Monday, September 20, 2010

Purse Mini Post It Note Holders

I had a stack of cute little post it notes and mini markers
leftover from a class from long ago.
I decided to recover several of them to try to sell
at the festival this past weekend.

I will never do another craft booth, especially an outdoor one. I whipped up new items for this booth, trying to use up leftover class supplies. Perhaps I should have just sold them all as is, dollar store items for 50c each without wasting my time to alter them.......... I had to "give away" the few things that were sold at the festival just to get them to move. For example the above post it note holders were not selling for $1 (they were packaged nicely in cellophane bags, I had one out as a sample so people could see it), but when I marked them down to 50c the last hour I was there, I sold all but three !  Same with the bath sets, once they were marked down to $2 at the end of the day, all but one sold ! I was surprised that three of the photo clips sold with no problem for $2, the red and black one came back home with me, and all of the covered notebooks with stretchy bookmarks were bought by three women, they loved them at $2 each (originally priced at $3). The automobile and snowflakes notecubes in organdy bags sold for $3 each, but I have three leftover because even at $2 at the end of the day no one was interested.

I've done a few craft booths with hand stamped items over the years and have never had luck. "I can do that myself" , "I wouldn't pay that for those when I could get something similar to it for $1 everyday", "I have a Demonstrator/I am a Demo myself", etc. Far too much work (although I do enjoy crafting!) for no profit and no leads.

So, enough of my whining - time for the project:

Mini Post It Note holder -

You will need a piece of card stock or heavyweight decorative paper
3" x 7". Stamp and decorate as desired. Score on the back at
2 1/2",  3",  5 1/2"  and  6". Fold along the score lines.

Use a corner rounder or decorative edge punch on the front flap if desired.

Cut two pieces of magnets (I used lightweight advertising magnets, a great way to repurpose them); adhere with sticky strip under the front flap and to the front of the cover to close it.

Tie a pretty piece of ribbon around it or add extra embellishments for a pretty post it note and ink pen holder.

Thanks for looking !


  1. Heather,

    I really like your post-it note holders. I would buy them, but then again I know the work that goes into handmade items.

    Sorry the craft fair was a disappointment. People seem to always want a bargain, but I can't spend two hours making a card and sell it for $2.00!

  2. I'm sorry to hear your craft fair wasn't the success you were hoping for. You did have awesome projects though and it was a great learning experience!

  3. Heather, I would have been happily snatching up all of your cute creations if I'd been there! I never have enough time in the day so I would have been tickled pink to have found your fun stamped items! I think you did a great job on them.

  4. Super projects Heather, I have enjoyed looking at all of them!! I've had the same experience with crafting, so just give it away now if I have something I'm dying to craft. They make wonderful gifts, and the people you give them to will hopefully appreciate the time, effort, and heart that went into them!!
    Thanks for the post it note holder template, I love it!

  5. What a great little project, fast and easy. These would make a lovely display at a stall!


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