Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finally Ripening Tomatoes.....

that the critters haven't gotten to before me !
I think I'll start picking them as soon as they start
showing signs of ripening, then let them ripen
inside away from the critters !

I picked dozens of horn worms off my plants earlier this spring,
now I am finding what I think may be cutworms ?

and some other bug that look like 
something we called stink bugs when we were kids
since they stunk when they were squished.

Then there are the squirrels (I assume) stealing the big 'maters.......

Last year the extreme heat and drought took a toll 
on my tomato plants.
This year they are doing great,
but the critters are enjoying feasting on them.
I went ahead and picked the "orange"
cherry tomatoes before they disappeared while
 I left them on the plant to ripen more. 

I finally managed to salvage one large one.
The one pictured above was well hidden deep in the plant
so maybe it was also hidden from the critters 
(though I do see what looks like little nibbles from
some sort of bug on it).

Mmmmmm, looking forward to slicing it
up for dinner tonight ! 


  1. Nice tomatoes! We have those bug here too, and we call them stinkbug, though I haven't squished one to see if they stink, I just take peoples word for it ;)

  2. We are still waiting for our tomatoes to turn from green to red! I had a few patio tomato plants with tomatoes but I think the hornworms decided to make them their personal buffett. The plants in the garden seem to be doing better and I can't wait for that first ripe tomato. We got a few from my parents this week and they were delicious!


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