Friday, June 10, 2016

Sewing Projects

I've spent a little time at the sewing machine (I am no seamstress, unlike my grandmother who was the best!) the past couple of weeks. It was kind of bittersweet, enjoying sewing again yet memories came along with using some of my Grandma's things.....

I am redoing the office from green painted walls with an ivy/country theme to blue painted walls with an automobile themed decor. I knew I wanted a black and white checkered flag look for the valances, yet a bit on the country side, too. I searched for premade curtains and couldn't find anything "simple" enough to my liking or that would fit my existing rods. In the end, I ordered a large 100 % cotton buffalo check tablecloth that was already prehemmed to make my own simple valances from (there are no fabric stores here). I was happy enough with the quality of the item once it arrived. I really liked that the checks and hems were pretty even, making it easier on me.

They are super simple, I took a few measurements, made a sketch then cut the fabric using the existing hems as the bottom and side hems on each valance, saving myself some time and work. All I had to do was make the rod pocket at the top. They didn't turn out too badly.

A nearby Walmart store does carry some fabrics and notions so I was able to find plain black 100% cotton fabric there. I intended on making a sort of "faux" valance under the checkered fabric, hanging 2" below the hem. I goofed and did not get quite enough fabric, not allowing for shrinkage, so there is not quite enough to make that bottom piece, gah! Now I'm trying to decide if I want to make the trip back to get more to make them or just leave them as is now (and what to do with over 1 yard of plain black fabric......).

I also used a scrap of fabric to create a coordinating cover for my large flatbed negative scanner that must remain on my desk top since there is no place else to store it. It had a cover on it before, ivy themed to go with the previous decor in the room.

Above is a photo of the "curtains" I made for an old 
entertainment center that is currently being used to
store photo albums. I did this to help keep dust and 
light off of them as well to hide them. 
I may or may not keep this unit and
if I do keep it, I would like to paint it. 
I would prefer to find a couple of
bookcases with doors on them that will be more useful 
for photo albums. Although there is lots of great storage
on this unit, a lot of it is wasted space. 

I also made two large pillows to stuff into the huge shams
that came with the comforter I recently bought for a 
spare bed. Sure, I could have bought pillows,
but I had polyfil and fabric on hand, I may as well put it to use. 
The blue and white toss pillow is something my daughter made
in a junior high school home economics class years ago.

These are the simple curtains I made from sheets
to go under the valances I ordered. 
This project was completed last fall. 

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  1. Love the curtains! Using a tablecloth is an awesome idea! I could even use some seam binding tape and not sew! (which I don't) Hats off to you!


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