Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Silver Anniversary

This is a framed piece I made to take for display at a large car show we traveled to recently. I am not thrilled with the way it turned out, but for working on it the day before we left town as a last minute idea, it didn't turn out too bad. 

The photos on the finished piece are not very good since they were screen captures of grainy old video. There are no photos of us at the car show 25 years ago. We returned to the same event in the same truck this year after the event had a 14 year hiatus. Does NOT seem possible....25 years !

1988 STREET MACHINE NATIONALS 2013  was cut out of yellow card stock with the Chunkadelic die set from Ellison/Sizzix. I sponged on red and orange acrylic craft paints to simulate flames on the lower half of the letters and numbers.

SILVER was cut out by hand with scissors. I had already messed up too many pieces of red card stock trying to cut out ANNIVERSARY with a Cricut machine, I wasn't going to waste a lot of silver card stock, too. I typed SIL on one piece and VER on another, as large as I could, using an outline alphabet font. I printed in reverse on the card stock then cut out.

ANNIVERSARY was a sad attempt at using the Cricut Create machine connected to my computer with Make The Cut! Software. I bought it years ago literally just before all the brouhaha from the maker of the machines vs. the creators of the software. Had I known there would be so many issues, I would not have bought it. As a result, I have never updated and rarely used the software. Anyhow, I tried to create a custom welded cut word with a font on my computer (I think it is called American Dreams....) . I tried three times and each time it cut crooked. I ended up using one of them, piecing in teeny tiny pieces here and there to fill in some of the gaps, others I left alone, it was too much trouble trying to fix them.

Thanks for looking !

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  1. Heather, I think this turned out great! What a wonderful way to celebrate the anniversary too!


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