Monday, June 20, 2016

Planter Chair

This is the first of four chairs I was repurposing
into outdoor decor, planter chairs.

I hand painted Welcome across the top rung
(it's been too long since I've done freehand
lettering and it shows!) then added hand made
burlap, lace and eyelet flowers. The large center
burlap flower was made from one of the straps
from the seat of the chair that had been removed
to make room for the flower pot.
They are hot glued on top of twigs
and raffia then tied to the chair.

I tried to sell it, complete with the gorgeous blooming geraniums,
for $25. I still have it................. 

See tomorrows post for a second chair I decorated;
it has a patriotic theme.

Three of the four chairs after cleaning them up
and before decorating. 

Thanks for looking =) 

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