Sunday, June 19, 2016

Flowers In My Yard

This is going to be a different Father's Day this year since my Dad passed last fall.
No card to make or apple pie to bake this year..........................

I'll share a few photos of some of the flowers that are in full bloom in my yard
since I do not have a card this year.

The daylilies always do well.

The geraniums, above and below, are the two I bought
last year and tried to keep alive indoors all winter.
I really didn't think they were going to make it
and am super surprised at how well they are doing now outside ! 

The hydrangea is loaded with blooms this year,
the most I've ever seen on it ! 
In fact, last year there was only one single bloom
on it and it didn't arrive until late in the season.

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  1. No fathers day card for me to make either. I feel your pain. The flowers do make me smile!


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