Saturday, November 13, 2010

Craft Some Holiday Magic Contest entry

A friend told me about a contest that Michael's craft stores is having online through their facebook page. I don't really use facebook and definitely do not use the applications, but she urged me to come up with a project to sumbit: she wants me to win so we can go on a crafting cruise !

She descibed most of the projects to me (my computer/internet connection would not open the photos up) and insisted I could come up with a different idea to submit. Well, I'm not sure how neat the idea is, but it is different than what has been posted so far. I brainstormed several ideas, but in the end decided against them since there have been more entries the past day and several are a slightly similar concept to what I was thinking about doing.
I may well still make my own projects I thought about. . . . . I just can not enter them since it is one entry per person.

The entries are supposed to use clear glass ball ornaments, ribbon and beads. I did use all three items - and more !

I orginally was thinking about making a sort of topiary then after fiddling with several ideas and not having the exact craft supplies I needed and getting discouraged, this odd idea came to me:
a candle holder !

If you go to the Michael's facebook page, click on the Holiday Contest page, like it and accept the application you will be able to see the entries, including mine.
If you "like" my entry, it will help increase my chance to win a gift card for this weeks contest. If I win that, I will then be entered to win a crafting cruise !!!


large clear glass ball ornament

assorted ribbons

mini glass beads



white paper


clear drying white glue

acrylic craft paints


terra cotta flower pot and saucer


new pencil, unused eraser (for making polka dots)

Make sure the items you will be painting are clean and dry before you start.

Paint the clear glass ball ornament, flower pot, saucer and candle with acrylic craft paints. Let them dry well before brushing on a second coat of paint. You could also use spray paint. Apply a sealer if you wish.

Punch out snowflakes from white paper. Brush on clear drying glue, sprinkle with glitter, set aside to dry. If you have a die cut machine and a Xyron machine you could use them to make the glittery die cuts.

Spread the seed beads out in a thin layer on a paper plate. Brush a thick coat of clear drying glue onto the pot where you want the beads to stick then roll in the seed beads. You can sprinkle matching glitter on the seed beads while the glue is still wet to fill in around the beads if you'd like. Set aside to dry.

Once the ornament is dry, adhere glittered snowflakes, rhinestones and ribbons. Use a strong adhesive to glue into the flower pot.

Insert candle. The candle I used fit perfectly in the opening of my ornament; you may need to trim a candle to fit.

Thanks for looking - and liking my project on the Michael's facebook page =)

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  1. Good luck with the competition. Your candle holder looks very festive and fun. You go to be in it to win, it so I'm glad your friend pushed you to enter. I likw how yuo decorated your pot to match. Fun stuff!!


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