Friday, December 22, 2017

Paint Brush/Can Fun Money Gift Tutorial

So I told a fib, I did make a few more things this month that I hadn't planned on originally ;)

This little pail was clear plastic 
except for the top and bottom.
It contained 30 plain gift tags and twine.
I bought it for $3 at the Dollar Spot in Target a year or so ago.

I covered it with papers from Stampin' Up!
and added some embellishments. 

This ribbon and brad tab on the lid was meant to help
open the lid. Good idea, but it didn't work as
well as I had hoped. The lid is too snug. 

Now here is the really fun surprise hidden 
among the chocolates that fill the can:
a "paper engineered" paint brush with
real money for the bristles !!!! 

 I like how it turned out for the most part,
even though it is misshapen ;)

I hand drew and cut out with scissors the paintbrush.

I made a 1 1/8" wide x 11" long strip for the sides.
I cut slits along both 11" sides to help fit it around
the paint brush shape. 
I also scored the entire length of both long edges;
the snips were just up to the score line.

A strip of metallic silver was embellished with
dry embossing using a stlus and scoring board.
It was wrapped around the finished paintbrush
and adhered into place. 

The tightly rolled bills were inserted into a straw that I cut
into 1" long pieces. They are attached with heavy duty tape.
The money will not be damaged and can be
easily slid out of the straws. 

I hope my Mom likes this silly little gift !
It is meant to be money for her to put towards
having her kitchen repainted,
thus the paint can / paint brush theme ! 

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