Friday, April 27, 2012

Stamped Soap Dispenser

My sister gave me a foaming hand soap for Christmas. I recently emptied it and saved the bottle to refill. The pumper still worked great so why recycle it, especially if I could make a refill for it. Not only refill, but play around with the idea I had to stamp the bottle with Stazon ink !

It was quite a bit of work to remove the stickers and sticky residue left behind. It required lots of Goo Gone and elbow grease to get the job done.

I took the pumper portion apart and cleaned it out well, too.

I chose to use the Roses In Winter stamp set (one of my all time favorites, long ago retired from Stampin' Up!) because it is so simple, fool proof to stamp. It also coordinates with other items I have stamped in the craft dungeon:
Stamp Storage Dresser
Stamped Desk Set

Plus, I figured if the rose images slid a little or didn't stamp completely, they'd still look okay since they are already a sort of "distressed" image anyway. Theory was proven correct as both things happened to me working on it - and it doesn't look half bad !

Stazon ink colors used on this project:
Royal Purple
Olive Green
Blazing Red

I'm going to keep it on the recently installed old vanity / sink in the craft dungeon basement . My parents renovated their bathroom and gave me their old vanity to use in the basement (it was really old and outdated, not something I'd use in our bathroom ). I am happy to have that sink down there now, it's been super handy to wash out paintbrushes and clean inky fingers =)

Thanks for looking !

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  1. Very pretty and the perfect soap dispenser for the dungeon sink!! Another awesome repurposing idea!!


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