Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video Game Controller Card

My son really likes video games, hand made cards not so much. Typical teenager, he's more interested in what is inside the card - and I'm not referring to the sentiment ! His older sister is the same, rip open the card to see if there is any cash or a gift card ! Anyway, this is the card I created for his birthday this year. He liked the idea, but informed me "it doesn't look like a real X*** controller because it doesn't have these buttons on it here.........." Geesh !!!!!!!! I imagine this type of card has been done before.

I traced the shape of the controller onto scrap paper to create a pattern.

Cut out and traced the pattern onto Black and White card stocks, cut out.

Raided my paper punch collection to find the right sizes and shapes to punch out the "buttons" for the controller out of various colored card stocks.  1/2" , 3/4", 1" circle punches, horizontal slot punch.

Glue all of the buttons on, added a little detail with markers and pencil, done !
I also used acetate and a green Sharpie marker on the "logo button".

Thanks for looking !


  1. Great card. I made something similar for my friend's son a while ago and it was very well received. Great new blog.

  2. I think you did an awesome job and how creative, looks great!

  3. clever is THIS! I know a ton of kids for whom this would be so appropriate...even including my older "kids!" Love it! Very cute.

  4. Very clever idea! I don't know much about the controller buttons (my kids probably do), but I think this is just awesome.

  5. This looks pretty real to me, Heather! Great job on what looks like a fun project for your son!! Hopefully he will appreciate it almost as much as what is inside!!

  6. Very creative~ enjoying the new glitz girls! lori

  7. Heather,

    What a neat idea! Very crafty.

  8. How very creative you are! Looks pretty real to me!

  9. Great idea really !!!
    Have a good day.


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