Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jeans Leg Wine Bag

I'm sharing a simple repurposing project in 
celebration of Earth Day. 
I like to try to reuse things whenever possible.
This is a pretty simple wine gift bag
made out of a leg from a pair of skinny blue jeans ! 

My daughters favorite pair of jeans
got blowouts in the knees.
She decided we could cut the legs off to make
them into shorts. I kept the leg portions 
to make something out of someday.

There are several ways you could make a base
to the wine bag, I chose to do a simple gathering stitch
around the edge. I turned it in first to make a cleaner edge.
Once I stitched all the way around , I pulled the gathers,
tied the threads into a knot and I now had a simple base. 

You could do this same thing with a much wider leg
to a pair of blue jeans then use it to hold plastic shopping bags.
 Leave a wide enough opening at the bottom when you gather it
to be able to pull bags out from the opening. base. 
Add a simple loop at the top to hang the bag holder.

The bottle will stand up in it well enough,
but to make a more stable bag, you should
 cut out a circle of fabric to fit the opening 
the sew it into place around the edges.
Once completed, add a circle of card board
that is cut to fit inside the base of the bag.

This large, premade sticker came in one of the
grab bags of items I found at the flea market last month.
I attached it to card stock that I had already 
wrapped around the wine bottle bag.
I then carefully trimmed away the excess paper
and glued the ends together so that it fit
snugly around the bag and bottle.

There are any number of ways you could decorate a wine bag - or leave it plain.

Tie a ribbon, twine, etc around the neck of the bottle and top of the bag.
Add tags if you'd like.

Thanks for looking =)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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  1. What a clever idea!! You should market them


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