper - and added fractions! - until I came up with the write score lines/folds.

You will need a piece of card stock /decorative paper 5 1/2" x 11".
Score along the 11" side; start measuring from the left side:
4 1/4" ; 6 1/8" ; 6 3/4" ; 8 1/2" ; 9 1/8"
The 4 1/4" score becomes the main fold on your card.
The next score, 6 1/8" is folded the same way, "down" (I think it is called a mountain fold)
The 6 3/4" score is folded the opposite way, "up" (I think this is called a valley fold)
The 8 1/2" score is folded "up" (valley)
The final score is 9 1/8", folded "down" (mountain)

I am not very good at trying to write instructions, here is a sad attempt at a diagram. The l signify scores that you fold "up"; the ' signify scores that are folded "down"

back - pleated front -

Stamp as you like before proceeding to lace up. I used Whisper White card stock, Versamark ink, Dazzling Diamonds glitter mixed with Clear embossing powder and the old retired Stampin' Up! background stamp Filigree. The ribbon is 3/8" wide organdy.

Once you have all of the folds, you will need to decide how many holes to punch along the two front "pleats" to lace up the card with ribbon. I don't recall how much ribbon I used or the distance between the holes, sorry. Like so many of my projects I make them as I go along and don't write things down. I didn't expect several people asking how to make this card ! I imagine you could find other versions online and perhaps they will have dimensions given with step by step photos. All I have is this photograph of the completed project. I honestly made this years ago. I had to refigure the dimensions after the requests ! Thank you for looking and for your interest in recreating this project !

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