Sunday, April 1, 2012

Repurposed Plastic Egg Paper Mache Punch Art Bunny

What a long title for such a small project ! There are also going to be numerous photos for this project so for those of you with slow internet, if you want to see all of the photos please have patience.

I had this crazy idea to think of some things to do with plastic Easter eggs and I came up with making a "paper mache" egg out of them. It's a good idea for those eggs that have a little crack in them or no longer stay closed. I was hoping to come up with another inspiring idea to help repurpose something that may otherwise become trash. It's also a pretty good idea for those of us that do not have a craft supply store nearby, making our own mache eggs to craft with !

You can take this idea and do soooooo many things with it: glitter the eggs, paint them different colors (even paint them to look like real eggs), decoupage printed papers/napkins onto them, stamp on them, add flowers and ribbons, add a ribbon hanger, use them as place cards, etc and so on !!!!!

This idea was totally inspired by painted egg bunnies I've seen in my old craft magazines over the years. In fact, here is an image I saved from a catalog several years ago (it is much cuter than the paper punch bunny I made here...........):

Time to quit rambling and get to the steps. Once again, there are several photos I took of this project to help visualize the process.

Make sure the plastic egg is clean. Open the egg, add a little bit of glue along the seam and close. Tear up small pieces of paper (I used lightweight brown packing paper). Apply the pieces of paper with a clear drying glue (I used a decoupage glue). You will want to have a little stand for it to sit on while drying; my paint pallette worked perfectly for me. Add more layers, drying well between each. This project does take some time...........

Once you are happy with the number of layers and they are dry, paint the egg then allow to dry well once again. I only used two layers of mache and three coats of paint on mine.

Punch out two large ovals for ears, four small ovals for feet, a small circle for a base to glue the bunny bottom to, and a small oval (retired Stampin' Up! punch) out of scrap paper to use as a mask, two 1/4" circles out of black for eyes and a tiny heart out of pink for a nose.

Sponge pink ink through the mask onto the large ovals. Following the diagram, snip in a little bit at the base then fold back at the opposite side of the snip. This will make it easier to pinch the ears together and give you a little tab to glue the ears on top of the head. Then again, you may come up with a better idea on how to make ears and attach them, this is what I could think of.

Glue two of the smallest ovals to each other, add two lines to each with a permanent marker. Glue these two ovals to the top of the small circle.

Add a small puddle of hot glue on top of the feet/circle, 
smoosh the bunny bottom into it and hold in place until set. 
You could try to carefully paint the set hot glue glue white. 

Add highlights to the eyes and nose with a white gel pen (or paint).

Attach the ears, eyes and nose to the bunny head with your choice of glue.

Rub a little bit of blush on the cheeks and add a mouth with a permanent marker. 

The photo above shows how I attached the ears. I pinched them together then glued them to each other. I adhered the two little tabs at the bottom of the ears onto the top of the head with clear drying multipurpose glue .

Tie a simple bow or knot our of ribbon or a fabric scrap. Add a brad, button, flower, etc if you wish to the center and hot glue onto the top of the bunny head at the base of the ears. 

The photo above shows how I looped fabric to make a bow then wrapped the metal tabs from a brad around the back to hold the bow in place. 

Add a pom pom tail to the backside =)

I used the Blossom Bouquet Triple Layer punch to punch out several pieces of tissue paper, scrunched them and glued them together to make a tail. Adhered with hot glue.

Thanks for looking =) 


  1. How super is he Heather .......... Well done Hugs Elaine

  2. You are the recycling queen!!! This is such a fantastic project and who doesn't have at least a few of these floating around the house!


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