Friday, September 1, 2017

Simple Fall Floral Arrangement

Time for a new challenge at
Making Memories Crafting !

Theme - Anything Goes/ Use the color board below
Winner will receive 3 digi images

My project was a pretty simple one -
and gave a second life to some old items
I had around the house!

I mixed up some "chalk" paint to paint 
an old mason jar then added silk flower 
heads stuck into a Styrofoam ball to the top.

Make sure your jar is totally clean
before painting. I washed mine in warm soapy
water, wiped dry then did a final wipe with white 
vinegar and a lint free cloth. 

I inserted my hand inside the jar,
turning the jar upside down on my hand,
then used a 1" wide paint brush to apply 
the paint with the opposite hand. 
I applied two coats,
allowing the first to dry completely
before applying the second.

I alllowed the jar to dry for 24 hours,
then lightly scuffed the paint off of
the raised letters. I also added a 
few light scuffs elsewhere.

Once done scuffing, I applied a wax finish.

I cut a circle out of felt
and glued it to the bottom.

Chalk paint lightly rubbed off of the raised areas.

Note: my homemade chalk paint
(you can find various recipes online)
made from some old acrylic craft paint 
and plaster of paris is not nearly
as durable as the store bought, premade
chalk paint I purchased. I mixed my own
because I only needed enough paint
of this color for this particular project.
Perhaps the age of the paint and plaster,
or maybe because I didn't follow an 
exact recipe ratio to make it, had something 
to do with it. It covered the jar well enough,
but rubbed off much easier than I expected
from the raised areas !

Just for fun,
there is a small set of battery operated lights.

Thanks for looking =)


  1. A beautiful arrangement with fabulous colours!

    Nicola ♥

  2. Oh, the jar is beautiful! Such a great way to add a bit of fall to a table or shelf!


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