Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter !!!!!

While everyone is still in bed,
I've been busy this Easter morning
(and I'm not done yet!):

Baskets are filled.
Yes, my teenage children still get a simple basket =)

"carrots" filled with jelly beans for the nephews

Morel mushrooms are ready to be cleaned !
They'll be fried up as an appetizer for dinner later today.

Gelatin jiggler eggs are set up -
although they didn't come out of the mold very well.

Angel food cake roll is cooling so I can finish it with the 
delicious filling a bit later.
 (it will be a Luscious Lemon Angel Roll recipe from
The Pampered Chef once complete)

starting the Silky Turtle Torte recipe from
The Pampered Chef

and once that is done I move onto the potato casserole.....

It looks to be a perfect Easter Day spent 
at my parents house.

Happy Easter =)

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  1. Next year, I want Easter at your house! LOVE morels and your desserts sound yummy too! The little carrots are too cute!


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