Friday, December 1, 2017

Recovered Scrapbook Album

Hello and Happy Holidays !

Today I'm sharing a recovered scrapbook
as my design team project for 

It was cute enough as it was,
but I ordered dozens of 12"x 12"
prints of Christmas themed digital scrapbook pages
 earlier this year (printed at Persnickety Prints)
and needed an album for them.

Rather than buying a new album,
I decided to recover this one I hadn't used yet.

It is a 3 ring album, like the old photo albums
from years ago that people, myself included,
covered with fabric, batting and lace.

Remembering those that I covered way back when, 
I thought I'd do the same technique with this one, 
only using a sturdy handmade paper
(it was sold as gift wrap so it was large enough)
and no batting. 

I'm not sure how well it will hold up,
then again this album will only be opened
once a year at my extended family get together
during the holiday season. I tried to take 
photos of many of the families that were in 
attendance the past few years, then made digital scrapbook pages.
I thought they might enjoy looking back on them,
especially as many of them are having little ones now !

How did I do it ? Read on !

The first step was to cut out a large piece of paper.
I used a heavy duty gift wrap with real stitching on it.
It's almost "fabric" like, quite sturdy paper that was hand made
according to the packaging.
I bought it several years ago on clearance at Target.
Cut your paper larger than needed, you will trim
it up in a later step. You want to make sure you
have enough to begin with for wrapping around
 the edges to the inside. 

I then cut numerous strips of 
heavy duty double stick tape and applied it
to the album covers as well as along the inside edges
where the paper will wrap in.

This photo shows the paper after it is adhered
to a cover and the creases I made after wrapping it
to the inside. I opened these edges back out then carefully
trimmed along a straight edge to tidy them up before 
taping them in place inside the cover. When I cut the 
paper out initially I wasn't too concerned with the cut
edges being perfectly straight knowing I was going to 
trim them up later. 

This photo shows the trimmed edges and 
the double stick tape inside the album.
You may want to trim the corner on the diagonal a little bit
before sticking it in place. Adhere the corners in place first,
then work your way around the edges. 
I worked on opposite sides, so top then bottom,
left then right for example. 

The edges inside after they are stuck in place.

It could be left as is (above), but I wanted a more finished look.
I cut triangles and taped them in place over the corners.

The spine of the album.

Decorate the cover if you'd like ! 

Thanks for looking 
Happy Holidays =) 

Be sure to visit the rest of the design team members' blogs
for more inspiring ideas ! 

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