Saturday, May 5, 2018

National Scrapbooking Day

and Kentucky Derby Day and Cinco De Mayo and ....... lots of things to celebrate today !

I thought I'd share an update on my massive photo album project:
Although not completed (no journaling cards and such)
I at least have nearly all of my decades worth of photos 
placed into albums now, no longer stuffed in boxes !
I still have several albums for pets, concerts
and trips to put photos in.
I also have numerous scrapbook pages I want to make
and digital scrapbook pages to have printed.
I'm getting there, slowly but surely!

I've run out of room in this cabinet.
I think that I might try to repurpose an old 
chest of drawers into a small bookcase
for additional storage ;)

The photo project has been put on hold the past few weeks
due to a major overhaul of the various flower beds
around the house (being ripped out and replaced
with rocks then eventually containers for flowers)

and currently repainting a room to transform it
into my new craft room.
My daughter moves back home at the end of the month
so I need to flip flop rooms.

Note to self:
do not paint fun faux finishes or bold colors on walls ever again!
(I do feel bad/sad repainting her old bedroom,
just as I did when I repainted my sons fun walls last summer....)

Thanks for looking =) 

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