Thursday, May 30, 2013

Graduation Party Decor

I had so many ideas if things I wanted to do for graduation party decor and snacks, but in the end did not since we are going to be inside a dimly lit pinball arcade with limited space. I don't know that many people will pay much attention to the decorations anyway......... I did whip up these few things, mainly using items I had on hand already (repurposing / upcycling !).

Centerpiece made from a tall cookie tin wrapped with a photocopy of the diploma. Balloons, curling ribbon, tulle, handmade sign, satin ribbon, balloon sticks - simple.

I cut out the numbers with my Cricut then painted on a thick layer or clear drying glue just in side the edges and applied chunky glitter. They are attached to a piece of chipboard with dimensionals / pop dots (I need to lower the #2). I printed out Class Of on white card stock, trimmed to fit the chipboard.

Store bought (just $1 !) honeycomb centerpiece that I made a base for: I simply painted white poster board I had on hand with black acrylic craft paint. I cut a strip to wrap around an old cookie tin and a square to sit atop the tin for the centerpiece to rest on. I printed out a strip of paper with their names on it and attached it to the front.  This will sit between the two graduation cap gift bags (I'm posting those tomorrow). I also made a "then and now" scrapbook page that will sit on the table by his card gift bag; I'll share that later, too.

I did the same thing with four other tins, only I took the tops off. The square piece of black board will sit on the table, the empty open topped tin on top of that. I will use them to hold different types of chips. Granted, they are not going to hold a lot, but I hope they look kinda cute, better than just open chip bags sitting out ! Then again, with limited space I may not get to use them....... we'll see when we get to the party.

Three tin containers simply wrapped in a photocopy of the graduates diploma with a yellow ribbon tied around it. These will hold plastic forks, knives, spoons.

There will be a banner strung along the edges of the banquet table.

I also have yard stake signs to put up as directional signs and in front of the arcade.

Thanks for looking =)

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  1. Love what you did with the tins too! I'm finally getting time to catch up! I LOVE the wedding card too!


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