Friday, August 27, 2010

More CD/DVD Envelopes

Since I shared the CD/DVD envelope/mini scrapbook earlier this week I thought I'd share a couple more ideas. They are quite old, just a few I found that I had photographs of. Like so many of my projects, I know I've made more and given them away than I have photos for.

At the time I made these I did not have a pattern, I just fiddled with scrap paper and folding until I came up with an okay pattern. I believe this first one started off as a large circle then I just folded in around the CD that was in a simple lightweight paper sleeve. Inks, card stock and stamp images are from Stampin' Up!, now retired. The purple cardstock and ribbon band slides off.

This second one started as a 12 x 12 square, folded around the CD that was in a plastic case. I cut out the corner portions and trimmed off the remaining edges to make them rounded. Once again, stamp images, inks and organdy ribbon are from Stampin' Up!, now retired.

These are the media envelopes that you can buy at an office supply store. A friend gave me several to play with. This is a card I made for her using the faux linen technique.  Roses In Winter (one of my all time favorite sets!!!!) stamp set from Stampin' Up!   Classic inks and 5/8" organdy ribbon from Stampin' Up! as well.

And these are several of the same type of envelope that I made into Christmas card gifts. One side had a slide out stamped card similar to the anniversary card above, the other side contained a CD of old family photos that my mom scanned. These were gifts to my aunts and uncles. Most stamp images are from Stampin' Up! - and now retired. Decorative papers are from various vendors. Inks are from Stampin' Up!, some now retired. Organdy ribbon from Stampin' Up! (retired), except the blue that was from the dollar store.

There are so many fantastic ideas for creating your own envelopes that can be found online.

Thanks for looking !


  1. These are all fabulous, Heather. Love them. I like altering things as well as making cards, so I'm always up for new twists on projects like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. What a great idea! Wonderful CD holders and wonderful gift idea!

  3. How cool are those! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. What a nice idea for a card and gift all in one. Lots of great examples.

  5. Wow, look at you going to town with these CD envelopes...I admire you for making up your own patterns and just doing it!! These are great, what thoughtful gifts!
    Love the RIW too, one of my favorite sets!

  6. Roses In Winter is one stamp set I regret not buying when it retired. Now I've just been reminded again, LOL. Love how you used this set.


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