Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1950's Mom

According to my son and what he was learning in history class last week, he thinks I am like a 1950's mom. Minus the perfect clothing, hair and pearl necklace =)

When he gets home from school I ask him if he is hungry for supper and if he has any homework. This is soon followed by his telling me highlights of his day.

Today's conversation was fun as he told me about the lesson in history class and how he thought overall I was like a mom from the 50's. I found it funny that 1950s era lifestyles and TV shows were a topic of history class ! What is going to be hilarious is when they talk about the 80's. Oh the music, the clothes, the hair ! ha ha ha ! Not that I got into all of that (other than the music)........

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  1. LOL! You mean you don't vacuum the house in your high heels and pearls like June Cleaver?! I think it's funny that music that I listened to in high school is now considered classic rock on many radio stations...


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